A Beacon In The Night

Here is a quick post about the importance of a role model or mentor to unlock ones potential. 

I was able to turn my life around and become the successful business man I am today thanks to a life changing encounter. I hope you can relate to it too.


Did you know that, on average, we spend more than one third of our lives in the office? Not only that, it gets worse. Statistically, only one out of every five workers are really passionate about his or her work?


That means that 80% of us spend most of our lives doing something we are not passionate about. You are probably one of them and I was one of them too! Office work for most of us is a mean to an end or a necessary evil that will give us access to money and, eventually, hobbies. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Most of us have to cope with boredom, bureaucratic obstacles and pitfalls on a daily basis. In most cases, we convince ourselves that this stress-filled life is something tolerable. In fact, it is not, trust me.


You know just as well as I do that, most of the time, we suppress our passions because there is just not enough time. The real challenge here is to recapture your life and cultivate your passions by moving them into the center of your life.


One day, I met an extraordinary guy who opened my eyes and radically changed the course of my life. On that particular day, I realized that I ended up becoming some automaton that simply carried out instructions defined by someone else. And it was time for change.


You see, there are real opportunities out there for those who have the necessary mindset. I didn’t have it back then but thanks to his help, I realized that with confidence and passion there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish.


If you relate to the above, please know that it applies to you as well! Indeed, there are far better alternatives out there, for you and your loved ones, that you have been forced to disregard. And guess what? I am here to pave the way for you.


I truly believe that we all need someone to inspire us and to unlock our true potential . Whether it is someone you know, someone you will meet on a particular occasion or even someone you will only see in the news / TV/ Internet. You need someone to inspire you to take you to new heights.


I was fortunate enough to make THAT special encounter in my life and it is now my duty to continue the tradition with my books. To me, its not about helping people with my personal interest at heart. On the contrary, its all about heartfelt words of inspiration and motivation


By offering up my experience and hard-won knowledge, I want to help you avoid the mistakes and roadblocks I have come across in my days. That way, you can achieve results that I haven’t been able to achieve and improve far beyond what I have been able to accomplish.


I know by experience that your potential is far greater than what you initially believe. The best way to unlock that potential is to help you gain confidence in yourself and in your abilities by serving as a beacon in the night. 


Please do me a favor. Take 2 seconds to step back for a moment and think about your passions in life. Wouldn’t you be happier if you could live your passion to the fullest? Now ask yourself, isn’t there a creative way to pursue them? I found mine and its high time you found yours.


My name is Michael Wilson, and my duty is to give you the same wake up call I once received. I feel that I can help you through this journey by sharing my accomplishments, failures, doubts, strategies and recommendations.


This is why I created this step by step success shortcut blueprint for you!  You will learn everything you should do (and everything you SHOULDN'T do) without having to go through trials and errors

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Not only will you be able to replicate what I have accomplished but you can do it even better WITH PASSION.

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Martin Ebongue

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