6 Niches Recommended By Experts That Earn Money For Beginners

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Every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows about that you can make lots of money blogging. And you know what? I can confirm that!

Blogging is a profitable business that can earn you far more than you expected when starting out…

Did you know that there are even “bloggers moms”, who make tens or thousands of dollars, from the comfort of their homes, with blogging?

Alright now everybody ends up making this much BUT it’s not uncommon to hear about these success stories!

If you are looking for a solution to earn more and scale your business while working less, then you are in the right place.

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One very good strategy to maximize your earnings potential is to “blog about blogging”.

I Personally, have a blog that teaches people how to start a business and how to make money online. There is ton of money to be made in this niche but it’s not the only one.

There are lots of different niches you can specialize in, depending on what you like, to make extra money at the end of the month. Overtime, this can evolve into a full-time business that brings you far more than your current salary…

Here are some 8 of the Most Popular Blog Niches


1. Sewing.

If you happen to be active on Pinterest, you'll notice that some of the biggest niches there are sewing and knitting. Sewing is a practical and visual niche that actually fuels other people's creativity. That's why it's possible to make some good money out of being a craft blogger.

6 Niches Recommended By Experts That Earn Money For Beginners 1

There are practical examples like Asleigh. She created Sewrella and makes money from home with her sewing blog. She is a very experienced crochet designer. She designs crochet patterns that she shares on her blog.

Asleigh makes tens of thousands every month from her blog. Her main income sources are

  • Selling her crochet patterns on Etsy
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ads

If you know anything about sewing, I really suggest you get started with your own blog. Unlike other niches, there are only a few people blogging on it and hence far less competition.

If you want to get started today, here is a step-by-step getting started guide for beginners to start your blog on the right track in the next hour.


2. Parenting Blogs.

Think about it: How many products or stores are dedicated to children products around the country? What about around the world? There are parents all around the globe and that makes it a huge global market.

Honestmum Vicki Psarias blogs from home.

6 Niches Recommended By Experts That Earn Money For Beginners 2

Her blogs contain family Tips, food tips and various other topics. She gets hundreds of thousands of page views, and makes several thousands dollars each month. She also monetized her blogs using her books, events, affiliation Product Promotion, and Ads.

If you are a parent, I am pretty sure that you have more than enough stories and experience to start your own blog!


3. Health Blogs.

Health too is a universal concern. The audience is pretty much the whole world and this is a topic that’s not going anywhere. People will still be interested in this subject in 200 years!

Avocadu is a good example of health blog. They cover a variety of subjects like yoga and recipes. The owners of avocado make serious money with this blog and they are well known around the industry.

6 Niches Recommended By Experts That Earn Money For Beginners 3

They earn money through affiliate marketing, ads, and sell their own products.


4. Lifestyle Blogs

This is one of the largest niches. Just like health, it has many sub-topics that can be blogged about. My favorite type of lifestyle blog is everything revolving around traveling and digital nomads. The first reason being that this is my life as well.

The second reason is that freedom is one of the most common desires that people have around the globe. This means that you will never run out of readers.

Lifestyle blogs are the type of blogs that make people dream and “want to be you”. Why do you think these Instagram influencers are so popular? They live the lifestyle that many people can only dream to have.

If you want to learn how to start a blog, that will mesmerize your audience and make you thousands a month, I have something for you.

Here is my FREE 5-Day Blogging course for beginners that will teach you how to do just that.


5. Home Decor Blogs

This is another Pinterest darling. You have probably come across those DIY projects, as well as farmhouse decor pins, in your Pinterest feed.

Home décor is a huge market and you can profit from it without being an architect or owning a degree in interior design. You can just share what you did in your house and some people will adhere to it.

I know bloggers who make over $5,000 a month with home decor blogs using affiliation. If you don’t know what affiliation is, the below resource will help you understand it.

More importantly, it will explain how it can work for YOU…

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6. Blogs About Frugal Life

I can forgive and help at the same time if you don't know what a frugal life is. It's living an economic life, but not necessarily denying ourselves pleasure. By saying “economic”, I mean saving money.

This is what most people try to do every month…without success. So that leaves the door open for you to help people (everyone on this planet) take control of their finances.

Saving money is another very popular niche on Pinterest.

You must be wondering how you can make money while telling people to stop spending right? Haha I know, it sounds counterintuitive… But I know someone who makes $200,000 a month helping people save money.

How? Using a very affordable membership where people pay $9 a month. Those $9 allow them to save much more and hence they stay on the membership and even bring more people…


Tips For a Profitable Blog.

These results are certainly very inspiring and you might have all sorts of ideas rushing through your head right now. There are a few things I would like to add to what I said above.

Blogging will require some work and has a few moving parts. I have spent years perfecting my techniques and strategies to maximize my results. After years of testing I was able to come up with the ultimate passive income machine.

I have been using it for years now and let me tell you this. This is the easiest, fastest, most profitable system I have ever used. I love blogging but hey…

If you could make the same amount of money (even more) without having to write any content, wouldn’t you go for it?

Especially if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend months or even years learning about all the moving parts?

Anyway, if this is you and you want to check out what my #1 secret sauce is you can check it out here:

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A few more things about blogging

1. The bloggers are passionate about their work.

I can call them craft entrepreneurs. They monetize their passion. So if you are a blogger and you want to get higher and higher, think about exploring niches of your hobbies and/or talents. This will really fuel your creativity and you'll get far.

2. They walk the walk.

In order to be a good blogger, you need to apply whatever you are talking about in your posts. There is nothing worse that someone giving you tips on something they have never done. Don’t be one of them. In addition, people react far better to stories than anything else.

Just tell them stories of YOUR personal experiences with whatever they are struggling with and the result will be simple astonishing!

3. They all used Affiliate Marketing to monetize their blogs.

Sometimes, it just feels difficult to create an eBook or any other product of your own. Using affiliates marketing is much easier. In fact, most bloggers simply blog and do affiliate marketing, period.

If you want to discover how I transformed affiliate marketing into an art form, you can check the article below.

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Good luck guys! See you next time!


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