7 Tips to increase your website traffic

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Blogging is a highly rewarding job. However, getting a solid ground for your website can be a very rigorous task. Whether you are following your passion of writing or you are looking for a way to replace your dead-end job, blogging is the way to go. But keep one thing in mind: no matter how many quality articles you churn out every day; it all goes to waste is you don’t get enough visitors to your website.

Thankfully I know how to up your blogging game and earn thousands of dollars every month. There are many ways you can grow your blog traffic. Today I’m going to share with you 8 tips on how to get views on blog.

Before that, if you don’t have a blog yet and are thinking about starting one, I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial to start a blog for less than $4

If you already have a blog and want to get more visitors, here are some of the tactics used by the pros…


Getting started

It is always a good idea to start with a free website. Initially when you are not earning from your website, buying a professional domain for hosting is foolish idea. If you are on a tight budget try looking for self-hosting options. There are tons of websites that offer you free hosting, of course with limited controls. Blogger is a free blog-publishing tool that can help you get started. It has many free themes to choose from with a moderate amount of controls. It lets the user to directly share the posts by turning on the Applets option.

However, the downside is not getting to choose custom domain names. Free Blogger websites come with .blogspot.com extension. For example if you prefer

“myblog” as your website name, you get myblog.blogspot.com, letting your visitors know it’s a free website. This can lose you much traffic.

Bottom-line is, you can opt for self-hosting but only for practicing. Try to save money and get a little bit of budget and migrate your domain to a web hosting company that offers a very flexible plan.

I recommend using bluehost to host your domain. It costs as little as $3.95 a month and in addition you even get a FREE domain name. you can have unlimited email address list, blog apps, CMS software, wikis, forums etc.


1. Getting a signature web design

Having your own website design is a good investment that can go a long way. Since your website is your online presence, it represents who
you are and what you website is about. As you dress yourself to make you look good, you should also get a unique design for your website to make it looks premium. This is a stepping stone to not only get a good amount of traffic but to also retain them. Choose a good looking design that best compliments the type of contents that you post. You can choose free themes when you are just starting, but eventually you’ll find the need to upgrade your theme.

There are a lot of places where you can get themes in affordable prices.

Here are some of my favorites:

Creativemarket is a place you can get attractive looking themes at a very cheap rate. You can get a theme for as low as $50. Another option is to look for wordpress themes; you can get good themes for $20-$50.
That’s a bargain isn’t it?

DIYthemes: You can see a live demo of what the theme would look like on site. This theme is designed for speed and it allows you to control every single detail or your design.

Studiopress: This site is a little bit pricier…But you get what you pay for! The designs are absolutely stunning and provide an amazing experience to your users. I wouldn’t recommend this resource when starting of obviously. You have cheaper options listed above. However, if you already have a blog and you want to up your game, then you really need to take a look at Studiopress.


2. Write contents that most can people relate to

You can spend hundreds of dollars towards setting up your website, but if your contents are not interesting, you are not going to get
much visitors. No matter what your website is about, try to make it worth a read. Research thoroughly on the topic you are writing about. Maintain a friendly tone. Make your posts a safe space for your visitors; write about things that most people can relate to. Being informative and delivering fun contents is going to boost your audience exponentially.

I have a secret weapon that helps me get more people on my blog without any effort on my part. It’s a plug in called Sumo. It allows you to create nice looking social media sharing buttons and help your posts go viral. I have tried many plug ins over the years but Sumo is definitely the best.


3. Social media is your best ally…

It is always a good practice to make a strong social media presence. Having a good amount of social media followers can make a huge impact
on your blogging game. Maintaining an interesting feed makes your followers intrigued about you. Post regularly and try to be as much attentive as possible. You need to make your followers feel important. Eventually they will feel the urge to click the link to your website.

Make sure you use the name of your website as your social media username. Pinterest is the holy grail for bloggers. Most of the successful websites get their visitors from Pinterest. It is possible to generate an avalanche of traffic using Pinterest but that requires some time and dedication. Thankfully there are tools available to allow you to schedule your content in advance so that you can focus on what you do best: create good content.

I personally use Tailwind simply because it’s the ONLY authorized partner of Pinterest. Obviously, there are other schedulers and automation tools out there…BUT by using them you expose yourself to unnecessary risks like getting banned. So, my advice would be to stick to Tailwind to ensure the longevity of your business.

The Above method works for other social media platforms also. Same goes for instagram, facebook, twitter. You can get a huge amount of
traffic from these platforms once you get reasonable amount of followers. Also, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags with your posts so that you can reach even the people that are not following you.

Pinterest is great but I found even better! I have created a system to drive sales and traffic to my blog on complete autopilot without ever having to create content!

Using this method I have been able to earn $10k+ per week on average, for the last 3 years!


4. Start taking SEO more seriously

SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. It can be a useful tool to increase organic traffic. But the mistake that most bloggers do
is to not pay attention to SEO. Most search engines like Google, yahoo, bing uses a special keyword algorithm that searches for the search queries in billions of websites, and shows results that are most relevant to the search query.

Social media platforms like twitter, Pinterest also uses a similar algorithm that shows the user the contents based on his previous searching keywords. Even in Youtube the user is shown a list of videos from the channel that the user regularly follows.

If you often use pinterest for the promotion of your posts, you should not miss out on the opportunity to use Pinterest SEO. Make sure you
have a verified website. Then opt for rich pins. That way the next time you post, Pinterest will automatically put the pin description under your posts. That way a user already knows what the post is about before clicking on it.


5. Revive old posts

If there is one thing that you never know is when a topic gets viral. This is exactly why you need to keep a close look at the latest happenings in your niche market. Every once in a while, reposting your old contents is a good idea to get more views. It may be a good content that you
posted when you were just starting and as a result it didn’t get a good amount of view. After gaining a moderate amount of visitors you must share your old posts. It may be on other social media like pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter, google+.

A good blogger doesn’t overlook his/her older posts. Often times sharing your old works can add up to most of your website traffic.


6. Guest blogging and collaboration

Asking a micro-influencer to post his blog on your website is often an effective way to grow your blog traffic. Because it is like that
the guest blogger is going to share his post on his own blog and that way you can reach huge amount of people. Alternatively, you can ask that influencer to mention your website’s name on his post with a link.

You can also be a guest blogger and publish your blog post in the websites that has a common market niche of your business. You can include link in that post that leads back to your site.

Attending podcasts can also be a way to get good views. You can discuss about the topic that you concentrate on, in your site. Eventually you can drop your websites name there. I’m sure it will boost your traffic.


7. Be patient

Most of the times new bloggers fail within the first year of starting because oftentimes they get discouraged. Having patience is the key to
success in blogging. Quick path to success almost every time leads you nowhere. Don’t go looking for ways to get traffic by paying a huge amount. Getting unique and organic visitor is going to be your long-time asset. Don’t be frustrated, if you love what you are doing you’ll find sure shot success in the end.

It is important to post regularly without fail. The more consistent you are the retention rate is higher. You need to convey the message
to your followers that you are here to stay. Engage with your traffic more often, try to reply to every one of them.

Of course, maintaining multiple social media accounts can be a very tiring job, but hard work always pays off. Try answering as many questions as possible.

Be on Quora, post helpful and informative answers. Start discussion with your followers about the latest topics every once in a while. Most of all try to enjoy the thing you are doing. If you love something and want to make it work everything is possible as long as you don’t give up.

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