[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product…

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Today I want tell you about the business model that literally changed my life and allowed me to gain my financial freedom. Most certainly you step into this very same kind of business every day without realising how powerful and how incredibly profitable it is…

Because actions and videos speak louder than words, I will show you in this article EXACTLY what this business did for me and how it changed my life. Inside this post you will find proof in the form of a video of the efficiency of the system.

Before we get to that, let's answer a simple question:

what is this secret business model I am referring to? I am talking about franchises!

If you run a search on Google about the success rate of franchises, you will certainly find a myriad of results on the pros and cons of franchise ownership.

However, the most commonly known statistic about the franchise business model is known as “The Stat” and it says the following: 

“Some studies show that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent as compared to only about 15 percent for businesses that are started from the ground up. The increased probability of success usually far outweighs any initial franchise fee and nominal royalties that are paid monthly.”

Whether this statement is true or not is yet to be proven as there is no solid statistical data to verify the numbers.

So instead of dwelling on the numbers and listening to the ‘he said/she said’, I decided to forget the studies, look at the FACTS and also try it for myself.

I chose this approach because I felt it was the best way to answer my most pressing question: “Is it going to work FOR ME?”. 

The following blog post is the result of my findings and my honest opinion on this business model (based on my experience).

In addition, I am going to reveal to you exactly what I did (right and wrong) and the changes that this brought into my life.

About 5 years ago I reached a stage where I needed some change in my life. Nothing was going horribly wrong; I just felt that there was more to life than what I had at the time.

This might come as a shock to a lot of people but I didn’t hate my job. As a matter of fact, I quite liked my job. I hear so many stories about people who decided to change their life because they absolutely hated their job and their boss… But for me, in all honesty, that wasn’t the case.

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 1Even if things where going ok for me, I realised that there were things missing in my life:

I wanted to earn more money – if possible by working less than before

I wanted to get to a point where I had more free time and financial freedom

Ideally seeing results within a couple of months so that I could start living life to the fullest sooner

That might sound familiar for some of you guys, too.

However there were a lot of things that were holding me back and preventing me from reaching my goals.

For example, I started buying dozens of books on business and marketing but the explanations they contained were so complicated that they made me even more confused!

Obviously my initial goal was to gain more clarity as you can imagine…

Secondly, the more I was learning the more I came to the realization that there were an endless number of components to master before getting anything started. Stuff like:

  • Building a website
  • Creating a product and an offer
  • Getting traffic to my website
  • Converting the traffic into buyers

And these are only a handful…this list goes on and on forever.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I realised that this list could be broken down into even smaller and more complicated components that I had to learn.

For example

1. Building a Website:

– Which technology do you use ?

WordPress ?



– Which hosting provider do you need?

    Which country do the servers need to be in?

    Shared hosting?

    Dedicated hosting?

– Creating a product and an offer

   What market to create the product in?

   What product to create when you have ZERO expertise?

   How to price your product?

– Getting traffic to my website

2. SEO

Article Marketing

Social Media

Press Releases

3. Paid traffic




Facebook Ads

4. Converting The Traffic Into Buyers

   Keyword level tracking

   Site analytics

   Multivariate testing (MVT)

   Split testing



Alright, I think you get the point. How intimidating and discouraging is that list? I don’t even know the meaning of some of the words I put in the above list to be honest.

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 2

The reason why I was afraid to try anything online quickly became very obvious to me.

Not only was it preventing me from starting projects, it was also leading me to give up at the first setback when I finally decided to try my luck.

I had great ideas and ambitions but always abandoned them because I felt that the implementation was too technical and hence out of reach.

I’m sure that some of you guys have been asking yourselves this very question:

“Where do I start?”

Sounds familiar?

My solution came to me from the most unexpected places…

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 3

Everything changed for me when I attended yet another webinar about 3 years ago. I want to point out that I had attended dozens of webinars beforehand but none of them helped me get the answers to my most pressing questions.

Two of these questions were:

  1. What are my chances of success or failure if I decide to start a business?
  2. How can I make a living online without being a guru and without creating top notch products?

That webinar gave me the answers I had been looking for all this time!

Here are some of my biggest takeaways from that webinar:

Stats don’t mean anything if you are looking at the wrong numbers. What on earth does that mean? Let me explain.

You have probably all heard about the percentage of small businesses that fail in the first 2 years.

85%…Talk about depressing numbers! No wonder people are scared to start online businesses.

The problem with this number is that it doesn’t take into account the type of businesses that you are trying to measure.

Just because of this small detail (which actually turns out to be huge), I was completely missing the point for years. It would be more productive to breakdown the “small businesses” based on their business model and ONLY THEN look at the stats.

Franchise modelLooking at the overall average in any field is usually very unproductive.

It’s only when you dive deeper down that you start to uncover hidden gems like franchises.

So what are franchises anyway? Let me define what a franchise is.

In very simple words, a franchise is a license granted to you, by a company or person, that allows you to have access to proprietary knowledge, processes and trademarks.

It gives you the right to sell their products under their name.

Ok that might still sound a bit blurry so let me give you some examples of very successful franchises that you have certainly visited several times in your life. Everybody knows them.

If you don’t, then you definitely grew up on the moon ha ha:

  • McDonald’s
  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Hilton
  • Marriott

Just to name a few… something you probably didn’t know is that YOU could own a McDonald’s if you wanted. That’s right, anybody can own a McDonald’s (provided of course that you have enough money to pay the initial start up fee).

Let me rephrase that: How many McDonald’s have you ever seen close in your area?any questions

I mean seriously think about it!

I am asking you this because I had never asked myself this question before the presenter asked me to give it some thought.

My answer was NEVER… I presume that you came to the same conclusion as me.

So why is it that franchises seem to be so profitable and stable?

In the next section I will tell you why the franchise model works so well and why you should stay away from the business model you probably had in mind.

 [JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 4In order to understand why franchises are the absolute best model for me, I need to tell you why traditional small businesses fail.

Don’t get me wrong – building a traditional business from scratch is a very enriching and exciting experience. I’ve gone through this process and learned so many different skills throughout the years.

So please understand that I am not trying to discourage anybody from starting a business from scratch. I am simply telling you what I would do TODAY based on my previous experiences.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s get back to the reason why I think the likelihood of failing while building a business from scratch is a lot higher.

If you remember what I told you in the first section of this post, there are millions of skills and strategies to learn before getting started.

Of course, you can decide to learn everything through “trial and error” (which is useful in some cases), but this will cost you more money and time than you can count.

If I had to give you a realistic projection, I would say that it would take you 2 to 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars. Think about it:

  • You will have to buy books and expensive training courses
  • You will have to find the time to go through the material
  • You will have to create the product, the website, the funnels etc.…

Please keep in mind that your chances of getting it completely wrong are very high and you are very likely to see your first ventures fail. I want to set the right expectations.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. People only see and remember the one business that worked and always forget the other eight that failed before that.

This process of learning from your mistakes is a great ride and I am glad I experienced it.

However I found something far more efficient than learning from my mistakes:

  • Learning from OTHER PEOPLE’S mistakes. This is the best strategy there is!

So this is precisely what I have done with my franchise business.

Why would I spend thousands of hours and dollars making mistakes when I can let others take care of that for me? 

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 5The only thing I have to do is to apply the secret sauce and the winning formula they came up with after their trials and errors. Are you starting to see where I am going with this?

The biggest edge that franchises have over traditional businesses is that they come with a proven and tested system.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, have been invested to perfect that system. It has been refined in the field, over many years, with real buyers.

  • It’s proven to generate avalanches of sales.
  • It’s systemized which means that you only need to apply the step by step guide that you are given.
  • It’s stable. Think about my McDonald’s question from earlier. How many have you seen fail?
  • It’s accessible to ANYONE. You don’t need to be some sort of expert or create a product – you already have high quality products at your disposal ready to be sold.

This is why this model is my absolute favourite. It has worked wonders for me, giving me the life I’ve always wanted.

Now I would like to revisit the list of my past struggles I told you about earlier. I am going to tell you how easy it was for me to tackle all of these problems once I got into franchising.

Here is the list again, just in case you forgot:

  • Building a website
  • Creating a product and an offer
  • Getting traffic to my website
  • Converting the traffic into buyers

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 6

This was an easy one! I didn’t have to build ANY website! My business coaches and mentors provided me with the absolute best website there is. Not only that, they kept giving me new versions of the website based on tests done on the field.

This means that without having to write a single line of code, talk to a developer or spend days trying to design something, I have one of the highest converting websites in the industry.

How sweet is that? I hope you agree that we can consider this problem SOLVED!

Creating a product and an offer:

Again this was pretty easy. Forget about the ugly and amateur looking products I came up with when trying to develop my own products.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a franchise is that I have access to an established company's brand name.

This means that I don’t need to spend further resources to get my name and product out to customers.

Getting traffic to my website:

This is actually the ONLY piece of the puzzle I have to focus on. But there is a twist here…and you will like it.

I am not sending visitors to my website blindly without knowing what I am doing. I receive step-by-step instructions on how to generate lots of traffic in 23 minutes per day. I learn from people who know traffic generation inside out.

They told me EXACTLY where to get my traffic, what I should be careful with in order not to lose money AND…it WORKS! 

Now how sweet is that?

Last but not least, converting the traffic into buyers:

This is the part where I struggled the most. Listen, I am not very technical but I’m pretty sure that I could find a workaround. But we are talking about sales here guys…

It’s not that I hate selling (I actually do…) it’s more that I am the least qualified person on this planet to sell anything. I simply suck at it.

But guess what? I don’t have to sell anything to anybody because it’s all taken care of for me.

  • I have the highest converting landing pages out there – they are jam packed with sales techniques and strategy and people are literally compelled to take action
  • I have a team of top notch coaches that educate all of my leads and take them through the whole process for me

So tell me how intimidating and scary that list looks now? See how this model helped me easily tackle all the problems at once?

In order to illustrate how easy my life has become, I would like to give you A life changing tip.

Applying only this tip will catapult your business to new heights, even if you decide not to go with the franchise model I have just told you about.

I am merely telling you what worked for me and there is no obligation whatsoever to do what I did.

My #1 Tip :

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 7This discovery was a real eye opener for me. You will soon find out what it is, but I have to say this:

I NEVER, even in a million years, suspected that mechanisms like this were operating behind the scenes…

Before I tell you what my#1 tip is, I want to give you a little bit of background info. As you know I purchased dozens of books and training courses but I also started following a lot of marketers by signing up to their mailing lists.

I was getting regular updates from them about new strategies, tools or studies, and I felt like they really cared about me. As a result, I kept buying their products and services.

However, one day I learned about something called an “auto-responder” and this revelation changed my whole perspective of marketing.

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 8

What is that barbaric term anyway? Some of you might know what an auto-responder is but I didn’t know until 2 years ago.

An auto-responder is a tool that allows you to send a sequence of prewritten emails to your audience, automatically and 24/7.

Little did I know, all the emails I was getting from these marketers were not warm, personalized emails sent directly to me to strengthen our relationship (I mean they really looked like they were).

All these emails were sent to me automatically by an auto-responder. To be honest I was a bit upset at first, but then I analysed the situation and understood the incredible value that such a tool could have in my life.

It would further my plan to earn more money (if possible by working less)…remember?

So here it is guy! Tip of the day:

Use automated system to build the relationship with your audience. Autoresponders will do a better job than you in sending those emails…

What better way to work less than by having a machine that takes care of sending all your emails for you automatically, in all time zones, 24/7?

I mean, why would you spend hours of your time doing a repetitive task that a machine can do a 100 times better than you? My time is better spent at the beach…

I knew first hand how much money such a tool could generate for me, since I had been buying product after product after receiving auto-responder emails.

As you can imagine, the system I am using today comes with a far more advanced version of the basic “auto-responder”

I used the general principles of an auto-responder and put them on steroids guys! My focus was to create something I can use in another platform than just email, but also, to leverage the power of new technologies and social media networks.

After years of testing, I came up with the perfect system that integrates my evolved version of “auto-responder” and that generates sales for me, day in and day out, without any effort on my part.

But wait, it get’s even better: I don't even have to write ANY of these high converting emails anymore guys! You know why?

Because I have integrated a tool that will automatically create 600+ variations of a super high converting pitch for me on complete autopilot!

They sell like gangbusters! They generate hot leads that are then direct to high converting offers where I will earn up to $2,000 per sale (without ever creating a single product).

This is all transparent to me guys. It happens automatically 24/7. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Now, if you are planning on starting your own business from scratch, I highly recommend you  have a look at my 100% automated profit machines.

You don’t need anything else guys. This take care of everything for you:

  • The content is automatically created
  • The traffic is automatically generated
  • The sales pitches are done for you automatically
  • You can use this in any niche
  • You don't need to know anything about the market in question

Hehe it sounds to good to be true right? But everything is explained on this presentation

Just check it out it will blow your mind!

My ambition was to be able to create a new franchise every day if I wanted to. My whole system is designed with this ambitious goal in mind…

By franchise I mean, replicating a business, that already works like crazy, at will. QUICKLY & EASILY

So what does that mean for you? If you are just starting out you don't need to spend years learning:

  • Technology
  • Funnels
  • Copywriting
  • Html
  • Email marketing
  • Conversions
  • Etc… 

Thanks to my profit machines, I have more time, more fun and far less stress.

They work so well that, my bank called me to ask me if I was doing something illegal because of the huge amounts of money that started showing up in my accounts.

Today my banker calls me regularly with good news and investment opportunities for a change haha.

[JOURNEY] From Complete Newbie To Complete Financial Freedom Without Creating A Single Product... 9

He used to call me with bad news and threats to close my account, so it’s a big change for me.

If you want to learn more about the system that I use and how you can start using it today, just click on the link below


? Discover the system that took my income from $0 to more than $10,000 a week…And how you can model it TODAY?

I want to change your life and reach your goals, you can learn more by clicking on the link. 

? 10k Per Week, NO Website, NO list, NO product, NO problem!?

I’ll see you there!

[Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through my affiliate link.]

Martin Ebongue

Online Entrepreneur & free spirit:

Proud Co-Founder Of The Ninja leads Mastermind


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