How Tailwind helped my business go from 0 to 120,000 monthly views (in less than 60 days)

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In order to succeed in business, and in anything for that matter, you need to know your numbers. If you can pinpoint the exact reason of your success and follow a limited set of numbers that tell you more about the health of your business, then you are going to be successful.

Pinterest combined with Tailwind is a fantastic platform for bloggers because the audience is more than willing to spread the word about your content if they love it. The only issue I faced with Pinterest was that, despite all its undeniable advantages, the analytics didn’t allow me to track the numbers I wanted to measure.

So, I started looking for ways to improve the analytics so that I could tell, at a glance, what was working and why. The first thing I did was trying to compile the data in excel spreadsheets and make sense of them…

I failed miserably simple because I absolutely suck at excel… So, I decided to go another route and hire a developer to create y own custom reporting. This process proved to be very long, painful and costly and I almost lost my sanity in the process.

Just when I was ready to give up on my idea, I found a tool called Tailwind that literally changed everything for me!

Tailwind is also known as Pinterest pin scheduler. In other words, this tool allows me to set up all my pins ahead and time so that I can focus on what I do best: creating my content and monetizing.

The last things you should be doing, as a blogger or business owner, are those small repetitive task that suck up all your time, energy and focus. Tailwind was the answer to all my problems and I am going to explain why.

With this scheduler, I can now effortlessly:

  • Identify which group boards are performing the best for me and which ones I should be focusing on
  • Schedule hundreds of pins each week with just a few minutes of work.
  • Identify my best performing pins and adapt my strategy.
  • Identify my best performing boards and apply the same strategy to other boards.
  • Check how much traffic Pinterest is actually sending to my blog.
  • Generate more traffic using “tribes” (a group of bloggers trying to promote each other).
  • Determine the best time of the day to post my content based on engagement.
  • Determine the best day of the week to post my content based on engagement.

All of these metrics and vital tools are available for ONLY $9.99 a month, and it’s a steal!


How Tailwind helped my business go from 0 to 120,000 monthly views (in less than 60 days) 11

Getting access to data is great but using the data wisely is where the money is. Here is what you need to retain from what I just said. Let’s say that you have identified the type of pins that gets you the best engagement…What do you do now?

Well you create ALL your pins using that model right?

Now picture this: you know what type of pins works best, and you realize that when posting this at 6 pm you get 50% more repins than normal. What do you do now?

Then you post all your pins at 6 pm guys!

Do you see where I’m going with this? At the end of your analysis, that takes only a few minutes with Tailwind you will be able to post the best time of pins, at the best time, on the best day, on the best boards… Do you know what this will do for your blog? It’s going to 10X your results for a simple investment of ONLY $9.99 a month.

You don’t have to use Tailwind obviously. You can get by without it by posting manually, repeating the same tasks over and over again and navigating in the dark.

It’s pretty hard but it’s possible. Your chances of making a real impact are very slim though…I have to be very honest with you.

However, if you want to make your life easier, and take your business to the next level, then I got something for you.

Here are 6 ways Tailwind can help you achieve massive success.


1. Pinterest's Pin Scheduler helps you save time

As explained before, the last thing you want to do is having to connect every single day to perform a repetitive task. Your time could be better spent on money generating activities that will further benefit your business.

Don’t get me wrong posting is an important part of acquiring new readers because it helps generate traffic. However, this is NOT the activity you should be spending your time one. The best thing to do is to set aside some time and frequency at your convenience to schedule your pins.

There is no right or wrong answer (except every day). You can decide to do it once a week or once a month if you want. The point is that you need to get away from daily manual posting.

Tailwind is not an automation tool, in the sense that, you are manually posting your pins. What I mean by this is that it’s not some machine that goes around to get content and then post it for you.

So, you get all the advantages of manual posting (carefully selecting your content, creating engaging descriptions etc) without the hassles of having to repeat this task every day.

Me personally I know that life gets in the way…regardless what your plans are, something can come up. You get sick, you have other commitments, the kids get sick or simply you are on holiday or something.

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A tool like Tailwind removes the risk of not getting vital tasks done because life got in the way.


2. It reduces risks

Tailwind is the ONLY certified API partner of Pinterest. What does that even mean for you?

It means that it has legitimate access to the data shared by the Pinterest's API. In addition, as explained above, Tailwind gives you access to super powerful analytics.

It also means that you don’t have to worry about your account being suspended. Some third party softwares allow you to automate parts, if not all of your Pinterest actions.

However, they violate Pinterest's TOS. By using these other tools, you are at risk of getting banned and have your account shut down.


3. Tailwind is affordable

As a growing business, you are always trying to decide what amount is worth investing back into the business. Considering the fact that, at that point, your income is almost non-existent, you need a system that costs you very little and gets you maximum return on your investment.

Tailwind is the ultimate no brainer! It only costs $9.99 a month and can generate tens of thousands a month for your business. Needless to say that I made my investment back in no time (like a thousand times).


4. Tailwind thrives on data

Thanks to the data it aggregates over time, Tailwind can actually make the decisions for you. You can for example schedule your pins and let the system decide when the best time is to publish them.

The best time is determined using previous engagement data in order to post your pin when most of your followers are active. You don’t have to make that type of decisions. The tool is smart enough to do it for you.

How Tailwind helped my business go from 0 to 120,000 monthly views (in less than 60 days) 12

Tailwind knows exactly when each pin or category will get an unprecedented amount of attention. The smart scheduler saves you a lot of stress… This feature was a real game changer in my personal business, reason why I tell you about it.


5. Data, marketing, and even more analytics

Do you want to quickly and dramatically improve your business? If yes, then data-centered marketing should be your go-to success secret. By following the right data and the right metrics, you can easily come up with strategies to deliver your pins, to the right audience, at the right time.

How Tailwind helped my business go from 0 to 120,000 monthly views (in less than 60 days) 13

How Tailwind helped my business go from 0 to 120,000 monthly views (in less than 60 days) 14

How Tailwind helped my business go from 0 to 120,000 monthly views (in less than 60 days) 15

Simply put, you can't know for sure which pin is actually crushing it for you amongst hundreds of other pins, if you don’t have the data to measure it. It’s just that simple guys.

This is why Tailwind pin made such a big difference in my business.

But wait, it gets even better: Tailwind has a feature called “Tribes” and they are the bomb!

Imagine what it would mean to your success if you could team up with other bloggers, in a similar niche…What do I mean by team up? Basically, you are helping each other grow by promoting each other’s content.

This can literally catapult your business to new heights.

Let me give you an example to illustrate my point:


  1. You recently created a pin about how to get a leaner body while eating your favorite foods.
  2. Then you upload the pin to some targeted tribes (you get unlimited access to 5 tribes and 40 free tribe pins a month).
  3. Your 5 shares go on to get 17 free re-shares and 8 free new re-pins.
  4. Pinterest notices that 25 people are actively engaging with your pins.
  5. Your secret leaner body pin gets thousands of free impressions to reward you for posting fresh, engaging content.
  6. Those 25 actions start giving you traction and momentum and, next thing you know, your pin has gone viral.
  7. You start getting insane traffic on your blog and your revenue skyrockets just like that.

Don’t get me wrong though. This doesn’t happen with every single pin you share in the tribes. It’s not uncommon to see it happen but I won’t lie to you by telling you that it happens all the time.

Get your Tailwind journey started with just $9.99 today!
I recommend this tool simply because I use it myself every day. Using mean is not a guarantee of success either. I can’t sit here and promise you that just because you started using Tailwind, you are going to start making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are other factors that come into play (the quality of your pins, the quality of your blog, your consistency, your dedication, etc…)

Just like anything, if you use it right and you apply what I told you in this post, you can greatly increase your chances of success. Let’s just say that this tool could allow you to go from posting twice a day to 50 or 60 times a day if you feel like doing it.

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How Tailwind helped my business go from 0 to 120,000 monthly views (in less than 60 days) 16

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