Quick & Easy Ways To Make Money Blogging

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I usually get lots of inquiries about blogging; is starting a blog worthwhile?

Can you really make money blogging? Is monetization of a blog possible by creating multiple income streams?

Today, I've got to answer all these questions once, and for all..

Not only is blogging worth when starting an online business but it’s also useful to take your business to new heights. With blog posts, you can easily promote your existing business, increase the attendance on your site, and create a deeper bond with your audience.

You can also combine various income streams in one single blog. There are number of ways you can generate income with blogging.

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This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small compensation if you sign up through my link. First order of business:


Why Should You Start a Blog?

  • Perhaps you already have an online business and you are thinking about new ways of increasing traffic on your website. Creating more content is one of the ideal moves. Since search engines usually work in favor of the long-form contents, adding blog posts to your site boosts its SEO.
  • You are looking for ways to make extra money each month? Then why not start a blog and get it? Writing blog posts is the perfect side hustle because you can always work at your own time. In addition, you can decide exactly what strategy you want to use to monetize your traffic.
  • You are simply tired of working for someone else and make their dreams come true instead of yours. Starting a blog is a good alternative that has the advantage of giving you what you are looking for: peace of mind.
  • You are a stay at home parent OR working part time only. Blogging allows you to work on your own terms. You are free to decide when you want to work and when you don’t want to work.
  • It could be that you don’t hate your job…but you aspire for more. After starting a blog, you'll have your own clients to serve, over time, rather than your company's clients. This means that the money goes in YOUR pocket instead of your boss’ pocket…And trust me, there is a huge difference!

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How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams With Blogging.

I'm an entrepreneur. I'm known for being creative and for always coming up with new business ideas. The trick is then to take all these ideas and link them to matching products or services that I will showcase on my blog.

Are you also interested in many subjects? Then you should definitely start a blog.

Blogging allows you to bring together all your interests in a just single place. When you write blog posts that touch on all your interests, you get the opportunity to market your expertise, as well as get more and more followers.

The coolest part about it is that you don't have to create multiple websites for each passion you have. You only need to put all of them together in one blog, which then becomes the hub of all your businesses.


What is A Passive Income Stream?

Just as the name itself suggests, passive income is the income that you get, even without actively participating in it. All you do is invest at the beginning (or do the ground work), then sit back and wait for your income to land in your bank account.

This is how your blog posts make you rich. Are you familiar with the term “evergreen”? Well evergreen means that you only have to produce the content once, and then wait for a continuous flow of money, until the end of times.

Don’t get me wrong, there might be some work and updates to do here and there sometimes, but, nothing in compare to running a full time “traditional” business. Nobody said you had to take care of those updates yourself either… If you are smart, you can either outsource or automate these tasks to free up your time and enjoy your life.


What is my definition of true Passive Income?

Passive income means, making money while you sleep or while you are at the beach or doing whatever you like to do in your spare time. This is the true definition of passive income.

The best way to create passive income is to leverage the power of automation and outsourcing. In essence, you want to create a business that runs without you 24/7, so that you clients located on the other side of the planet can still make you money while you are sleeping.

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Let’s start with some of the options at your disposal

1. Advertising.

Most bloggers make their first step with this. Ads are a quick and easy way to make money, PROVIDED that you have enough traffic to make it worth your while… Indeed you need quite a lot of traffic for your ads to start making you serious cash. Before that, it might help you make a quick buck here and there.

So, should you wait until you have an avalanche of traffic to start putting ads on your blog? Well it’s really up to you to be honest. See, placing ads on your blog might help you make a few dollars without having to do anything… If you ask me, a “few bucks” is better than zero bucks right?

On the other end, some people really don’t like ads, so you could be running the risk of spooking them (just of a few dollars). There is no right or wrong answer. If I were to do anything I would do a mix of both.

You can place ads, reasonably, on your blog, without going overboard, so that it allows you to make a little money. Trust me, in the beginning every dollar you can make with your blog is precious.

Here are some of the ad networks you should check out?

Google ads (can be used with low traffic on a website).

Media Vine ~ this one requires at least 25,000 unique monthly visits.

Ad Thrive ~ this one demands at least 100, 000 page views each month.

Personally, I don't use ads that much. I just like it when my pages are ad-free. I really don't want to distract my readers with ads when they are going through my blog posts.

But hey, that just me! You are free to do whatever you want. Just know that you have this option available and that it’s something that can bring you mad cash (if you have lots of daily readers and visitors on your blog)

2. Affiliate Marketing.

This is my go-to option and I will explain why. The concept is very simple. You promote someone else’s product in exchange for a commission when someone purchases. The commissions can be quite high to be honest. Some networks give you as much as 75% of the sale simply for recommending their product. The only think you have to do is to get people to buy the product or service by clicking on your unique link provided by the product creator.

You can do this by writing product reviews, or posting an affiliate banner on your website. I spent years perfecting my affiliate marketing skills and transformed it into an art form (I’m being modest here). I created a system that allows me to me 5 figures a week without creating any product, without using an email list, and without even posting the content myself!

If you want to know more about my ultimate passive income system, just click here to Get Access To Our FREE Masterclass

This is by far the most powerful newbie-prof system (check it out)

3. Sponsored Posts & Ads.

This is a best-fit to those with a good amount of traffic and/or email subscribers. They can get paid from writing sponsored posts, like product reviews, and posting them on their own blog

Sometimes, the company that sells the product may need you to display their ad on your own blog. This usually takes the form of the advertiser (you), and the company agreeing on how long the ad should stay on your blog's sidebar.

Needless to say that, in order to get the best result, you should pick products that are relevant to your topic and audience. This will maximize your chances of getting clicks on those ads.

Why you ask? It’s very simple: if the brand receives a lot of clicks and get a lot of sales in return, you just secured yourself a recurring client!

At this stage, the company in question could decide to leave their ad permanently on your blog. Once this happens, you just created another passive income stream! One last thing because we close this item: please make sure to use whatever product or service you are advertising so that you review is genuine. The last thing you want to do is to lie to your audience or create a fake review of some product you have never tested yourself.

4. Physical Products.

Physical products are a great way to increase your monthly income. Back in the days, selling physical products was a complicated process because you had to produce the goods yourself… Honestly who wants to do that?

Now times have changed. Today you can leverage the power of “dropshipping” to sell physical products in any market without having to produce them, store them, or even pay them in advance. Sounds cool right? I have created a super cool article on dropshipping that shows you how to make sales by giving products away (weird hack that makes thousands of dollars a day) you can access by clicking here

Also, remember that, in order to maximize your gains, it is preferable to sell products that are congruent with your niche.

The best, easiest and most reliable platform to create a profitable online store is called Shopify. There are other options out there to create an online store like wordpress, woocommerce, joomla BUT they require a much higher technical level. In addition, with these other platforms, YOU are responsible for the updates and the stability of the platform.

Shopify on the other end is newbie-proof. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspect and it’s super easy to use. You can register for FREE today and test-drive it for the next 14 days using my unique link. Click here to create your FREE shopify store today

Another very good platform that I have tested with great results is BigCommerce. This platform is very similar to Shopify and allows you to add unlimited products, as well as unlimited staff members.

The latter doesn’t seem like much but it’s a big deal when you start scaling you store and you need other people to take care of some tasks for you: finding new products, updating descriptions, fulfilling orders, running ads etc… I really like this platform too and I managed to obtain a deal with them that gives you a FREE account for 15 days!

Click here to create your FREE Bigcommerce store today

Once you have created your store, you can hook it up to your blog very easily. Here are 2 options:

Option 1: Create the shop and link it to a menu item on your blog. When someone clicks on it, he/she lands on a new window with your store's website fully loaded.

Option 2: You can also link the two using a piece of code your Shopify/bigcommerce dashboard.

Can we call this “passive income”. Well…Yes and no. If you are smart about it, indeed, this can become a passive income source. Remember what I said about staff members accounts before?

If you are smart enough, you will get the right people to take care of everything for you. At this point, indeed, it becomes passive income. There is a lot of mis-information on the internet about dropshipping. Indeed, you don’t have to produce the items or store them. However, there is a lot of daily work and maintenance required to:

  • Run the campaigns and split test them
  • Do product research
  • Replacing out of stock items
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Dealing with support
  • Dealing with refunds
  • Dealing with returns

I just want to be super transparent with you. Now if you are smart and you get all these things taken care of by other people for you, then it because a very lucrative passive income stream. Again, if you want to know more about dropshipping, check out the FREE course I created for you

5. Digital Products and Courses

Digital products include eBooks, printables, courses, and any other product that can be delivered digitally. Like the others, these products can also either be traded/sold on their own web pages or be featured in your blogs, sidebar or through an automated sales funnel. They are one of the (if not the most) lucrative passive income methods.

Creating a digital product can be “free” because it only requires your time. Once created, you can sell that bad boy until infinity. The other added bonus of a digital product is the perceived value. Depending on what you sell, you can earn hundreds of dollars per sale. For example, an online course that teaches people how to solve one of their most pressing problems can be sold for up to $2,000 or more!

I really encourage you to create your own digital product and advertise it on your blog. Look, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Just get one done and just put it out there. Having on that make you a few sales here and there is better than having none if you ask me.

You can always improve it later. Once on your blog it becomes a huge source of passive income. Why? Because it’s delivered without your intervention man! People pay on your site and they get their product delivered automatically to their email or their membership site.

6. Memberships.

A membership is the ULTIMATE for of passive income. The ideal behind a membership is that the client pays you a monthly fee to get access to a product or service that you offer. This means that you don’t start from scratch every month AND, on the contrary, every new client adds up more money in your pocket.

Here are some examples of things you can throw in a membership:

  • A private community for VIP members where they have access to privileged information (premium videos, tips etc)
  • A networking group where you allow people to interact with one another and exchange services
  • A facebook or telegram group where people can see your predictions or analysis of a specific subject

A membership is wat your ultimate goal should be. Take the time to think about what your user base would be ready to pay for and give them what they want.

Indeed, you might have to produce some content each month, but it’s far less than you think..

Throughout the years, I have tried many passive income methods. Some worked better than others and some required more work than others. One day I embarked on a quest to create the ultimate passive income machine that would allow me to free 100% of my time.

My quest was very ambitious: “How can I come up with a system that would allow me to create 1 new business & 1 new income stream per day (if I wanted to)?”

After years of testing and learning I came up with the perfect system to do that.

  • I don’t need a blog
  • I don’t need my product
  • I don’t need to know anything about the market
  • I don’t need to produce any content
  • I don’t need to talk to anybody
  • I don’t send any emails
  • I don’t need to take care of support

The dream life! What else could you ask? It took me years to perfect this amazing passive income machine as you can imagine. I have been using it for a few years now and now I am able to make as much as $10k per week without doing anything of the list you saw above.

If you want to learn more about it just click the link below:

Our Ultimate System To Earn $7,954 A Month With No Product And No List

I hope that this article was helpful and that you got some value out of it! The most important lesson of them all is that you need to start NOW! Don’t delay it, don’t wait until you are perfect. Nobody is perfect and even the most successful bloggers were once beginners…

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small compensation if you sign up through my link.

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