Smart Ways To Make An Extra $1000 A Month

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There is no better way of managing your finances than making more money. It is the reason you work so hard for a promotion or are looking for a side hustle right now. Access to the internet provides you with an opportunity to diversify your income streams, reach wider markets with your products and foster new relationships with potential clients.

How would you feel about an extra $1000 a month, earned legitimately? Too good to be true? Read on.

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Getting started

Most people are stuck at how they are supposed to begin making an extra $1000. The first and most important step before you start making extra income is understanding your motivation. What do you intend to do with the extra income?

List down your goals. Common reasons why people want to earn extra income include:

  • To pay off debts.
  • To achieve your financial goals
  • To meet the rising costs of living
  • Planning for retirement
  • To save money for traveling


Identify possible side hustles

The second step is identifying the possible side hustles you can engage in that will generate an extra $1000. For some, this will mean two or more side hustles. No matter the number, having a side hustle you enjoy doing will be refreshing and an extra source of income.

Here are a few guidelines for choosing the best side hustle

  • Find something you love and enjoy doing.
  • Find a marketable hobby, interest or creative skill you possess and turn it into an income stream.
  • Choose something you can see yourself spending time on. Select something you can see yourself building into a lifetime business.
  • Find a hustle that actually pays

There are a number of ways to package your creative skills, passions, and interests into a profitable venture.



Blogging is a lucrative venture that you can begin easily from home. There are a number of ways to monetize your blog and make an extra income. To make money through blogging you have to set up a blog, create useful content and build a community of readers.

If you want to learn how to start a blog the right way and set yourself up for success, check out my FREE How To Start A Money-Making Blog Course.

Your readership is your key to making money, ensure that your content is engaging to encourage readers to engage with your brand and direct others to you.

Through your blog, you can make money from a number of income streams.



After you set up your blog and gather traffic, companies may pay you to place ads on your blog. Once readers click on them, you earn a small amount of money. To make the most of advertising, advertise products related to the theme of your blog.


Affiliate marketing.

where you recommend products to your readers. You will then place a link to the product on your blog. You receive a small commission when people click on that link.

If you want to start making great money, here are some of the networks I recommend (and WHY).


This is one of my favorite networks. I make as much as $265 per click on some of their programs… It’s insanely cool.

You can register for FREE as an affiliate here: Create A FREE affiliate account at Shareasale

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Maxbounty is a very profitable affiliate platform for the following reasons. First, not many people know about it. Everybody seems to flock towards the same over-saturated platforms.

What does that mean for you? It means that there is far less competition.

Second (and more importantly) they pay you HUGE commissions (hence the name). There are a lot of offers where you get paid between $300 to $600 per sale.

I highly suggest you register there. It’s FREE and it can mean big bucks for you.

Click here to create you FREE Maxbounty account



Awin is a huge international network that allows you to partner with some of the largest brands on the planet. You can use the popularity of these brands to your advantage.

How? These brands are so big that you don’t even need to convince anybody to buy. They are already sold on the brand thanks to the millions of dollars invested in marketing every year!

Click here to create your FREE Awin account

These three have a wide range of products and companies to choose from.


Sell your own products.

Many bloggers use their blogs as a channel for advertising their products. These include online services, ebooks, and courses. If you have a physical product you are selling, you can advertise and sell it through your blog.

For example, I created my own product called “Ultimate Lifestyle Secrets” that teaches beginners how to start and grow a highly profitable business, WITHOUT a list & WITHOUT spending a dime in advertising.

Since creating the Ultimate lifestyle Secrets, my income has skyrocketed as well as the income of my students using this little known method.


Sponsored posts.

Some companies may pay you to write about them on your blog. They pay you for the exposure they receive through your blog.

Blogging is not an instant moneymaking machine. It will require patience and hard work.

However, with the right mindset, determination, content, and marketing strategy, a blog can become a profitable source of extra income for a lifetime.


Answering surveys and testing products

Marketing companies use surveys to conduct their market research. You can easily earn by answering these surveys. To take an online survey, you need to find legitimate companies that offer paid surveys. I have tested many of them and the very best for me is by far Survey Junkie.

There are other survey companies out there of course but I am giving you my honest opinion based on my experience.

But again, I really love Survey Junkie because they pay you well and quick which is always awesome!

Some surveys can earn you up to $50 in one go. However, most surveys pay a small amount; you have to, therefore, sign up for many surveys to make a decent income. Make sure you understand the terms and privacy policies of the survey websites you select.


Cashback sites

Use Ebates when you shop online for free cash back. If you sign up you can also score a free $10 cash back through my link.


Teach a skill

Do you have a unique skill you could teach someone? Teach what you know to people who would love to learn similar things. Many people have successfully created courses both online and offline and are earning from them continuously.

You can set up your online courses by creating a blog or by using online marketplaces such as Intellipaat or 360training.

Ideally, you can host your course through platforms such as Thinkific and Teachable.

By being able to teach online, you can set your own schedule, hours and sometimes prices.

In addition, some platforms such as Thinkific allow your trainees to access your courses anytime they wish to. That gives you flexibility, accessibility, and a higher earning potential.


Sell physical products online

The internet has made it easier for businesses to sell their products online. There are many ways to sell your products online. You can decide to sell commoditized products such as clothes, shoes or toys or niche products that target a particular consumer group.

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The key to finding products that sell online is targeting a particular problem and creating products that offer a solution. Solving a problem includes saving time, energy or making complicated tasks simpler, gives you a competitive advantage which increases your chances of earning more.

Select products that you are passionate about since the business will require a lot of investment in energy, time and patience.

You can set up your own e-commerce store hosted on another server or self-hosted. The kind of hosting you choose depends on the size of your enterprise, the amount of money you have to invest and the amount of growth you want for your business.

Also, remember that, in order to maximize your gains, it is preferable to sell products that are congruent with your niche.

The best, easiest and most reliable platform to create a profitable online store is called Shopify. There are other options out there to create an online store like wordpress, woocommerce, joomla BUT they require a much higher technical level. In addition, with these other platforms, YOU are responsible for the updates and the stability of the platform.

Shopify on the other end is newbie-proof. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspect and it’s super easy to use. You can register for FREE today and test-drive it for the next 14 days using my unique link. Click here to create your FREE shopify store today

Another very good platform that I have tested with great results is BigCommerce. This platform is very similar to Shopify and allows you to add unlimited products, as well as unlimited staff members.

The latter doesn’t seem like much but it’s a big deal when you start scaling you store and you need other people to take care of some tasks for you: finding new products, updating descriptions, fulfilling orders, running ads etc… I really like this platform too and I managed to obtain a deal with them that gives you a FREE account for 15 days!

Click here to create your FREE Bigcommerce store today



Making an extra income should be part of your long-term financial plan. Apart from giving you flexibility, it gives you an opportunity to build a fallback plan should your main source of income fail.

The internet gives you a wide platform to reach potential clients and customers, find material for growth and share your expertise with others in your field. With the right marketing, planning, and execution, your side hustle could bring you more income than your regular day job.

If you apply the principles I lay out in this FREE Masterclass, you can replicate my success and replace your current income in no time:

How To Make Sale After Sale On Full Automation By Following 3 Easy Steps (Even As A Complete Beginner)

An important point to note is the need to keep growing your skills to meet growing global marketplace demands. Self-education, hard work, and determination are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in the highly competitive world.


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