This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business!

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This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 1

Are you looking to start business but you are not tech savy?

Hundreds of my students, who had been struggling for years and never earned a dollar online, started making money online after implementing this.

If you are not a complete beginner, you could be facing one of these problems:

  • Is your online business broken?
  • Is your marketing funnel leaking?
  • and you can’t really see how to get things back working again?

I was once in a similar situation and tools like ClickFunnels & Leadpages came to my rescue. Since then I have passed down what I know to thousands of my students.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but come with me until the end of this review and I’ll not only convince you but also show you how it can be done!

Our analysis of ClickFunnels will also rope in LeadPages for comparison purposes. In the end, I’ll leave to you the decision making on which among the two suits your needs. No coercion.

If you haven’t implemented a funnel to gather online traffic leads and convert them into actual sales and profit, then your business is losing out. A LOT!

Out of the many online enterprises I’ve set up so far, one of them outshines all others because of this one-stop-shop internet business builder that I’ve incorporated.

Do you want to make a wild guess which is this business enabler I’m talking about? You may. But even if you can’t right now, don’t worry we’re delving into the thick of it soonest!

Actually, it isn’t any rocket science. Being a simple man that loves simplicity, I just love to see things working; as long as I’m getting positive results; as long as money is coming in…

Is that too much to expect, really? I’m sure it isn’t.

Can we now get right into the mix of things with this comparison between ClickFunnels and LeadPages? Sure sure.

A Quick Overview of the Two:


What’s ClickFunnels?

For internet marketers who’re selling both physical goods and virtual merchandise; for those of us who love organizing webinars; for you who’s a vendor of digital products, ClickFunnels is your go-to platform.

Actually, whichever kind of audience you want to reach out to via the internet, this online sales funnel is for you. ClickFunnels walks with you the entire journey: from gathering leads to building a fully-fledged online enterprise. The platform is what we call an all-in-one or one-stop-shop internet business software!

The brainchild of Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels went on to be hugely successful for the founder. He’s earned millions of dollars from it.

A one-stop-shop sales funnel platform, the ClickFunnels software offers you access to a shopping cart, an email service, an auto-responder and much much more. Today straddling the market like a colossus, it has grown over the years to be among the most powerful all-in-one funnel solutions.

ClickFunnels gives you the power to boost your landing page outcomes. It’s like a marketing page that gives you total control over your desired results. That means enhancing your site’s conversion rates and making more sales.

One fantastic ClickFunnels feature is that it also allows you to incorporate your existing email marketing campaign into their sales funnel system. This gives you access to their email auto-responder framework for easy follow-up and newsletter emailing.

This will help you save money since in that case you will have no need to use services like Aweber or MailChimp, you can maintain it all collectively and handle it.

The headline below is on their website and it states it all, correct?

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 4

Assisting any struggling entrepreneur up to the level of skilled entrepreneurs or anyone who is in amid the two!


My ClickFunnels Review

Let us see whether ClickFunnels will do for you what it has done for me! I’ve employed ClickFunnels to generate thousands of ways and I’ve been making millions of dollars online.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 7

ClickFunnels makes use of a straightforward drag & drop editor that allows you to put in place a sales page or landing page just as you desire it. In the case that you are not interested in using their templates, you may choose to sketch a page completely all alone.

Now, this is the part where we, ClickFunnels, set ourselves apart and turn out to be the vital service online business-owners or entrepreneurs, which we at times call ourselves.



ClickFunnels lets you integrate your retargeting & tracking code in to your pages.

They grant you all the particulars about your pages as well as visitors so that you can gain knowledge of how competently they can perform.

Analytics are very essential; however, there are several other crucial features that this ClickFunnels evaluation will lay out for you.

Shopping Cart

Which shopping cart are you using? Is it Shopify, maybe Samcart or a different online e-commerce shopping-cart like Bigcommerce? By using ClickFunnels, you really don’t have to.

ClickFunnels permits you to follow and make sales straight from the pages you make.

The management and control of upsell notifications, Tracking customers and the sending of follow-up emails can be done here.

By far, this is one of its finest features!

This will actually save you from being forced to use sites such as Zaxaa and ClickBank which charge you more.

If you wish, you can incorporate Stripe as well since it’s free!

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 10

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time, 100% risk free



You can make courses using the ClickFunnels membership sites!

By using some features offered, you can dive in to make your personal course and begin to sell it.
You will absolutely love this since you’ll have all your items in only one software. You’ll not have to use supplementary platforms for memberships.



I am in love with this feature!

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 13

This element is exceptionally provided by ClickFunnels. It is the explanation behind why they usually stand out among the rest when we talk about sales funnel solutions.

This is one of the things you’ll fall in love with in this platform if you’re analyzing this ClickFunnels assessment!

Here is good news to affiliate marketers! By using the ClickFunnels’ BackPack affiliate-marketing-management platform, it will let you keep an eye on your affiliate system.

For instance, if you’ve got a service or product, you can opt to put your personal affiliate-marketing-system rather than using lots of money on advertising and copywriting.

Now, what is Affiliate marketing? It is a performance-based approach of marketing whereby you give a commission which is based on each sale made of your service or product.

With BackPack, ClickFunnels will hasten and improve the tracking process. The tool makes it effortless to put in place your affiliate schedule and incorporate inside your business automation and funnel.

By using BackPack, you’ll soon find out to be a big way of saving your marketing financial plan while at the same time, successfully supporting your services and products.

ClickFunnels Actionetics

You can comfortably incorporate your email marketing-programs or choose to channel them together If you are utilizing ClickFunnels.

Actionetics, ClickFunnels email-marketing tool, is the software which can be used to generate and mail automatic emails.

Based on specific actions taken into your funnels, Actionetics can act & react accordingly.

It is not meant for emails alone but can also be incorporated with Twilio to send a short text message (SMS).

Actionetics will let you be in touch with your trade with a collection of elements which unite you with the target audience of your choice.

Actionetics saves you lots of money by letting you cut down on the number of 3rd-party services. This is done via focusing your effort on only one.

ClickFunnels will make it easy to import your contacts & set up auto-responders which can be completed in not many clicks.

After creating your email autoresponder, you may put them to task immediately.

Apart from having several email outlines, you can make a completely custom email, and then personalize them for precise reasons.



If you intend to save your money, bring into play an email-software such as Convertkit then combine it with ClickFunnels. This is if only you don’t really want to upgrade the version but you want to make use of your email, then I would recommend the Convertkit email software. (30-day trial is available).

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 16


Awesome Feature; Share Funnels!

This is one of the things which I’m completely in love with!

If you happen to build a funnel, you’ll share it with your buddy, or perhaps you identify somebody who has a very high converting funnel? You could find one of them online?

With just one click, you are capable of importing it to your one and only ClickFunnels account.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 19

This is a big technique of getting affiliate commissions since you are free to share funnels among people. When those people sign-up you earn your commission.


Who is the Driving Force Behind the ClickFunnels Platform?

There is one important thing to note about ClickFunnels; it was designed and improved by Russell Brunson plus a talented set of designers.

I now know that I pointed out this at the beginning but…

Since Russell was in college, he has been in the business of selling online ever since and this is where he discovered & made a profit from a variety of online selling methods.

Just from his company and his basement, he has made several million dollars worth of products and services.

ClickFunnels utilizes the sales funnels techniques which he has practiced and frequently employed to get his online achievement.

I do not know what you’d prefer, but I’d relatively make use of a software which has been backed by somebody who earns millions by using it.

He seems like an amusing person, right?

Apart from that, he’s moreover the author of the Expert Secrets, which is one of the most bought business books on the planet. Can you imagine that he just gives it FOR FREE? (Discover how by watching this video)

Russell has authored 3 of the books that changed my life and I highly recomment you check them out… Plus, there is a suprise that allows you to get them for FREE too!

In this ClickFunnels analysis, I don’t intend to utilize Russell as something to make you decide on what platform is the best for you to use.

You still should select the platform which is appropriate for you, although he is an entertaining guy.

ClickFunnels Page Design

One of the most amazing characteristics of this whole platform is the reality that it is very simple to generate the pages & join every one of the dots. This is what I so much wanted to emphasize in this review.

With a complete database of prior made outlines, it becomes it very effortless to begin and setup pages in a matter of minutes.

In addition to that, they have a marketplace whereby you acquire free and or compensated templates from the other users.

You do not have to worry since the ClickFunnels software has a vast array of templates which have been built in at no cost.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 22


Building Webinar Funnels

Great stuff just can’t stop coming! Did you know how easy it is to build webinar funnels using ClickFunnels?

If you’ve handled webinars before, then you understand how hectic they can be to set up. With the ClickFunnels platform, that’s all past tense now!

A webinar refers to the presentation you create in order to sell your product and the entire procedure involved. ClickFunnels allows you to achieve all that in one place.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 25



Pros & Cons of Implementing Russell Brunson’s Program

You knew this part was coming, right?

Well, I guess this ClickFunnels Review wouldn’t have been complete without this. Or would it? 🙂





LeadPages: What Exactly is it?

LeadPages is a fully-dedicated and customizable service for landing page building used to capture email leads. It allows you to design your pages whichever way you prefer by tweaking their templates to your needs and taste.

With LeadPages, you can set up webinar campaigns, lead magnets, email collections, as well as squeeze/opt-in and thank-you pages. And if you currently use other email marketing services, it allows you to integrate them.

Although I didn’t intend to talk a lot about LeadPages in a ClickFunnels Review, making a bit of comparison is important here.

Fundamentally, LeadPages primarily focuses on email collection services. Recently, the company also signed partnerships with other industry players like Stripe to integrate a functionality that enables sales to be directly made from their platform.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 28


Top Features of LeadPages

As an introductory-level subscription service, LeadPages gives businesses a platform to collect contacts from potential future customers. Below we discuss some of their key features:

Lead Magnets

Sending a lead magnet comes in the form of a digital give-away. It could be a free ebook, free seminar, video or purchase coupon. That give-away is accessible to the customers who leave their email addresses.

To set up your landing page using LeadPages, you employ the use of a subscriber/opt-in box. Once you’ve gotten the customer’s email, you then provide a link to your site’s content or give-away. This can be actualized through your regular email-service provider or one of your thank-you pages.

Sales Pages

LeadPages offers over 350 templates. Pick the ones you want and use them to create your sales pages.

You can also use them to design long sales pages with comprehensive details of the functionalities and advantages of your good/service.

Sales pages are a fabulous option when closing a sales deal and the final processing of the sales transaction.

Squeeze Pages

These are used to guide your potential customer towards taking a particular action such as registration/signing up, purchasing something or clicking on a certain button.

They provide some specific piece of content, for instance, some text or a YouTube video, as well the desired customer action.

Thank You Pages

These are a commonly-used courtesy to show gratefulness once somebody has subscribed or bought your product/service.

You could also integrate into it an upselling campaign to grab and hold on to your clients’ dedicated, buy-in mindset.

LeadPages is equipped with templates that function to guide potential buyers to a new squeeze/landing page and, hopefully, earn additional revenue.

Pop-up Sign-up

If there is one smart and surefire way to convert a lead, then it has to be via pop-ups. You can easily implement them on your content pages. Use on these pages links, images, and/or graphics that can act as triggers to capture the attention of your readers.

A/B Testing

Being able to run functional tests on the different pages of your site enables you to maximize your marketing efforts and raise your ROI even higher. For instance, tweaking little things like text, font size/style, images/graphics, and colors could be the micro-changes your site requires improve on performance.

LeadPages gives you the platform to test all these tweaks, modifications, and versions while at the same time tracking everything for you.

Email Integration

Are you currently subscribed to Convertkit, MailChimp, AWeber or other email marketing services? LeadPages allows you to incorporate all these into its platform.

By the way, can we be real for just a moment? Why not. LeadPages sounds like just a mere landing page service, right? Yes! Because building landing pages is precisely what it’s all about!

While this may seem like my personal opinion, that’s just the plain truth. I know what LeadPages offers as features could be all some marketers need for their landing page building campaign but others need so much more.





How Does the Page Design of ClickFunnels and LeadPages Compare?

As an already established leader in the landing-page building market niche, LeadPages is employed by marketers all over the web. In fact, their templates can be easily recognizable by many.

Conversely, ClickFunnels is relatively new on the market. However, don’t forget that the platform is backed by the marketing behemoth that Russell Bronson has been able to create, as well as his revolutionary all-in-one software approach. That’s why hardly anyone would be surprised if ClickFunnels gains a controlling share of the market in a few years.

ClickFunnels’ Page Design

ClickFunnels enables you to not only employ already-built templates but also to design from scratch and create fully-functional pages. Using their templates you can generate squeeze/opt-in, sales, webinar, and membership pages.

The platform also has a number of other innovative editor functions such as drag-n-drop. It also allows you to create FAQ and styled-list elements.

ClickFunnels has all the styling tools you need to make your brand more recognizable and your image more visible.

One functionality that’s often missing in most funnel builders is a customizable email-capture form. As you create your funnels, it’s advantageous that you have a good number of capture pages. This way, you have total control over the form’s opt-in style.

Once you’re set up, you can explore their most highly-rated converting pages and easily set up one to market your merchandise online.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 31


LeadPages Page Design

For years, LeadPages has been the dominant force on the market as far as landing page building is concerned. They provide a wide variety of sure-proof templates while keeping their database regularly updated with additional pages. It’s possible to sort things according to conversion rate statistics too.

Incorporating HTML design functionality, LeadPages also employs a drag-n-drop page builder. However, it doesn’t have 2 important capabilities: shopping cart and email auto-responder that necessitates integration with 3rd-party apps.

One of the things that stand out regarding the page design functionalities of the two platforms is cost. For ClickFunnels, the $97 monthly plan grants you access to a select number of pages and funnels. As for LeadPages, a monthly fee of $37 gives you full access to their complete template package.

BUT there’s a catch…

Going for the seemingly cheaper LeadPages option also means you’ll have to purchase costly 3rd-party subscriptions to have the full capabilities. That can leave a $200+ financial hole monthly in addition to the $37 above!

How Does Ease of Page Editing Compare?

Although LeadPages templates are continually being updated, their subscribers still use them over and over and over again. If a particular design or designs begin saturating the market, buyers will start to decipher what it is, yet another one, opt-in attempting to squeeze out of them a sale. That could lead to lower rates of conversion within no time.

Without a doubt, while LeadPages templates can’t be ruled out yet, it’s the complete package of ClickFunnels tools that offer you the level of creative control you need to keep everything dynamic and new every time.

For those of us looking for a chance to be original and stand out even as we increase conversion rates, ClickFunnels is the real deal. You can choose a specific template among the many they offer to act as a base then employ their powerful editing framework tools to customize things to your needs and taste.

ClickFunnels enables you to add pop-ups, taglines, copy, video, headers and footers, opt-ins, testimonials, and many more. Remember, the whole design that features both style and color is fully customizable.

Incorporating the platforms into your marketing campaign grants you the chance to stand out, especially if your niche is exceedingly getting crowded with landing pages being created on the fly to capture leads and convert sales.

Customer Support: Who’s Better?

When you’re newly subscribed to a certain service, having access to the right customer care and support can ease your set-up process and minimize your learning curve overall.

So, how does support compare between LeadPages and ClickFunnels?

For ClickFunnels, when you’re new, consistent email support is guaranteed. But if you need extra support, for instance, with telephone calls and/or priority template applications, you’ve to upgrade to Enterprise membership. But they also have a vibrant Facebook group where one can get assistance, something that LeadPages lacks.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 34

On the flip side, compared to ClickFunnels, the LeadPages platform provides subscribers with a little bit of more customer support. For example, buying their “Standard” subscription plan guarantees you access to email support, while the “Pro” plan also has live chat support. As for the “Advanced” plan, you get all that plus telephone support that kicks you off with a one-on-one phone call with one of their reps to get things going.

However, note that live chat support is offered only if you buy the more pricey LeadPages annual plans. Monthly plans mostly give you access to email support just like with ClickFunnels.

Price Comparison: ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

Both platforms offer customers no lock-in monthly subscription plans. But you’ll save much more if you opt for the per-year payment plans.

Additionally, both services have 14-day free trials to allow potential buyers have a feel of their respective platforms before committing their money.

However, I strongly believe that ClickFunnels' 14 day free trial offer is the best option for anybody starting or trying to grow a business

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 37

For ClickFunnels, if you go for the yearly funnel builder purchase plan, you save up to $194, and up to $567 for an annual subscription of the complete ClickFunnels Suite.

Buying LeadPages subscription on a per-year basis can also save you a lot. Note that their “Advanced” plan can only be purchased annually.

The two service providers offer subscription access to their platforms at considerably different payment plans.

This ClickFunnels Review Will Change The Way Start A Business! 40



Is it a Crime to also have Some Fun?

Aside from the pricing and the features, between the two services, which one do you think would be really fun to work with?

If your guess was ClickFunnels, then we’re reading from the same page.

We’ve already mentioned their awesome group on Facebook. But they also the “2 Comma Club”; a prestigious club bringing together all those who have hit the million dollar mark in sales using ClickFunnels!

Can things get cooler than that?

Final words

Look here, folks… I’ll not sugar-coat anything. If you’ve come thus far, then you’re definitely now aware of my love for ClickFunnels.

Of course, there can only be one reason: unlike LeadPages which is only a landing-page builder, ClickFunnels is a complete, all-in-one marketing funnel suite!

But if ClickFunnels will be as much of an ideal online business solution for you as it has been for me, that certainly depends on your marketing goals.

Well, buying a ClickFunnels subscription sets you back more cash-wise but it offers MUCH MORE and you won’t need to buy additional 3rd-party services. And, after all, since this is an investment like any other, you’ll be making all that money and getting profits anyway.

Personally, I also admire the fact that ClickFunnels was built by a real online entrepreneur like Russell Brunson. He had it rough like all of us; then he found a perfect solution; now he’s offered it to the world!

Now that Russell also routinely uploads lots of live videos to the ClickFunnels Facebook group, I just love the feeling of being part of the community. More of an online family I guess…

Do you want to start a business? Are you looking to collect more leads? Are you building a webinar funnel? Whatever your internet business is, I would recommend ClickFunnels 100%!

Not that I don’t like LeadPages. I just love how a complete suite ClickFunnels is. Ultimately, it all boils down to finding the perfect balance between cost and functionality, right?

I hope my ClickFunnels Review was a big plus in your marketing as you start a business online.

Interested in starting a successful busines using ClickFunnels? Watch this video!

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