What Happened To My Life?

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Are you familiar with the expression “what happened”? I usually use this expression to make fun of friends while checking their childhood pictures. But I realized that this very same expression can also be very depressing. 


Just the other day, I spent the afternoon with my 18 year old cousin Zoe and her friend.

During our journey to the mall, I overheard their conversation about their respective hopes, dreams, aspirations and plans for the future. Honestly, I was really amazed by the enthusiasm and optimism these two kids demonstrated.


This conversation reminded me of two distinct periods of my life: My student life and my life as an employee. Back when I was a student, I used to have dreams, ambitions and demonstrated the same passion for life as these two kids.


Then somewhere along the way, I have no idea where and when, I lost my flame and passion for life and stopped chasing my dreams. Yes, at some point in my life, I came to the realization that I was living someone else's life. A life which had nothing to do with what I wanted or envisioned back when I was eighteen and full of passion. 


I am sure that you all know what I mean and share my feelings on the subject.

I am fully aware that our lives inevitably evolve and that we become more realistic with time. But still, I felt that, somewhere down the road, I had lost sight of some key elements of my happiness. The most frightening thought for me was that we all go down the same dark road without even realizing it.  


What happened to our relationships? Do you remember back when you had TIME? TIME to explore, TIME see your friends, meet new people or just discover new things? 


Look at our lives today. We are too busy with our jobs, our friend circles are more and more restrictive, and we don't even have TIME to see our friends and families. We barely see anybody, other than our colleagues at work because seeing our loved ones, nowadays, requires some serious planning..


What happened to our physical and spiritual wellness? Do you remember when you had TIME to exercise or practice a sport that made you feel WELL and ALIVE?. 


How come, most of us get out of shape and lose the incredible boost that physical wellness gives to our spirit? I find it fascinating how at age 30 we already look liked retired people. As a matter of fact retired people are far more active than we are!


These two kids reminded me of the days when I was ambitious enough to believe that I could do anything I wanted and that success was not reserved for others. Then somehow, I ended up being trapped in a job I didn’t necessarily want, with no prospects of evolution, that couldn’t quit because of my bills.


I am pretty sure that, unfortunately, this rings a bell and that you know what I am talking about. 


The funny thing about these two kids is that they were HAPPY! Teenagers don't have any money so what on earth could make them so happy. Haven't we been led to believe that more money would make us happier? 


Isn't money the very reason why we spend so many extra hours at work thinking that it will bring us joy and happiness? I know this is the reason why I used to work extra hours.


I must insist on the past tense because thankfully, a few years ago, I asked myself the question: “What happened to my life?”


At that moment, I realized that I had to find a system that would allow me to recapture my life. I have been the happiest man on the planet ever since because I have been able to build TIME and enjoy my life to the fullest. 


Ask yourself the same question and start making changes in your life. I know it is possible because I did it.


I wrote a detailed step-by-step blueprint of my system HERE. If you want to learn more about my system and how it can work for you, I suggest you take a few minutes to read it.


First I have to say this: It's not for everybody… If it's not for you, then at least you would have learned something new today.


However if you feel like this is for you, it will actually change your life


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Today, I spend my life traveling around the world with no TIME or money constraints because one day I asked myself that question.

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