Why I Will Always Remember Steve Jobs

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Every now and then, we witness the emergence of great influencers and visionaries.

These are people who can radically change other people’s lives and inspire the masses with their charisma and aura.

I truly believe that Steve Jobs was one of them!

Not because I love apple products and would buy anything they build.

Not because I worked for him or with him.

Or even because I knew him personally.

No, I believe Steve Jobs was a great man because of his legacy. Of course, we all have our opinion about what his legacy is, but let me tell you why I will always remember and admire Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs has positively influenced my life, at many levels, and helped me unlock my potential. Thanks to his principles and philosophy, I have been able to start a “revolution” of my own that inspired others.

Here are, for me, the three life changing lessons of Steve jobs:

  1. Life can and should be easy! Steve has dedicated his whole life and career to making life easier for the rest of us. Simplicity has always been the cornerstone of his philosophy and reminded us of a long forgotten basic principle: The purpose of our life is not to make it increasingly complicated. On the contrary, our products, services or businesses should help us save time to recapture our lives and focus on what matters to us.  
  1. Think outside the box: This is the mark of the great influencers. Steve has proved more than ever that there is more than one way of doing things. He taught us that we WILL make a difference and innovate by going where other people are too scared to go, or where they are conditioned not to go. If everybody is heading left, you should go right because this is where innovation is.

Just because everybody applies the same old business model, it doesn't mean that it is the most productive approach. As a matter of fact, there are always far better alternatives that others fail to explore.

  1. Believe in yourself and try your luck: Steve was, to me, the living example of courage, bravery and determination. Why? Because he had the guts to stand for what he believed in! Everybody around him tried to discourage him from launching some of Apple's biggest successes, by telling him that they had no future. What did he do? He still went for it because his confidence was unshakable.


Thanks to his will, Steve proved us all that if you demonstrate confidence in what you believe in, you will win people's hearts. Confidence is what sets great leaders apart from the rest, and what makes the difference between failure and success. 

Steve's example has become the driving force of my new life and helped me become the person I am today. 

My life, as well as my books, are now devoted to making other people's lives easier and more enjoyable. 

I have come up with innovative ways of conducting, and managing, a business by being smarter than the rest. There is always an easier and more productive way to conduct a business.


Finally, I am more confident than ever and realize that, with confidence, we can accomplish amazing things.

With Steve's help, I have been able to positively influence people and change lives, on a far smaller scale of course. 

I just hope that, some day, I can demonstrate glimpses of his genius and creative mind even if it is for just a split second. 

Steve Jobs has taken us on this incredible journey and we owe it to him to keep his legacy alive.


I have decided to follow his footsteps, as best as I can, to inspire the generations to come and help them RECAPTURE their lives.

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