I got Interviewed AGAIN – Game Changers Podcast Interview

Great interview with Barry from the comeback game where we discuss how to overcome adversity and reach our goals. Tune in to discover how you can create the perfect lifestyle for yourself and how to change your mindset to create more happiness in your life.

build a lifestyle business not a prison

How To Build Yourself A Lifestyle Business & Not A Prison

I’ve started multiple businesses, and here’s my checklist for exactly what to do to create a business that will allow you to travel the world non-stop just like I do. If you want to create a lifestyle business, your ABSOLUTELY need to hear this

want to make money online?

The Truth About Money: Want to make money online? Focus on this…

I found something 10 times more important than making money online. Most people are chasing the wrong things and hence they end of failing as a entrepreneur. In today's interview, I am going to reveal what you should go after and how you can, actually, end up making more money than before. All the answers are inside…

start a blog & make money online

Can I Make Money Blogging?

Are you thinking about starting a blog and you are wondering if you will be able to make money with it? Do you have the right personality, mindset and skill set to make your future blog a success? Taking my short quiz will help find out…

Start your own successful blog in 45 minutes

If you're reading this, you must have a passion and love writing about it. You are the center of attention in gathering and people ask you to share your best tips and strategies. Now, you are seriously considering broadcasting yourself through a more established medium and what better way to start than blogging?

My name is Martin and I'm the creator of the MARTIN EBONGUE BLOG. Understanding how to create passive income, how to start businesses that run without me & how to make money online changed my existence. It allowed me to travel full-time, have ton of fun and live life on my own terms.




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