FBC – 10 – A Key Difference Between “Winners” And The Rest

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A Key Difference Between “Winners” And The Rest:

Hey guys Today, we are going to touch base on one of the most crucial attributes you need to integrate in your life to become “successful”:

Everybody has their own definition of success but one thing is for sure:

This element is a common denominator in all forms of success. Don't just listen to this podcast: Apply it in your life and witness for yourself the amazing transformation and the growth that it will bring you. Have an amazing day guys.

So today I wanted to touch base on something else very important. Again because everything I tell you is important, obviously. But this is one of the key differences that I see between successful people and unsuccessful people. OK. And I will say “successful” because I mean success will vary from one person to the other.

Like you know your success might be, “well I want to have a beautiful family” and stuff. If you do you're successful and stuff but when people say successful, you’re only seeing if people manage to achieve great things. So I'm not saying that this measure of success needs to be exactly yours, but all these really high profile successful people have something in common and even not just in business.

Basically it is the fact that they're not making excuses all the time. This is crucial. If you want to succeed in anything, you need to stop making excuses and you need to start making progress. OK. The only way to move forward in real life in anything you want to do is to stop making excuses and take ownership. So what are the main characteristics of excuses?

I mean the main excuses that people give you are usually external circumstances. The economy's bad, or the client sucks. My boss is a jerk and I don't know but the software is clunky. I just have bad luck.

So the common ground that these excuses have is that while it’s out of your control, you don't have anything to do with it. So you don't have any responsibility for it and it makes you feel better about yourself. It’s the easy option. OK. And if you go down that path then this is the highway to a miserable life if you ask me.

And you can you can't keep making excuses like this to just make yourself feel better. Right. And that's the one thing that people don't understand when they're making all these excuses.

A Key Difference Between “Winners” And The Rest

There are two different elements that people actually cannot dissociate. And it's imperative that make the difference between two things you need to make the difference between your fault and your responsibility. OK. These are two different things. But people just take them as a whole.

When something happens they forget about responsibility. “It’s not my fault”. It’s always someone else's fault. Maybe you have friends like this, or someone you know hasn’t done anything in their life. They’re always “No no that's not my fault. It's someone else's fault”. OK. And it's crucial that you do understand the difference between fault and responsibility. OK.

So sometimes something bad will happen to you. OK. And it might not be your fault OK.  It's not your fault. If you have a car accident. It could be your fault as well I don't know. But if you have an accident and there is something that falls out of the sky and hits your head, then it's not your fault right. You know you haven't done anything to cause this. Right but you do have a responsibility to make sure that it doesn't happen again or that you mitigate the risks in the future.

Know the distinction, because this is one of the main things that will help you move forward in your life because you know in life and in business, stuff will happen. OK. When you're an entrepreneur Stuff happens, stuff breaks, software breaks. There's something that changes and your client has a problem and you have to fix all these problems and all that stuff. You need to be prepared for it.

So you can find a really good idea. It might work for a year. You don’t have a single problem but you're going to run into problems with it at some point. Problem solving mentality and also the mentality of taking responsibility and to mitigate your risks is super important because without it, your business might die after like I don't know a year or two years even though it was the perfect business.

If you don't know how to apply this mentality, then your business is going to go underground.

Here’s an example;

So when I was starting this business, there are 300 things you can do on the Internet right. You can make money you know with affiliation, dropship, selling your own product or you know with a marketplace. So it's really hard to choose. OK. So I was like OK I need something where I have repeat buyers. OK. The reason why I want repeat buyers is because I don't have to fight every single day to get new clients.

So I needed something where people buy repeatedly and I can have you know returning clients in my acquisition cost are way lower. So I decided to go into clothing, because people buy a lot of clothes and from there I started to drill down even more. So who am I going to go with?

Obviously I decided to go with women because I know men. Men are going to keep their clothes. I mean as far as long as they possibly can. So I decided to rule out men. I was like “dude I'm going to specialize in women”.

The reason why I went into clothing is because women buy clothes repeatedly!

OK so now I had this affiliation business with one big brand and it was working super well. And the collaboration was fine. I mean I was like “dude I'm set up for life”. And for a year everything was fine. But it doesn't just flow. I had a whole bunch of problems but everything was manageable. Until one day, my brand started acting funny. They started changing stuff.

It's not my fault. I mean I'm not in their heads right. It's not my fault but my responsibility was that I had ended up putting all my eggs in the same basket! And that put my business at risk. So what happened is that the brand started acting funny.

They're like “well you know what. We might cut your commissions from like 30 percent back”. They cut my commissions. And then after that, they cut back on commissions again to 20 percent.

So all of a sudden I made way less than before. And at some point they were like “well you know what, right now we were restructuring stuff in our company. So we might stop the affiliate program for a while” and then next thing you know I was in trouble!  So was it my fault?  It wasn’t my fault but it was my responsibility. I learnt that you shouldn't put your all eggs in the same basket.

It was my responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen again. So in the beginning, I should have worked with more brands, so that I wasn’t solely dependent on just one.

So that was one example from my own experience. OK.

So this is what I do. Every time something happens to me, the first thing I do is to look at myself in the mirror and I'm like “What is your share of responsibility?” It’s the first thing that successful people will do OK. Pointing fingers is easy. When you're pointing fingers you're basically dodging every path and every single chance you have of progressing.

I don't blame people. I don't like blaming people. It's useless. If you blame people, it means that whatever you did well is right and you're going to do the same mistake over and over and over again and always complain about it. OK. I don't want you to be that person.

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