FBC – 100 – We reached a new milestone together

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We reached a new milestone together.

This is a very special episode because we are at episode 100. In this episode I want to tell you about what I learned in the last 100 days and how it changed me as a person.

This is episode number 100. For me it's a new milestone. It might not be much for a bunch of people but that's 100 days straight and I'm very happy!

I think that I'm a very different man from who I was a hundred days ago. A lot of things happened to me. I think this podcast greatly helped. So the first thing that I know as I said several times is you know and I think yesterday I was telling you that whatever you tell your brain, your brain is going to do it.

Sometimes the consistency of having to come and do stuff every day, like repeat and stuff was something I was not really good at it so I needed to find someone who's better at it than me. Naturally I'm not good at it. I'm good at creating stuff. But the consistency of doing the episodes and doing this is not me.

And it turns out that I can do it! I haven't missed a podcast. There were a lot of occasions where I had reasons not to record it. But you know what? I still did it and I feel that's pretty cool in terms of evolution. And my brain is actually capable of doing this.

So that's the first thing I learned about myself. I mean I have consistency in a lot of things. I'm consistent in the learning phase but sticking to one thing, well I can easily get distracted. But in this case, I didn't. So in terms of evolution for me it's a big step forward.

We reached a new milestone together.

Then the second thing is as I said, I am not a public person.  I'm very low key. Nobody knows anything about my life, what I do and I honestly thought that that's why I was making excuses. I was like Dude this thing is not for me right. I'll just do what I do from the shadows.

I'm like the puppet master and stuff but I'm not going to take a microphone and talk and do videos and stuff. Well you know what? I'm actually capable of doing this. It's a learning curve, but I’m capable of doing it.

I think I grew like that. I became a better person I think. A better man. You know everything that happened when I met Claire and Richard who are people that give their time, their attention, their money, their life to helping others. You know without asking for anything in return, they are helping these kids. And I got the opportunity to be a part of it.

I wasn't actively involved in something like this before, whereas now I can see the benefits for them but also for me as a person. I'm very happy actually. I think I'm happier than I was before I started taking care of these kids and just interacting with kids and giving them something that is very dear to me which is very precious.

And a lot of people complain that they don't have it from me. It's my attention and my time. It's like a transformation for me. Giving back and helping other people is something very meaningful and very fulfilling.

And the problems you have, just put them in perspective which is something I was already doing before. But it was greatly helped by the fact that I met all these kids. I realized you know what? You know some of the problems that we're complaining about they're actually not problems. Just forget about it. You know and you'll feel better. Yeah it really helps.

My personal goals have changed a little bit. So now I'm trying to figure out ways where I can actually help these kids a little bit more and create a system or something to first of all help them grow as a person, by teaching them stuff, but also being able to you know finance some of their education. But you have to be like realistic that you know you have to go step by step.

The reason why I'm doing this podcast is for you guys and there are some people who listen to my podcasts every day. And again I told you I find it absolutely fascinating that I’m in my home here in Bali somewhere and I'm talking through this microphone and someone else on the other side of the planet will hear it and resonate with it.

It's just the fact that I am able to connect with people and we haven't met but you're like dude like you know I feel like we've been friends all this time, because we have a lot of things in common.

I feel that this podcast you know for me is a therapy as well. I get to talk about things that I'm passionate about. And yeah I think it really helps. So I'm just very happy. 100 episodes!

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