FBC – 105 – If you Have a website or buy traffic tune in

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If you Have a website or buy traffic, tune in.

Most definitely my best episode yet. If you have a website you need to listen to this. This can help you reduce your REAL advertising costs by 10. I am not exaggerating when saying that you can cut down your REAL costs by 10.

Please, please share this episode with anybody you know who has a website. This case study can help them increase their profits considerably.

So let me remind you what I was doing. I found a network and I'm going to give you the name of that network afterwards. So I found this network where I can get extremely cheap clicks one cent per click. So with ten bucks, you get a thousand clicks which are awesome.

When you think about just imagine how many subscribers and stuff I can get. That was what went through my mind. I master this then I am gold. Right.

So I started playing with this thing and I started sending traffic to a page my blog. So the requirements. What you want to do is to get analytics on your site. It's not complicated. You go to Google.com.

You put the URL of your sites and they're all going to give you a code and you put this code in the header of your site so that everything that happens on your site is tracked by Google and you have some in-depth analytics and you can understand where people are coming from, what they do on your site, where they go after your site and stuff you know there is loads of data. If you want to understand the people that are coming through your site, analytics is the best.

So that was the first thing I did before starting this thing. So now that my analytics was on my sites, every visitor I was going to send there was going to be tracked by Google and I will have some data and stuff. All right. So I started sending the traffic and the first step was to analyse the bounce rate. OK.

So we we've discussed the bounce rate a few times here on this podcast because I mean the thing is I find this shocking and very sad that nobody warns you about this thing.

So the bounce rate is basically out of 100 hundred people how many people will just bounce off like right off your site. So basically sometimes it's even before they actually the page displays because your site to slow whatever these people will give up because I mean today people have no patience. All right. If your site is slow then your bounce rate is going to be incredibly high. OK.

So out of a hundred people how many people get to actually see your Web site and like engage with it? And you know this this is important because if you're paying for traffic and you're paying for 100 clicks and you have the bounce rate of like 90 percent for example well you thought you paid for hundred clicks but you actually paid for 10 clicks because the other 90 they just bounce right off.

So your cost per click is actually ten times higher than you thought. Right. So this is something you really need to pay attention to because you know, just to give you an example, if you have a conversion rate of like the like 2 percent. Right. So that means if you send 100 people then two people buy.

Now if you have a bounce rate of like 90 percent, you're sending 100 people but you only have 10 people who are actually seeing your stuff. So that means instead of spending one hundred, you might need a thousand dollars this time spent in order to have 100 people on your site and then make those two hundred dollars’ worth of sales. So you can see how big a difference it makes. OK. So that's the bounce rate.

So I have my master process of what I do. I've added a box to check. OK. So I realized that my bounce rate was completely different based on the browser. So on some browsers like Chrome for example, I had like 92 percent bounces from that traffic source. OK. Not from all traffic sources.

So that's one other thing that you need to understand is that analytics will allow you to see your bounce rate because when you're sending a bunch of traffic you may come from like Facebook from I don't know Twitter or e-mail you know PPC it comes from different locations. Right.

And you need to understand where it's bouncing. If you only have like an average bounce rate you don't know exactly where it's bouncing. So it could be that Facebook is bouncing as 97 percent.

So you'll be like well you know what? What I'm doing over there on Facebook doesn't make sense for me.

You know also you should focus on the other one that doesn't bounce because you know  that traffic source is way better and you better qualified the people, and obviously you don't necessarily give up on Facebook, but you understand that your targeting is not the best and you need to do something about it. All right. You know work another angle or something.

Yes. So I realized that the bounce rate was completely different. So it was like one was 5 percent. The other one was 92 percent. So what did I do? I just completely removed the browsers that were giving me 92 percent bounces because I was just wasting clicks and not focused on one browser that was giving me just a 5 percent bounce.

So the other browser was safari. I mean people the bounce rate was like less than it wasn't a four point seven percent or something. Something incredible. And people were staying in like three minutes on average on the site. And I was like Dude I found it. That's it. So I cut the rest and I focused on this. I'm like All right. OK. So these people they're obviously interested in what I'm sending them because they will stay that long and they would like stay on the website in the first place because the bounce rate is slow and they're staying a long time.

I mean on some other traffic sources I don't know. You know the average time on the site was like I don't know like 20 seconds 30 seconds and in this case was three minutes. So I was like Dude I found the audience all right.

And so this is when I told you last I was like Oh man I need to figure out what these people want and here's the deal. So I have tried every possible angle. Right. Because sometimes it could be that the angle you're using is just not the best right. Doesn't mean that the thing doesn't work.

It's just that you need to change your angle. I changed the angle I did everything I tried a value packed article that I spent hours and hours writing, and nothing. These people are visibly interested but they don't do anything. They don't take any action. I'm like dude how? All right.

So then I decided to change that and I created like a lander you know the these landers that it looks like in the article you know from like a magazine or something saying Suzanne did she did this and this is what she used and all that stuff really well written this stuff. This one is proven to convert. I sent those people there and still nothing.

But I didn't give up there. So then I created a landing page and instead of asking them to register or whatever. I just told them. Do you want to access a free Facebook group? I sent traffic there. Nothing. And I do. I don't know what to do anymore you know.

And I was like these people are hard wired. What's the problem here? So yesterday I was looking at analytics and this is one thing that I learned yesterday and that will be a takeaway for you guys as well.

Just put it on your or your checklist. OK. So on your checklist, check the bounce rate. So bounce rate checks how long people are staying on your website. Then you can check the browsers. Check if you know one browser gives you better results than others in terms of like bounce rates and stuff.

If you Have a website or buy traffic, tune in

All right. And then there is something else that I say that I discovered yesterday and. And so basically yesterday I cracked the code. I understood what's happening with this one thing. So what happened is analytics will I will give you geographic data. All right. So you will tell you people are coming from the US or they're coming from here and they come from there and stuff you know.

So I knew where they were coming from the US but they're also giving you demographic data. So the demographic is you know how old these people are if they're men or women. Geographic data can also tell you which states people are coming from.

So when I went to the demographic data I don't have anything. And for me that means that these are not real people. These must be bots or something because Google will certainly have something over on these like 10000 people living in the US. How come there is this big gap?

So I talked to my buddy. And he was like yep pretty sure. I mean these guys are smart, they don't know how they're doing it but these are bots. That's the reason why Google doesn't have anything on them. And there is no demographic data or anything on these people.

So you know. So I got my answer. This is why nothing was happening from that traffic source because I really don't know how they're doing it because you can see the returning users, the new users and stuff.

So as a result, I improved my own blueprint of what I need to check and I got some great lessons out of it.

First of all I realized that the browser can make a big difference. But remember! At the end of the day the clicks are not paying your bills. You know you might be it might be good luck to show off like man I have that many visitors on my site and yet and yes some people will just like the clicks. Yes well but who cares? If I can get the right clicks then that's all that matters because these are the people who are going to buy.

So I will pay less money and I will make more you know. So that's one of the things I learned was check the browser and check the browser make it can make a big difference. And also I've just discovered that some people do some really scammy stuff. I had no idea but by looking at this this information and seeing that. These are certainly bots. This is something I will check afterwards when I'm buying traffic. OK. So I really suggest you do this.

So the network that was responsible for supplying the traffic which actually turned out to be bots is called “ADMEDIA.NET”.

And I had a bad experience with them before, which I told you about in a previous podcast. I don't understand which planet that makes sense on that they’re just sending me crap. Crappy traffic which is just bots. But again it's something you have to try for yourself you know so this is my experience right.

So I'm just telling you my experience. Then if you want to go and test them out then you know you'll be my guest. You know if you get some results of stuff really good but me my experience is that if you know if you're ever advised or anything to work with this network I'll be very cautious.

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