FBC – 124 – The Interview that changed everything for me

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The Interview that changed everything for me.

My very first podcast interview aired today and brought back some cool memories. This is the moment when this podcast came to life because I motivated myself to go out there and help people. Here are the links

Facebook (if you can see it): www.facebook.com/b.magliarditi/videos/465567927289544/

iTunes channel → bit.ly/iTunes-TCGMartinEbongue
Barry's website → bit.ly/TCG-ListentoMartinEbongue

Here are some of the highlights of the interview

Enjoy the episode. I enjoyed it a lot and it's packed with gold nuggets and wisdom that can help you in many aspects of your life.

I got interviewed again! Well, not again. But this was actually the very first podcast. I was invited on and it just aired today. Pretty cool stuff.

Oh, how long ago was it? Maybe like three months, four months, maybe something like this. But since then, I mean, things have changed for me again. Because, you know, as I said, nothing is set in stone. And you evolve as a person. You know, your goals will change. Your philosophy will change depending on what's happening in your life.

So, you know, just to give you a like some background, I was a speaker at a mastermind in January of this year and Barry was one of the attendants. So he has a very successful agency in Melbourne.

And so he was attending the event to perfect his craft and his skills. And so we started talking. He was asking me questions about what I do, my philosophy and everything. And he’s done some really interesting things too.

Anyway, one day he calls me out of the blue and he's like, well, would you like to be on my podcast? I was like, dude, yeah. You know what? You know, who am I to say no? If I can bring some value to your audience, then yeah, by all means. I was very, very happy to go and do this. Right.

The Interview that changed everything for me

So, yeah. This is how it started for me. This podcast now wouldn't exist because what happened was that, you know, as I said, I made a conscious decision to invest some money and spend five days there instead of spending like the two hours I was supposed to spend there and then leave right away. As a result, I got an interview on this podcast.

And then Barry thought I did a really, really good job. And he recommended me to charity, which is the other podcast I told you about. And he said dude, I won't let you sleep until you start your own podcast. Right. And as I told you already, I was postponing it for like a year and a half and blah, blah, blah. And this gave me the motivation because I enjoyed it. It was really awesome.

And from there, I started my podcast. Right. So you see the chain of events. So power of the universe will trigger the whole thing. The trigger was, me accepting to speak at the mastermind and then me making the conscious effort to invest some money into spending time with the audience there and make some new connections and these new connections bring you something else.

And this experience brought something absolutely amazing in my life because, you know, as I as I've told you a few episodes ago, it changed me.

And as you know, life has a habit of kicking you in the face, if not somewhere else, and you don't have to deal with this stuff. Right. And the podcast brings people who are able to overcome adversity and they tell you how they did it, what they learned from it. And the takeaway is that you can take from that and use it in your life.

Right. So it's not specific to business or anything. It will help you in everything you do, which is pretty, pretty cool. I really like this thing because one of the key abilities or attributes that you need in life is how to become resilient and overcome adversity.

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