FBC – 128 – What’s More Important Than “Who You Know”?

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We have all heard the saying “what matters is who you know and not how much you make”. As great as this saying is, I think that it's incomplete and I will explain why in this episode.

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So today I wanted to talk to you about something quite important. It's something you may have heard a lot. Something that says “your network is your worth”. All right. So you might have heard the saying.

Right. So, your network is the kind of people you spend your or your time with. So the five people you spend the more the most time with are going to greatly influence your life. So if you haven't done so, try to, hang around people who elevate you. OK. So, again, doesn't have to be in person. You can actually do it on Internet or something via trainings and stuff.

But, you know, proximity is power. Right. So try to get in touch with people who elevate you. So it doesn't have to be elevating you like they're going to make you more money or something. No, it's just people who elevate you as a person. So it could be that, your aim is not to start this big business or something. It could be something else.

You know, you want to become more spiritual, you want to become a better athlete or you want to become a better musician or something. Well, you need to hang around people who will, you know, elevate you and, help you get there. Ideally you want to hang around with people who are one step ahead of you or people who are where you want to be.

So moving from that, the best skill on the planet is not to know everything, OK? You can't possibly know html and PHP and sales and marketing and being a janitor and how to care. Nobody can know everything, OK? So the best skill is not to know everything, but it's to know who to ask. Okay. And this is something that I've always advertised and advocated because I mean, for me, that's the very, very best skill. Okay.

And I remember when I started my career, I didn't know anything about Linked-In, this stuff, you know. But my boss, the boss at the time, he was a politician. Everything he did was calculated. Everybody he talked to, every email he sent. It was calculated like a presidential campaign.

So when I came to work for this company, I learned some stuff from him. I mean, I learned what I don't want to do. He taught me some of the ropes of politics and stuff within the company. Right. Because in everything there is always something to learn. And he told me one very important thing.

If there are people that you don’t like or have done some stuff that offended you or something, if you help people like them when they are in need and stuff, if you provide some guidance and regularly you are in contact with the person, then it's going to serve you because how you know them is that you provided value to them.

Okay. So this brings me to my story.

I am building a funnel and I'm recording some videos and stuff. Oh, man. It's a lot of work. I think I've already complained about this. You don't want to hear me complain again. I know my way round funnels a little bit, but it's not my specialty now. I don't do that for a living.

So in this case, I will go to someone I know who is a very, very good funnel builder. It turns out that I know someone who's awesome at building funnels. His name is Chris Benetti.

What's More Important Than “Who You Know”?

And the reason why I’m telling you about him is that one day he decided that, “ah, you know what, I need to do something with my life and work, but I need to pick something”. And he didn't know anything about funnels. So that's a very good example as well of how you can make it if you put in the efforts.

And within six months, he was invited to the “Click Funnels” offices. He was handpicked by Russell Branson himself, the CEO of Click Funnels as the best funnel designer in the southern hemisphere!! So I went to him and asked him for a few pointers and stuff because it's you know, it's a guy I know. We do have a good relationship. So it's how we know who we know.

And he was he was kind enough to help me and to give me some, guidance and stuff. And this for me is very important. To have people like this in your network and good people as well, because here's the thing. So now he started focusing on building funnels for a lot of big names in the industry. It is absolutely awesome and is getting some traction.

He told me “We have been putting some awesome numbers in for the last couple of months and it's steady”. And what did he do? He made sure to reward to give a bonus to his assistant who helped him get there.

And this is absolutely awesome. This shows it's not about the money. He’s just a good person. The people who help you are how you get there. You need to reward them and stuff as well, because they're a big part of your success and you want to reward them for what they're doing. So my buddy Chris, he started his own company and it’s called the “Funnel Division”.

I'm going to put the link here in the in the podcast.

So just to say, he didn't have any obligation to help me. But it's just the relationship we have. You know, I know someone who builds funnels. And the way I know him is because we have this good relationship where we help each other. So next time he needs something, of course, I'm going to help the guy. Of course, you know, and regardless if he helped me before or not, I'm going to help him.

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