FBC – 139 – How To Kick Your Competitors’ @$$ And Be The Bigger Man

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How To Kick Your Competitors' @$$ And Be The Bigger Man.

The sound is back guys and you will never know what happened…
Today we are going to explore 2 ways of getting rid of your competition without resorting to low blows and without hurting your reputation.

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So I was talking yesterday, about my buddy who sells cars and who's the best salesman in the active region because he doesn't actually sell the cars. And I wanted to add something to this.

So there are various situations where you will come into the market where someone is already established. You'll remember I told you that you need to you know, you can't go straight for like world domination. You have to go by step and sometimes you get in the market.

There is this one guy. There's Bob. Let's say I get into the market and Bob is there. Bob has the whole market. And I want a chunk of his market because I'm like, well, this guy needs to stop being greedy. Right. And what people will usually resort to is good old slandering or criticizing the product without offering any alternative or anything.

You know, I'm always amazed at the different regulations in different countries. And I'm always amazed at the US. In the US, it's all-out war. I don't think anything is forbidden in there. Like the war between Coke and Pepsi, for example. Jesus Christ, it was low blow after low blow. Right.

In France, for example, you can't do that stuff. The comparative advertising is so regulated that it doesn't even make sense for you to try. You can't say anything about anybody.

So now today I'm going to give you two things. Two awesome techniques that you can use to position your product against the competitors. And actually without even saying anything bad or whatever. So, yeah, it's going to be very counter intuitive. You are going to get a lot of people on your side without actually looking like a complete douchebag for criticizing other people and stuff.

So we're going to talk about anchors. Right. It's called an anchor. What you want to do is to anchor your product in the customer's mind. So remember, I told you yesterday that my buddy sells a lot of cars just because he doesn't actually sell the car, but he's selling a solution to a problem or an experience or is selling a social status or something. So that's what you need to do and we've already established this.

So I am going to give you an example of an angle that you can use. So I'll call it the weakness anchor.

So let's say gloves. OK. So let's say I have a mom selling these gloves. Right. And again, on the market Bob is already there. Bob's been there with these gloves for like 20 years, and, you know, most people will be like, dude, Bob is already there.

There is no way you can dethrone Bob. Right. He's been there for too long. And if someone's been there forever, he's not going to go away. But, you know, history shows that it doesn't matter.

So what are you going to do with gloves? So here is the thing. So you're going to use, first of all, the weakness anchor. OK. And the best the best way to do this is in the form of a story. A story that people can actually relate to. And you'll see how that works. So it will go something like this.

It will be like, well, you know what it was winter and I had my Bob Smith gloves on. And my stock options broker called me saying that. My bitcoins was heading for the moon. I could see that the price was surging and stuff. And I wanted to buy those bitcoins and stuff, you know.

And while I was ready to do it and I picked up my phone, but Bob Smith's gloves are too thick. And I couldn't use the touch screen on my phone. Right. So basically lost a lot of time trying to play with the phone because it was like minus 20 outside. And the last thing you want to do is not you have your gloves on.

And basically, I was too late and I couldn't buy the bitcoin and then it crashed and then I lost all this money or something. Okay. So this is just like some random example. I said something about bitcoins, but it could be anything for the purpose of this exercise.

And how many people have a phone on this planet in this day and age? Right. Twenty years ago. That's why I told you that. Well, even if they had been here 20 years ago, you know, it wouldn't matter. Twenty years ago, people didn't have phones. Right. You didn't have like touch phones and stuff. So you didn't have to remove your gloves every five minutes like we do today.

But today everybody has a smartphone. So you always have your phone in your hand. So today it is critical for you to be able to have some gloves that allow you to use your phone, because the last thing you want to do is to remove your gloves and freeze to death. So you have one hand that's warm and the other one will freeze to death. And it sucks.

So this is how you're pointing out a weakness on a product. So you see that in this example, I didn't say flat out Bob Smith's gloves suck and stuff. I made up a story that some people can relate to. So what you just did there is that you anchored your product in their minds because it is established that your product solves a big problem that they have as well.

So these people are going to come and buy your product, even if you didn’t even says come here and buy my product and stuff. People will be like, you know what? I am buying that. Right. OK, so this is the first.

How To Kick Your Competitors' @$$ And Be The Bigger Man

So what we want now is the second thing which is counter intuitive. The strength anchor. All right. So the principle is that you're going to praise your competitors’ product. But wait a minute. It doesn't make sense. But hear me out and you'll see that it makes a lot of sense. And plus, you're the bigger man in this story.

So in this example, I'll be like, well, you know what? It was really cold. I had my Bob Smith gloves on. And these gloves are awesome, my friend. Man. Jesus Christ, you're so warm. I can even feel that it's minus 40 outside. And, you know, since I've had them, it changed my life. I'm so happy with this. So you make up the story there.

So right now, you're basically praising Bob Smith's gloves. Right. So you can be like. Well, you know what? I was in the driveway. I was removing the snow from my driveway. And these gloves are absolutely awesome for this, but then my phone rang, and I tried to pick it up and stuff. I couldn't use the touch phone.

So let's say was a recruiter who called me for an interview or something. Just make up some story about one a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So you’re like. Well, these gloves are awesome. But the thing is when I wanted to answer this one call, that could have changed everything for me. Well, they didn't deliver. Right. So basically what happened for me is that I didn't want that to happen again. And I started looking for a solution.

And I came up with these like small pads or something that I put on my fingertips just as an experiment. And I tried using my phone and I saw that it was way better. Right.

So at that point, what I did is I worked a little bit on it. And I combined Bob Smith's gloves. Super comfy and super-hot and everything with those pads or fingertip things. So this is the best of both worlds. And so Product A is Bob Smith, product B is whatever you came up with on your fingertips.

And the combination of these two created product C and product C is whatever the name of your product is and you're like, well, these gloves are absolutely awesome.

As I said, you're the bigger man. You were praising your competitors’ products. Right. And one thing that we'll do is that instead of creating an enemy, you're a competitor.

You know, Bob could have been like, oh, man, you're slandering me. I hate you and all that stuff. Bob can actually call you and say, well, you know what? I heard you. You've been saying nice things about the product. And, you know, I don't know, maybe you can collaborate on something.

So this is what you can do when positioning yourself on the market. You can use either the weakness anchor or like even better, the strength anchor where you actually you sound like the better man. And you're going to make friends instead of making enemies.

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