FBC – 141 – You will never guess who your biggest fans are…make them happy…

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Today we are going to uncover how to find your biggest fans and this will certainly blow your mind. Most people go at it horribly wrong and end up losing their most loyal fans. This stops today.

So I told you that you don't actually need to sell to everybody. Okay? You need to figure out who your fans are and you need to focus on these people. So if you tried to sell stuff to everybody, you're just going to dilute your message. Who are your biggest fans and where should you focus your attention?

So there are different ways that people use to find or read the most raving fans. And, you know, people will look at all of the metrics. You know, you look at some reports saying, give me the people who keep opening my emails. They open my emails all the time and they always click on my stuff.

These are my biggest fans. Okay. So that's one way of finding those fans. And this is the first thing people will think about is, you know, let me look at the clicks and opens and stuff.

Another way is. Well, let me look at who's buying my stuff, you know, or who's watching my videos. And if you can see that stuff, maybe you can see the analytics and YouTube and everything. But if you have some analytics allowing you to see who's watching your videos or who's liking on your Facebook page, you can identify that let’s say, this guy is commenting all the time on your Facebook page and everything.

And so you're like, well, you know what? This is one of my raving fans. I need to take care of them. You need to take care of these fans. You need to identify your biggest fans. And then you need to take care of them. Okay. And yeah, one other thing will be, well, who's buying my stuff all the time?

So you do a lot of reports that you can pull out to identify them and this is what most people do. But here's the thing and here's where I come in. I'm like, these people are wrong. They're dead wrong. Okay. So this is not how you find your biggest fans

Your biggest fans are the people working in your company. OK. They are giving, you know. You know, their whole week and their whole year, they're working for you to give you all their energy and their attention. They're trying to grow your business. These are your biggest fans.

And the problem is that everybody forgets about the people inside the company. Your focus is on getting external clients. So your internal clients are your staff. Why? They're your clients. How much money do you actually spend? Much money, time and energy. Do you spend in making their life easier and giving them the proper tools to be able to do their job? All right.

Just be honest about it and you'll see that you're spending ninety nine percent of your attention and half your money on client based stuff. And you're actually going wrong at it because you know that client may read your emails and stuff, but you have someone who wakes up every day at 6 a.m. to come to your office and work their ass for you. And they do overtime and all that stuff.

They help you build your business. These are your biggest clients. And these are the people you need to take care of first before you take care of your external clients. All right. The external clients need to come second. So I really want you guys to understand this. Just imagine someone is devoting their like their entire life. When you work, it's pretty much like your life and stuff you’re devoting, not to you.

You will never guess who your biggest fans are…make them happy…

So the external client is important, but they should come second. Then the level of happiness in the team can increase considerably. People are happy to come to work and they are happy to engage with the client. And they are way friendlier with the clients because they are just happy in the environment. Right.

If you're in an environment where you're there like eight hours a day and eight hours a day, you're like, dude, this job sucks. I hate being here. Trust me, when you talk to a client, you're not going to be like a super friendly bunch. But if you're in an environment where you're happy to come to work, you're like stress free. And you feel like your voice is heard and you're well taken care of. Then you're going to be very friendly with the clients.

This has always been my mission to make sure that before anybody, my team, my internal clients are happy. OK. And then in turn, they are going to make my client happy as well. OK. So and one thing I told my team was, dude, if there is a client who's starts like arguing with you and start being obnoxious and unprofessional and stuff, you don't have to deal with this thing. You have my blessing to end the conversation, because this is one thing that I really don't like.

So if you're looking for your most devoted fans, look inside your company. These are the people you need to take care about. All right. These people are going to take care of your clients. OK. This is very, very important stuff. Looking at stats and numbers and stuff, you are dealing with people, all right. Deal with the people in your company. They spend all day every day trying to improve your business. Okay.

So that's pretty much it. If you do this, trust me, your clients are going to be way, way better treated. And it will definitely serve your business. Right. And, you know, everybody wins. Your internal clients will win. Your external clients would win as well.

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