FBC – 142 – Want less stress, more time & more fun? Then do this

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Want less stress, more time & more fun? Then do this….

Today we are going to explore what you can do to make your life 10x easier with a few minor changes. This is easily achievable, but for some reason we never take the time to even look at it and end up being miserable.

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I wanted to start this podcast with a quote. The quote is from Bill Gates. Okay. And he said I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will find an easy way to do it. Okay. And this is one of my favourite quotes, right. Because this is very, very true. And this is something that we all forget. I'm going to get the point afterwards.

But here's the thing. You know, when you go to interviews and stuff and people ask “can you give me your three best qualities and your weaknesses and your strengths?

So I was in an interview with the CEO of one of the companies I worked for. And so he was asking me, oh, yeah, well, tell me a little bit about you and stuff. And I was like, dude, I am the laziest guy on the planet. And so the guy froze. It was during an interview. How can you say you're lazy?

And I told him, I am not lazy in general. I'm just lazy for recurring, annoying operational tasks. I don't want to do it every day. So if this bugs me, I will find a way to automate that stuff. Okay. So I will put in the effort to automate it.

And this is what Bill Gates was referring to. He said people who are lazy will find a way to automate that stuff. Right. Because here's the thing. Right now, I'm pretty sure that there are some tasks that you're doing every single day that maybe could be simplified or automated. So maybe some stuff can't be automated, right? There's some stuff that can, because you're not looking at it from the right angle.

Every task has a beginning, middle and an end. And you can break it down. Right. So it could be that you could automate the beginning and then software spits out a file that you need at the end. Right. So you don't need to do that part. Or you can automate the end. Right. You can put some data. And then the data is processed so you just need to break it down, you know?

And this is something that we never do, right. Because we're too worried about operational stuff every day. You're like, do I need to do this right? And you do it and you never take the time to, like, sit down and think about, OK, here is what we have to do. We have, I don't know, like ten steps in this process. How can we shrink that to five steps? Right.

This is something you need to devote some time to, strategizing instead of just doing operational stuff. This is how you actually grow your business. If you don't strategize ever, then your business is going to stagnate. More of what you're doing now is not the answer. You need something different and something more efficient. Right. So you actually need to do less of that operational stuff and more of the thinking. Right.

But for example, you know, in my job, I was monitoring my client’s campaigns and I was always running the exact same reports every morning. So every morning I had to run the reports of all the campaigns that were sent in the last 24 hours and with the status finished and on like a particular server.

All right. So every morning, that's what I had to do. And I had to do this on two or three different platforms. Right. So there was one on the email platform. There was one on the external platform. So we had this inbox monitoring platform to see if the emails actually got in. And there was another one, which was some other server that I had to monitor. It was a pain. So what did I do?

Want less stress, more time & more fun? Then do this

I'm not a developer, but there is a task like one of these stocks, for example, you have to run the same exact report every day. Here's what you do. You can type on the word “Macro” on google and you will type macro for Firefox or Micro for Chrome or Safari or whatever. And this thing is absolutely awesome. This is what it does.

You just press record and the tool basically follows your mouse. So basically you're going to do that task for the last time. All right. So you come in the morning, you press record. You open the link. OK. So whatever platform it is, you enter your details. You click on the right tab in there.

You input the research for yesterday’s campaigns, then run the report and then afterwards, I don't know, maybe you need to export the report, which was the case for me. But for me, I had to export that and then put it in the folder and then work on it. Right. So then you export the folder, you export the file and you always put it in the same folder. Right.

And then once you've done not, you just press top. And what happens is that you have a recording of that particular step that you need to do every day. And the only thing you have to do so that you create a shortcut of this macro that you put on your browser. Right. So when you come in the morning, what you do is that you just press on that shortcut.

And what happens is that the system is going to do all that stuff for you. Right. So basically, you know, when I said that you cannot automate everything. So I could not automate what happened, you know, after I got the file, because I had to study the file myself. But at the beginning I could automate it.

So I just press a button. I go and get a coffee or something. I don't drink coffee, but I go in and get a tea and I come back and all the files are in my folder. See how easy it is. It is easy because I took the time to figure out, dude, how can I improve my life? Right. Instead of improving other people's life. And you know, your time is precious, man. Your time is precious. It's less stress for you, makes your life easier and gives you more time to focus on other stuff.

So think about things like this.

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