FBC – 143 – The power of letting go

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Today we are going to explore the power of letting go of things. It is established that we need to push through and go the extra mile for the things that matter to us. Similarly, it is also true that we need to learn how to distinguish when to call it quits and when to push through.

All this and more is covered in this episode.

So, to succeed in business, you need to learn how to push. True. So we've already established this. So, you know, even if it sucks, even if it's hard and there is no guarantee for success, you need to push through. Because there is a good reason for you to do it. OK.

So, you know, there are different ways of going at it. We've already discussed that in in a bunch of podcasts and everything. But the opposite is true as well. Sometimes you need to know when to call it quits. Right. And this is something that, you know, some people can't do.

I mean, I'm saying some people that happened to me as well. Right. So maybe, you know, now I've become a little bit too like radical. I will call it quits, like, bam. Right. OK. If you're getting on my nerves or whatever, that's it. I call it quits. And some people like, oh, man, you should pursue that a little bit more or whatever. But this is something I've seen so many people do, not just in business and stuff, but even in relationships. For whatever reason, you stick. OK.

Because the argument sometimes is, Oh, you know what? I've already spent so much time doing this. I can't quit now. That's not a reason. You know, if you've spent three years doing the wrong thing, it doesn't matter, right. You're doing the wrong thing. You need to stop. Right.

The power of letting go

And it's hard for people to stop something when they've spent a lot of time doing it because they will think it's a failure. Right. Oh, I've wasted three years of my life doing this and doing that. And they keep going at it and they're miserable.

It's hard because your self-esteem is going to be affected like I'm a failure. I do have an example of, you know, someone who, I mean, he needs to call it quits. Right. So is working in the field where for the last 10 years and he's always been fired from there. At the end of the probation period, they keep telling him, you know what, it's not going to work.

And stuff keeps changing and he always does the same thing, same job. I'm like, dude, at some point you have to realize something. If it happens every single time, it's because you're in the wrong business. I don't care if you've been in there for 15 years and you feel like, oh, man, you know that I've wasted 15 years. Yeah, maybe. But it's your fault. You should have realized after three or four times when people told you.

And this is something you have to learn. If you hold on to something that's destined for failure, it's going to make you miserable. There is no middle ground. And so, you know, just call it quits, OK? It's not a failure. Right. Analyse the situation and realize that there is no future for whatever path you are on and that it's best for you to move to something else.

A lot of people are too worried about what their family is going to think. Oh, man, what if I changed now? What is my family going to think? Who cares? Who the hell cares? You know, just find something that's good for you. I have a lot of respect because I don't know if I could do that. And some people actually go back to school. They go back to school to learn something else and do something else. Right.

Do they consider the fact that they gave up or something of, quote unquote, gave up on whatever they were doing as a failure? No. Well, they basically found one way that doesn't correspond to them, you know. So you're exploring, right? You try something. It just doesn't work. Just do something else. And I have mad respect for people who can do this. Me, if I had to go back to school now. Jesus Christ. I don't know if I could do that.

So that's one of the things you need to know. You need to learn how to push through. This is true for something that you really believe in and something you really want. Maybe your life isn't fair, life will kick you in the face. Right. So this is established. So that means you have to push through. Right.

But sometimes, trust me, you've pushed hard enough and it's time for you to let go. So don't regret it. Like three years later, like, man, you know what? And then you start telling everybody about it for the next 15 years or until you die. You know, just let go. If you let go of something, just let it go. But trust me, when you let go of things, it's absolutely insane the way it changes your mood.

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