FBC – 145 – How To Get The Best Results With The Minimum Amount Of Efforts

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How To Get The Best Results With The Minimum Amount Of Efforts.

Today, we are going to discuss the very simple yet effective way to channel your efforts & get the best possible results. Most people get it wrong most of the time and end up sacrificing their energy and sanity in unproductive.

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I promised someone that I would do something tomorrow. And that event involves a kid as well. And I completely forgot about it. So this is what I'm going to tell you about.  What I need to do tomorrow, how I'm going to go about it, and the lesson behind it.

So before, I was playing basketball by myself and this kid was there too. And the kid really impressed me because without guidance or without anybody telling him to do something, you know, like drills and stuff, the kid started doing it.

The kid's like 8 or something. You know, so he put some cones and he started practicing his dribbles and all that stuff for like a good hour and a half hour.

You know, it's funny how you can be inspired by an 8 year old kid. I don't think he realized what he was doing. I was very, very impressed. So his Dad was there and asked “Is there a chance you can you know, if you have time, if you could train my kid because I've seen you like play basketball and stuff, you have a really good shot and everything. And I think the kid could learn from you.”

And I was like, yes.

So anyway, long story short, you know, what am I going to do with kid tomorrow? So this is the thing and afterwards, there'll be a lesson from there, because right now it’s all about basketball. So for some reason, when you're practicing sports, most people will practice the moves that you use once a year. You know, like there is no situation in which you're going to use this move.

So you waste all your energy practicing this. And the difference between pros and amateurs. Is that pros will work on the fundamentals, but they will look at the most common situations that will come their way. OK. So what do I mean by this? So tomorrow what I'm going to do with the kid is that I'm going to have him work on the three situations that will basically cover 80 percent of what happens on the basketball court.

How To Get The Best Results With The Minimum Amount Of Efforts

If you master these three moves, then you're good, right? You are good. You will be able to be able to face 80 percent of the situations. And then afterwards, once you're good enough and you master these three moves, and then afterwards you can play around and do other stuff for those like 20 percent where you have to improvise instead of doing the opposite. OK. So that's the thing.

So you in your in your life, in your business or whatever. Every single day, there are some situations that you're going to face. But for whatever reason, you're focused on something that might happen once in a lifetime.

You know, so I see these people trying this like impossible shot from behind the board or something. I'm like, dude, when do you shoot from there? And, you know, it's never going to happen. Right. But this move here, you are going to use it 80 percent of the time. So you should focus on this. And this is what I'm going to teach this kid.

So the lesson here is that you need to do the same thing in your business. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things that you're preparing for. And you are spending hours doing that stuff. And these things are actually never going to happen. Never. Right.

And the things that, you know, you should be working on, you’re not OK. It’s the 80/20 rule, which says basically that, you know, 80 percent of your revenue will come from 20 percent of your efforts and 80 percent of your problems will come from 20 percent of your clients.

So identify what, in your business is generating the income and stuff and then afterwards you will focus on this. This is where you put your efforts. It doesn't mean that you completely disregard the other ones because you can choose to still spend some time on it and try to get those 20 percent extra. Right.

But it depends on what your objective is. Me personally, if you ask me, I will focus on those 20 percent that give me 80 percent of the results. You need to choose what’s good for you and what's not good for you. OK.

A lot of people don't take the time to go and look at results. Well, it's one of my problems. Very often, because, you know, I'm a creator and creators are not good at follow ups and stuff. You know, I create something when it's live. I'm like, oh, man, I need to create something else, pain.

And then I moved to something else because my new baby, I'm telling everybody about it. Oh, man. I'm in love with my new project stuff, you know? So it's bad. It is bad. So that's why sometimes you need someone who's not like you.

OK, so you have the data and you need to stick to it and you need to set aside some time to look at the results. OK. Because honestly, just imagine, you know, instead of focusing on like 10 different tasks, you need to focus on two. That's five times less time to spend on it. And if you have to focus on two tasks instead of 10, it’s easier for you to think about how you can actually automate these two tasks.

These are only two tasks you have to worry about and not 10. Right. So, you know, it's really, really important that you do this.

I'm going to try and explain this concept to an 8 year old kid tomorrow and I will see how that works. I will try to find the words to explain that to him.

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