FBC – 150 – What Do You Think The 3 Best Teachers In Life Are?

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What would you say, your 3 best teachers in life are? Interesting question right? Here is my list and at least one of them will surprise you…

So today I wanted to tell you about three of the best teachers in life.

So the first one I want to touch base on is success. When you succeed, everybody's happy and all that stuff. But that's the main problem. When you succeed in something, everybody's happy and nobody is actually looking at the numbers and the reason behind the actual success. If you succeed in something, it’s because you are the best, because you are good. It's good for your morale. It keeps you engaged and motivated and stuff.

Very often when you succeed, you just basically think that, you know what? It's me. And if something fails, then you will blame it on something else. Okay. Yeah. This is usually what people do. I do the same thing as well. But more often than not the success that you have is usually attributed to a system. Okay. To a system, a process, a blueprint or something you put in place. OK.

It's not just you. You're just one of the components. Just attributing that success to yourself only and not looking at the rest is a big mistake. And to be honest, when we succeed in something, we hardly ever take the time to dissect it and be like, oh, okay. You know, why did it work? All right. So what worked?

There is something in there that worked. And then you have to figure out, oh, okay. So this work. But why did it work? So once you have that, then you have more chances of being able to reproduce that afterwards. And to create more success.

So the second one is failure. Failure is one of the best learning experiences you'll have. We have a bad image of failure. But failure is purely and simply a process of elimination. I spent a lot of time working in support environments. And I was in this absolutely awesome company. I learned a lot from them.

But, you know, I have this like support and like troubleshooting mentality and reflexes with failures. It’s just troubleshooting. Right. So basically, you want you want to go from point A to point B. Right. So you get there and there are like 20 different roads. There are leading somewhere. I have no idea. And any one of them could lead to point B. So basically what you're doing is that you're going to try to first one. First one is not going to work.

So that's what people call failure. Oh, man, you failed. No, now I know that 19 of them are the potential, you know, the potential right road. I know definitely that this one isn't. OK. So you're not taking a step back. You're actually making a step forward. You've just limited something that doesn't work. OK.

And yeah, in failures that you learn. Nobody likes to, like, fail. You know, like it sucks, you know, because, you put in some time and stuff and sometimes it doesn't live up to your expectations. But still in there, you can always learn something. You learn, oh, you know what?

Well, this thing doesn't seem to work from this angle, because sometimes it’s just the angle that you’re approaching that from. So you just have to go and try again. But one thing you have to understand is that you are making progress. You're not going backwards. You just eliminated one option.

That’s how you grow. These are experiences that help you forget your character and actually you'll get to something that will be perfect for you. So in order to understand what you know, what works for you, what's good for you and what you like and stuff, well, you need to go through the bad stuff as well. Right. How would you know if you like it, if you don't figure out what you don't like?

What Do You Think The 3 Best Teachers In Life Are?

The third best teacher is empty pockets. Empty pockets is a fantastic teacher.

You don't necessarily want to hang out with this teacher. Gee, when you're broke. Oh, man. So I mean, when you're broke, this is when you start getting creative. When things are not going your way.

You know, we have a tendency to moan and complain and blame and stuff and be like, nah, man, there is no solution, and we’re doomed. When you have empty pockets, man, there is no time for that stuff. There is really no time for that. So this is when you become a genius when you're broke. Right.

I mean, all the tricks and the clever things that people can come up with, you know, to have things cheaper. Have something done. You know, for example, you can have stuff done without paying anything, but you're exchanging services. All right. So you don't think about doing that stuff, for example, when you do have money? No, when you have money, again, is the money and stuff.

But when you're broke, man, Jesus Christ, this is when you know how resourceful, you know, that's how resourceful you are. That's when you’re broke and when your back is against the wall. Dude, I mean, this is when, you start going out swinging and stuff, you know? Yeah.

Because, we all have a tendency and it's normal. As I said, when you have success, then you have a tendency to go and celebrate. You'll rest on your laurels a little bit and stuff and you start getting complacent. Right. But when you're broke, you have to do something. And this is where I mean, some of the best ideas and businesses came to life. You know, when people were broke.

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