FBC – 151 – There are (AT LEAST) 3 people inside your head…Who are they?

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There are (AT LEAST) 3 people inside your head…Who are they?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all a bit coocoo man. Let's face it, we are NOT alone in our head. Today, I want to talk to you about 3 different sides of your personality that you probably didn't know were there. We are going to discuss, where they come from, how to identify them and how to change them.

So I think we already discussed that you actually have different masks, right? Different depending on the situation. And some people have fewer masks than others.

There are three people co-existing inside of you and you need to know the difference, because one of them is very important and you need to find that person.

So the first person is the reflection of what other people think or say about you. Your your family, your friends, your society and all that stuff.  So the people you're closest to have a very, very big impact on how you act. And how you view yourself as well. OK. So if you're in an environment where you know, people praise you and stuff, this is going to boost your confidence, OK?

It is going to change the way you view yourself. And the same thing is if you have people calling you like stupid and an idiot and all that stuff, then you might actually think that you're an idiot. Right. Which happens a lot. And this is very sadI see a lot of people who have zero confidence in themselves, not because they don't have any confidence.

Like naturally, it's just because of the perception that other people have of them. So it's the person that you think you are because of other people. And if you let other people influence, you know what you think about yourself, it can be very destructive. So you need to acknowledge this fact as well.

Right. So the second person inside your head is the person you think you are, and not necessarily because of other people. So I don't know, when I was a bit younger, I don't know maybe that, you know, everybody wants to be a little bit gangster like, oh, man, I'm trouble, I'm gangster and stuff, because you'd think that being a gangster is cool or something, you know?

So at some point you might actually trick yourself into believing that you are someone else, or something else. You know, it happens very often, especially when you're like a teenager or something. You will convince yourself that you are a certain way because you want to fit in a certain group.

I've seen a lot of teenagers who end up in, you know shitty situations. Right. They start acting funny and doing crazy stuff that  not them. They just think they are like Duff or something until maybe one day your reality will hit you in the face and at that point you’ll why did I do that?

But there was stuff. But I am not that buff. You know, and on the on the other end of the spectrum, there is a a like a side of you that thinks that you were weaker than you actually are because there is the there's the opposite.

Like, dude, I'm gangster. I'm this. I'm not. But there is the other. The opposite is you don't know how resilient you are. You know how much inner strength you actually have. You know, you just think that you're not cut for this. I had no idea. Like, to be honest, I had absolutely no idea that I was as resilient, as dedicated.

I honestly thought I didn't have it in me, you know, until one day I figured out, you know what? I actually have it in me. A lot of people think they're not resilient, man. You know what? You're very brave. You're courageous. You are.

There are (AT LEAST) 3 people inside your head…Who are they?

And the third person, you know, that person's the hardest person to find is who you actually are. Because there is this image that people project on you like that makes you think that you are some way because of their comments. You know, the positive and negative comments on stuff. Then you have this image of yourself. You think you are some way.

But if you go on a journey and your own exploration to figure out who you actually are, then, dude, you're going to be the happiest person on this planet. You have to do that stuff, but you just have to take a little bit of time to go and explore and take the time to heal, to figure out who you are.

And the best. I mean, I think the best way for you to do that stuff is also to leave. Leave where you live right now, because you mimic a lot of the things that you see around you.

Everybody's doing the same thing where you are right now. And if you do something different, then it's not necessarily accepted by society. Right. So you realize that you know what? I should actually try to do what pretty much what every everybody else is doing, because people know you and you fear the way they're gonna look at you, what they're gonna think and all that stuff.

Right. When you don't have this problem, when you're traveling, when you're traveling, you get to locations where people don't know you. They don't know you. So you can actually be yourself and you can actually reinvent yourself. And when I say reinvent yourself, it is instead of like trying to be like someone else, someone completely different.

No. You can just, remove those barriers that you had before because of the fear of like embarrassment and being different from other people and stuff.

You're already different. You know, you're only on the on the other side of the planet. You're very different. What's the difference? You hear me? So you start being yourself and at some point you will find who you are. And trust me, there is nothing that will make you happier than this.

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