FBC – 165 – How To Easily Find The Motivation To Do Anything?

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How To Easily Find The Motivation To Do Anything?

Today we are going to discuss a simple trick that you can use to get any task done. This simple exercise allows you to eliminate any resistance and to get things done.

Plus some really cool stuff like: How to read 365 books in a year (easily).
All that and more in this episode.

Today's podcast is about a habit that the US Army will teach Marines. They teach you some pretty cool stuff, actually. You know, in the in the army and stuff. I've never been there, but I've talked to people. So there are things that they teach people there. You know, like respect.

Nice stuff. Right. But there is one thing that apparently these soldiers do when things get really, really tough is that they will start asking each other questions. And the way they ask the question, it's actually important. Right. So I actually read that actual question is more irrelevant than the way the question is asked.

OK, so basically when they've been walking for like 40 miles and lifting some more like heavy packaging and they haven't slept in like two days or something. While some people are on the brink of, like, falling or like collapsing and stuff, they start asking each other question just to keep the motivation going.

They will ask you why you're doing whatever you're doing right now. OK. Because here is the thing. When you're doing a task, you are thinking about the immediate impact of this task. So let's say you have to send an e-mail or you have to update your social media profile and stuff. So you're basically just thinking about this. This is the specific task that I have to do. And this is what most of us do. OK.

How To Easily Find The Motivation To Do Anything?

But here's the thing. The reason why they ask you why you're doing this is because they want you to tie this very like even mundane or even the very small task to something bigger, something that's meaningful for you. OK. So that you realize that this task is just like a stepping stone to a bigger cause that you want to accomplish or something you really want to do. A dream of yours. And this gives you the energy to actually push through.

So, you know, why are you answering this email from Bob? Right. And well, it could be that. Well, you know what? This e-mail is very important because if I answer this e-mail, I may be able to get a partnership with Bob. And this will help me in my project to raise funds for the orphanage. All right. And that will be able to save some kids and help them get a brighter future, something like this.

So every single thing that you do, you need to actually correlate with a bigger objective of yours. Because right now we see all these different tasks as independent. Right. I'm answering e-mails. And, man, I'm entering the Skype thing. Then I update my Facebook. And I have to do this. I have to do that. Right. But if you want to find the motivation and stuff, you always need to correlate with your “why”.

And it's, you know, it's an exercise you can actually do yourself.

And you know what? Why was I doing this right? I started asking myself, why are you doing this? Well, if I do this task, it means that I won't have to do it again in the future. OK. So that was one good reason. But that's not the only reason. Not having to do a specific task again now is because this task turns into something bigger, something meaningful for me that allows me to actually shape the life that I want.

And there is something valuable for you behind that. Then you will find the resources and the strength to do it.

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