FBC – 173 – I Found My New Hero & Inspiration

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I Found My New Hero & Inspiration.

Today I want to talk to you about the person that inspired me the most lately and possibly in my entire life. This weekend was life-changing and eye-opening for me.
Here are the details about what I learned and what I thought I knew (but actually didn't know).

My weekend was absolutely awesome. It was really good. A lot of life changing experiences for me. It was really cool, very intense, actually.

So, you know, I was on the Sumba Island yesterday, so I went with Claire, Richard and my good friend Hussain, who is well-connected and is doing a lot of good on this island. And we got to visit this school.

And it was an amazing experience because we had a welcome party when we got there. And it was like traditional dances from the island. I mean, there were hundreds of kids waiting for us and stuff and clapping along and everything. And we didn't expect it.  It was really moving.

And then we got the testimonial of two little girls who well, basically started talking about who they were, what their parents did and their everyday life and their dreams. And there was this little girl and she particularly moved me. This little girl, she was just amazing. Her name is Adriano.

And she said we can call her Adri. She was 13. And she basically took the time and she had the courage to come and talk to us in English. Right. And yeah, she told us about herself.

And the amazing thing about this little girl is that she had a big smile on her face. She had the most wonderful smile. You could see you could see an aura around her. And, you know, she's just a happy kid. And she was telling us all, “My parents are farmers, we have a very simple life.

And I have to walk five kilometres every day just to go to school because I want to learn”. But she wasn't complaining about it. You know, these were just like circumstances. She really wants to learn. And she had a big smile on her face when she was saying that.

And I told them, you know what, I really admire you kids. You know, you might not realize it, but I wouldn't be able to do what you do. I wouldn't be able to walk that much to go to school. I mean, even the bus is picking me up. I didn't want to go to school, let alone if I had to walk. Right.

And you guys, despite the obstacles and difficulties and everything, you're like walking miles and miles to go to school and you do it with a smile.

And this is when you realize that, you know what? You don't need much to be happy. Right. So, you know, for this episode, it's just It's just a realization. I've travelled a lot and stuff. So I've seen circumstances where people have less than what we have in Europe and all that stuff.

But, you know, going to the school over there and seeing everything they need, you know, because there is a need for education. There's need for a better shelter for the kids. And like water and a lot of different things. Right. But it was a lot. You know, they need a lot, you know. And despite that, these kids were happy.

I Found My New Hero & Inspiration

So yes, for today it's basically just realizing that sometimes you have a bad day, you have a bad day, and, you know, you hate everybody and you complain. The bus was late. I missed my underground. I got to work five minutes late and then a car came and splashed me.

There was a pothole put or something as a puddle. Yeah. Yeah. And you complain and everybody will hear about it for the next month. And we have all a lot. Right? We have a lot more than a lot of people on this planet. But still, we complain about every single little detail of our day. Right. Instead of what I can see from these kids is that they are looking at the bright side.

So the thing is, we really want to do something, you know, it doesn't have to be monetary and everything. So just know someone who can help, if we can give some ideas and then bring help to these kids.

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