FBC – 176 – Where would I put my money?

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Where would I put my money?

Today I had an interesting conversation about what I would choose between real estate and stocks (more importantly WHY)… well here is my answer.

I wanted to talk to you about investment and stuff. So, you know, there are different types of investments you can do. You can buy like bonds and stocks. And I was recently talking to someone was asking me, what do you think? And what's your preference between real estate and stocks?

It depends. Right. So what you want is to have a little bit of everything. Right. So you have a portfolio where you have stocks and bonds and real estate and cash. So you want gold? Gold, real estate, stocks and bonds. Right. Because if one goes down very often, there is one that will go up and you will go up more than the other one goes down.

So basically you're always safe and you're going to make a profit. Okay. Doesn't have to be the biggest profit on the planet, but at least you're not losing too much. Right. But if I had to invest in stocks or real estate, which was the question, which one would I go and invest in?

And my answer is, you know, as much as I like stocks and stuff, I will definitely go with real estate. The reason being that with real estate, you have a lot of control over what happens.

So it's not like, you know, it can go up and down like crazy. And overnight the stock can just go down because some idiot did something stupid and you can lose pretty much everything like overnight and stuff. Me, I'm not there the exponential growth and stuff.

So if you invest one, you'll make a thousand. Obviously, if I can have that, I'll take it. But I'm looking for something a little bit more secure where I know I'm not going to make, a thousand percent return on investment or something. But at least I'm not going to lose money. So I'm saying that for real estate. But trust me, my first real estate investment, I've actually lost money. So I learned from that.

So, I mean, stocks are good. And, you know, if you can, you should have some stocks in your portfolio. Right. You want a diversified portfolio. But the thing with real estate is that a friend of mine’s dad used to say, know you should invest in real estate because that's the only thing that we cannot create anymore. I mean, there is no more real estate.

It's not like we can create another like Earth or whatever. So, I mean, it's not being produced anymore. That's what he was saying. So whatever we have today of available land, that's what we'll have. Right. And that's on point. It's going to be scarce here and scarce there. And basically it means that the value of that is going to go up. Okay.

Where would I put my money?

And yeah, I mean, real estate is you know, you're not going to make a. Thousand percent return on investment like overnight or something, you will definitely, if you play your cards right, you can yield double, triple your investment and stuff over a few years and maybe do like a 10x or something over like a few years, like 10 years or whatever.

So it is harder because there are like advantages and disadvantages. Right. So the disadvantage of real estate is that, you know, if you ask me, it's a little bit safer than in stocks and stuff, but it's harder for you to get your money out, you know?

So you have to invest quite a lot of money. And then afterwards, once you want to get it out, it's not like you can you can do it very quickly, whereas with stocks, you can sell them and you have the money straight away.

But you know, still for me, I'm all about peace of mind and stuff. And I will definitely go for real estate. If you ask a trader and their job is trading and stuff. They will tell you. I mean, you should go with stocks because you can actually predict based on the news and blah, blah, blah.

Right. But you know, that's not me. I've tried doing that like one day with some cryptocurrencies, right. And one day I decided to do day trading. I almost had a heart attack! So I'm not cut out for that stuff, you know? I'd rather do the long game and invest in some land and capitalize on that.

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