FBC – 185 – What If You Were Super Rich For The Next 7 Days?

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What If You Were Super Rich For The Next 7 Days?

What if you become super rich overnight? The only thing is that, this money WILL run out after 7 days… What would you do with this kind of money?
In this episode, I will reveal what I would do in the case.

So another show that I watched on the plane was called “Rich House Poor House”.

So it's a show where some rich people will go and live at a house of like people who are like, you know, poorer. I mean, they're poorer compared to these rich people. That's how it's called. So I'm not like judging anybody. And then the poor people will go to these rich people’s house.

And so basically, they have to live just like the other ones live. Right. So if you're if you're rich and you had two thousand pounds of disposable income, for example, then they will have to learn how the other ones manage to survive with one hundred. Right. Which was the case in that one.

And if you had one hundred and all of a sudden you have three thousand then yeah it's a big change. So it’s pretty interesting, you know how you do the dynamic of this thing. It's obviously harder for the people who have the money and then all of a sudden they have to, you know, cut down on expenses and stuff and be very careful because before they didn't have to think too much about it, you know.

What If You Were Super Rich For The Next 7 Days?

So my point is more about the poor family that goes to the rich house family. Because, you know, all of a sudden they have all this money. So they're there for a week.

They have this big house. They have the car. They have the disposable income and stuff. And they eat well, they do. They start living large and they go out to restaurants, they go out on date nights, they go to have massages. They spend. They buy clothes. They buy shoes and stuff like that.

And my take is, you know, when I was looking at this, I was looking at it from the perspective I have today. OK. So today you're a version of yourself, right? So if I had watched this show, I don't know, 10 years ago, maybe my appreciation would have been different.

So if you basically go to some rich guy's house and you spend a week there. What would be your priority there? So would you take all the money that's being given to you? And you have a week to spend it. What would you do with it?

I've only seen two episodes. But in those two episodes, I haven't seen anybody who actually tried to figure out how that rich person got rich. All right. None of them. They asked a few questions. Well, you know, tell me about the drill. No. Nobody actually asked. Right.

So here's my thing. You know, I ask you, what would you do with that money? There is something that's way more precious than money for me. And it's knowledge. So that's why I was telling you that ten years ago, maybe I would have spent the money, man. I would have been.

Oh, dude, we're living large, going to basketball games and stuff. But the version of me today would have invested this money in knowledge in something.

I would have taken that money that I usually can’t afford to spend and I would have found a course or something, I would have gone to the dudes, you know, the dude's job or whatever, and trying to figure out what he does.

Right. So you're asking questions. OK. What did he do? Where can I get the training and where can I get that?

The first thing you need to figure out is how they got there and how you can do the same thing. Don't spend that money on like material stuff. You know, it's just pointless. I wouldn't do that.

Well, Rich. Is it just a concept? It’s just money, right? Be successful and then you define whatever the success is for you. OK. So if you have a chance to swap position with someone like that, you'll figure out your priority instead of wasting time and money.

Try to figure out how they became that successful. Is there a way or a course? Is there something that you can you can get with whatever money the show is giving you or that the opportunity is giving you to get there as well?

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