FBC – 189 – Don’t Give Up On Your Projects… Here’s Why

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Don't Give Up On Your Projects… Here's Why.

Today, we are going to discuss why it's not a good idea to completely give up on a project. Sometimes, it's best to leave a door open because good things can happen.

I will tell you my own experience and how this practice was a huge hit for me along with all the details.

So when I'm doing something, I will not stop when I'm tired, I will stop when I'm done, OK? So it makes sure that you're making progress, OK? Because you're always going to be tired. There's always going to be something.

And if you postpone something, something else will come up and you would never get to finish it. So while you're at it, I suggest you finish whatever it is that you're doing, so that afterwards it's done and you're making progress.

When you're an entrepreneur, you'll be facing these decisions sometimes. And, you know, that can get you in trouble with the wife, with the girlfriend, with the baby, with the boyfriend or whatever. But sometimes it's necessary.

Especially when it's revenue-generating. It's very important for whatever it is that you're doing. Not that you're like a goblin that likes gold and stuff and your only motivation is money. But you need to focus your efforts on what matters in your business, what helps the business grow.

I mean, that one that I am building now is getting some sales. Right. So I had to finish this. So that's why I am recording this podcast very, very late. All right. But actually, I got side-tracked. It wasn't actually the subject of the podcast.

So I was having lunch, dinner with my buddy Alexi. And we were talking about stuff. And I started talking about this development that I wanted to do. I mean, this idea is brilliant. It's absolutely brilliant. I mean, this thing is sick. It's the sickest thing.

I don't think anybody's doing this. I know nobody is doing that stuff. And because I don't know anybody thought about it, because me, I came up with a really, really smart way of generating free traffic.

But back in the days when I was thinking about it, I didn't I have all the contacts that I have today. Like the developers and the knowledge that I've acquired recently by using, you know, Instagram and working with proxies and stuff that I didn't do before. And this came in super handy. Right.

Don't Give Up On Your Projects… Here's Why

Because I had this development, which at the time was I mean, for me was the best thing ever. I was like, dude, this is the best thing nobody can do better than this. But now with all the knowledge that I have acquired, I can make it ten times better and ten times safer.

So the point of this is that sometimes I'm mean all the stuff that you've done in the past, don't ditch it. OK. We're actively working on it and stuff. But sometimes it could just be that you don't have all the information right now. And this entrepreneurship thing is a journey, right?

You learn, you constantly learn. If you keep learning every day, you'll end up in situations like this where you'll be like, oh, you know what? I had this thing. It was working. Everything is done. I just have to tweak a little something because now I know how stuff works. And then all of a sudden you go back to this thing, you tweak something, and then bam.

So me there is this traffic source that I've been trying to crack for, how long has it been? I think the first time I heard about it was in like 2011. In 2011, I've tried different things. They failed like so many times. I tried different techniques, different angles. It didn't work. Right.

So, you know, I gave up for a while. I was like, now you know what? It doesn't work. And then I came back to it. You know, I was like, God, let me try it again, because now I have more information. And finally, I managed to find something. I mean, this is absolutely insane.

But don't give up on your past projects and stuff. Revisit them periodically. Revisit them because you might have learned something else that will crack the code.

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