FBC – 2 – The common dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. Stop doubting yourself!

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Have you ever felt like you weren't as good as the entrepreneurs you see on television? Do you have a friend who makes you feel bad about yourself because he or she created businesses and products? This podcast will tell you why. More importantly, it will tell you how to put and end to your suffering and regain your confidence in yourself.
The dream of becoming an Entrepreneur is extremely common, I want to tell you why you should stop doubting yourself.
Welcome back. So yes it's really cool. I'm on a roll. I'm doing episode two. I hope you guys can feel how enthusiastic I am right now. OK. Nobody's perfect. So I want to talk about something that you might be experiencing. It’s about putting yourself down. So you're basically doubting yourself, and your skills and it’s preventing you from doing other things in life,  especially as an entrepreneur. Everybody goes through that. And even for myself sometimes it happens too. So as an example, you see some people building businesses and you think “Oh man I'll never be able to do that. I don't know how these people do it. I'm not cut for it.” I really want to help you with this problem because it's very easy to fix. It's completely irrational. And if you understand how everything is divided in nature then it will make a lot of sense and you will stop telling yourself that you suck. So the first thing is you have to understand is that for people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, they are the people that you see on television and you know they've created amazing things and you're like wow I'll never be like these people. So these are the people you see because they're the face of the company or the face of whatever it could be, a public figure or something. These are the ones that are visible and these are the only the only people we have in mind when we think about entrepreneurship and business. And if you're not like them then you are automatically a failure. There is no middle ground in people's minds. You suck if you're not like Bill Gates who created something from scratch and made a huge impact. So first thing you have to understand is that you don't have to go to the levels of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. You can create something smaller that has a lot of success on your scale. The main problem is not how big what you create is going to become. The core problem is that your internal belief is that you cannot create anything. You have zero creation skills. What you don't see is the other people!! There are two categories of people on this planet. There are creators. So you have people that create stuff from scratch. They like to do that. They will take an idea and they will create something. But creators cannot evolve. They can't do anything without performers. So if you look at Steve Ballmer for example. He worked closely with Bill Gates. Bill Gates knew how to create stuff. But Ballmer, he’s a performer. He's the one who actually took it forward. So he takes something that already exists and makes it better. You cannot have a successful business without a performer. And this is what people don't understand because the only people you see on television are the creators. Right? So that means you don't have to be a creator. That is not for everybody. You don't have to be a creator to achieve really good things. Generally speaking, creators are good at creating stuff. And then when they have to manage the day to day and make it functional and make it better, they suck! Maybe I'm exaggerating here. But this is not their forte. You need a performer, and if you're not a creator, maybe you’re a performer. You look at your life and you realize that you're very good at something in your company. For example, they will give you a project that someone designed and you are the best at managing that project. You make sure it gets there on time and it's profitable and the company makes a lot of money with this project. You haven't created the project but you have a unique skill that the company needs. They need that skill as much as they need creation. OK so now, hopefully you don't feel bad if you're not a creator. I think the percentage of creators is actually way smaller than percentage of performers. And being a creator is not the only way. I mean don't get me wrong these people are good at what they do right. Bur they're unable to run their company without a performer. And if you're like a good entrepreneur and a good creator, one skill you need you have to recognize is that you're not a performer and you need a performer to make it work. So I’m a creator. I mean that's how I am. That's how my brain is wired. But when it comes to managing things, I really suck. Creators are really not good at performance because in terms of consistency and stuff, they don't have that skill. They're not structured like a performer. Okay. Let's take that and let's make it happen. So this will help you. It could be that you're a performer. But you can’t just say “Oh yeah I'm a performer” and that's it. You know that's the easy route. I want you to think about your life. Everything you've done in your life and about your own past experiences and if indeed it turns out that you're a performer then you have your explanation. But you can be super wrong too. Everybody is a creator of sorts. You can create stuff but you just don't realize. Like the simple things. Like a recipe. If you have a recipe for your stock or something. Everybody puts a pepper and you decided to put some paprika. You created something and you create stuff every day but you just assume that nobody is going to be interested in it. Do this introspection. And you might actually figure out that you're actually a creator and that some of your creations can actually help people. People have also a misconception about creation. So there are people who were able to create something out of thin air that it will just appear like wow where did that come from?  But that's really rare man. All the new projects and all the new apps that you see don't come out of thin air. They come out of something that already exists and they find a new angle. And you're able to do that as well. I mean the person who created the first laptop. They didn't invent the computer. The computer was already there. It was just like super heavy stuff and you couldn't move around with it. And someone decided to make it smaller so that you can move it. So it became some sort of creation but it's not a creation. You took something that already exists and made it better and you do that in your life as well. I'm pretty sure you do that in your work too. There was a process in place and you made it better. You made it easier for you and your team, so you actually did create something new. Something that's new but it's not out of thin air. So I really want you to grasp that concept because it's one of the most important things in entrepreneurship. Another really important thing is self-belief. If you believe in yourself and if you believe in your skills then you will achieve stuff. For example, there was this this legend that it was impossible to run a mile in under 20 minutes. And since everybody thought it was impossible, nobody tried. Until one day, this dude ran a mile in under 20 minutes. Then what happened? In the next six months maybe 15 other people did this because they realized that it was possible. In both cases it was always possible. But if you convince yourself that it's not possible you're not gonna try and you'll end up being right. Well it's definitely not possible if you don't try. But if you're like the dude that thought “I can do that” and you try and eventually you'll make it because the only way to make something happen is to try and you were convinced that you could do it. So this is what I wanted to share with you guys. So if this helps you, then this is awesome. My first podcast will be a success if it actually helps one person. If there is one person like that, well thank you very much. You know “this has been plaguing my life for forever and now I do understand. I've done this introspection and indeed I realized that while I'm very good at working with people who create stuff, I can make it better “, then you know I just it will make my day.
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