FBC – 20 – What Makes You Unique? Answer Inside

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How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors and find your own raving fans? What Makes You Unique? It's easier than you think and doesn't actually requires as much work as you think…

I wanted to talk to you about something very important. As usual everything is important. Your USP, so your unique selling point or a unique differentiator. Now I'll use differentiator instead of like selling point. What makes you different?
It's not hard to find what makes you different because everybody's different.

Dude like honestly, everybody is different but you can sometimes have a hard time telling yourself that you're different from other people. And basically what you're going to try to do is try to do the same thing as the next guy because somehow in our mind we don't think that we are good enough or something or worthy of being listened to because we don't we don't think that we're special , or that we have something special to bring.

So the first thing you do when you want to start a business activity or something is that you're going to look at what you have done in the past and what your competitors are doing now. Which is normal, right people? You know some people will bash you saying “Oh don't listen to the others and you know don't copy orders and don't do this and then do that”.

But it's a normal mechanism. Everybody does this. OK. Everybody starts there. You need to start somewhere and you need like a reference to start from and then from there you can evolve into your own character.

Don't listen to people who tell you “you know what from the get go, I differentiated myself” and stuff. Yeah. Maybe it can happen, but everybody started by copying someone else, looking at what other people are doing. And then slowly but surely afterwards you find your own voice and you realize that you're actually special and that you have something else to bring to the market.

So me, I will be very honest with you. I have copied a lot of people. And to a certain extent I still do it when I start a new venture. It can very well happen that you need to study the market before you go into that market. You just study a little bit.

So I will study the market. I'll see what people are doing and I will inspire myself, but not like blankly copy. I try not to do that anymore. But people tell you “please don't copy other people and blah blah blah. Never do that”. They lie. They will copy other people right.

So don't feel guilty that so far you haven't necessarily found your voice and you've been copying someone else because it's normal. Everybody goes through that. OK.
But there is a point where you need to realize that you have something special right. And if you think about it it's not just business. It's not just starting a business and all that stuff. If you think about life, there is nobody like you. Even if you have a twin brother or a twin sister.

So, how you can you differentiate yourself? People like to connect with other people and they like to buy from people like that. They like to have an experience with someone. All these elements of you’re going to sell, or how much you’re going to charge and stuff, actually isn’t the most important thing. You need to differentiate yourself on a personal and human level.

So you can start with your philosophy about anything, about life, or relationships and stuff like that. This is a big differentiator because you might have a very unique perspective on things. You have a unique philosophy just because you are a human being on this planet which means you are unique. OK. So don't hesitate to share what your philosophy is and what you believe in.

Also, don't be afraid of afraid to exclude people. OK. Because the biggest mistake you can make is trying to please everybody. OK. You'll never please everybody!
Our assumption is that, “you know what? If I exclude people then I won't have any clients. Dude, there are eight billion people now on this planet. You can't connect with everybody on planet Earth. Right.

You don't need to please everybody. Let me give you an example. Because we just assume that for whatever reason we need billions of clients to have a good life. And this is this is the reason why you put up with people that you actually don't want to put up with just because you don't want to lose clients.

Let's say for example you're selling a product for a hundred dollars. Let's say you have a hundred clients. So how hard is it to get a hundred clients? I'm pretty sure it's lower than what you thought you needed. You have 100 clients paying you a hundred dollars a month and you're making 10 grand a month!

And if you have a thousand clients. Then you're making a hundred thousand a month. So you don't need millions of clients.

What Makes You Unique?

So first thing you do when you define your philosophy is that you exclude the people who don't share your views on things. But you what you ideally want is to find the people who are going to absolutely love you and share your values and everything. OK. So that's why you know, start with your philosophy. Philosophy is one of the things.

The second thing you can change is how accessible you are. You want to make yourself relatable. It's just like you know based on who you are. Like me for example. Last time I had to wear a shirt, it took me like an hour to find one and I found it in a suitcase upstairs somewhere. It took me an hour. I don't have shirts man. I don't wear shirts. I don’t want to wear shirts.

So even though people are like “oh yeah you need to look professional in the picture”…. I don't care dude! I'll be with a tank top or a T-shirt on my pictures because that's where I am, right? And you know this is how real you want to be. So these are things that will differentiate you from other people, who basically want to look perfect all the time and stuff like that.

Another thing you can do is instead of using really complicated jargon that nobody understands, because you want to sound super smart and you use all these fancy terms and stuff and you know it goes with your suit, right? You can decide that well you know I don’t want to use these terms because nobody talks like that. And you just want to talk to people in friendly terms, like a tone as if you were talking to a friend.

So me this is what I elected to do on my podcast. Hopefully it’s working!
So these are things you can do to differentiate yourself. But you know there are several more examples, right? These are just a few examples. In every aspect of who you are, just do what comes natural to you. OK.

And you will differentiate yourself from other people and you'll be surprised to see that you are going to create some like raving fans! Not the wishy washy of you, but the real you. Look at yourself in the mirror and show that person to the world. Don't try to pretend to be someone else and follow other people!

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