FBC – 200 – How A David Like You Can Beat A Goliath? Special Episode #200

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How A David Like You Can Beat A Goliath?

Today, I want to take a minute to thank you guys for following me for 200 episodes. A small milestones but still I don't forget everybody who's been on this journey with me from the beginning.

Today I am going to give you a super cool, funny tip that can help you get huge contracts. This is a technique I used and took it to the next level.

Sounds interesting? Then listen to today's episode.

So for today, I wanted to give you a tip.  So it's not exactly mine. It's not my tip, but I used it. And then I took it to another level. And it's something that will serve you. It will help you if you're trying to build a business. So this is helpful if you want to build a small business. This is going to be really, really cool and really awesome. It's really easy to do. All right.

So in nature, when you see a predator, you have a few options. I like to think about three options. First option is you fight. But I wouldn't recommend that. The Predator is usually way bigger than you. And your chances of coming out of this alive are very slim.

The second option is you flee, which is, to be honest, the most recommended path. That's what a lot of animals will do. Third option is you inflate. So you basically inflate so that you'll appear way scarier and way bigger than you actually are.

So people will deny you the opportunity to work with them because you do not have experience. But not having experience doesn't mean that you can't do whatever is required. It just means that you didn't have the opportunity to do it yet. So the lack of experience shouldn't stop people. But sadly, it does. Employers

will take someone else on who just seems bigger than you.  It's just that they look bigger. All right. So this is how to improve your chances of getting contracts by appearing to be bigger than you actually are.

And I applied it in my first business. I would contact clients and then sign off as the CEO. Because everybody loves to be a CEO, you have this really nice signature. But the thing is, the message you're sending to the potential client is that if the CEO bothers to send that kind of emails, it's just a one man game.  So it's actually harming you to contact people as the CEO.

How A David Like You Can Beat A Goliath?

So I changed my approach and created a business development manager. So when I was writing my emails, I was contacting people using this guy's e-mail address. So it takes you, what, two seconds to create an e-mail address on your domain. And so I created this guy.

First of all, I wanted to have my company look bigger than it actually was, because if you do have a business development manager and stuff, so you have like different levels of hierarchy and stuff, it looks like a more professional company.

The second thing is when I was negotiating prices, I had some leverage, man. I'm like a bob. What's the price of this? Can you give me something better? Oh,

I'll have to check with my CEO, which is another level of leverage.

I actually created a Google Plus for this business development guy, created a LinkedIn, created a Facebook profile for the dude. I tried everything just in case someone would go and type it because people do type your name on Facebook and stuff, too. So I actually took the time to create a profile for this person.

So anyway, if you want to build a company, like providing services and stuff, what you do is that you go on your domain. And in the back end of your domain, you know, you can create email addresses.

It's really easy. Takes a second. You will create an e-mail address that says sales, the one that says marketing, PR. Another one like support. You create loads of email addresses that you will put into the contact us section. And all these emails, they just get redirected to the same e-mail box, which is yours. All right.

So from the outside, it looks like they're dealing with this like mega huge corporation where they're like three hundred people in there. Whereas it’s just you.

So, again, the objective of this is not to trick people. It’s just a way to combat this unfairness of you know what? I don't know. You're too small. Well, dude, regardless if I'm small or not, I mean, these big corporations that you see today, they started somewhere.

I don’t think Google started with three thousand employees or something. No. They were in the garage, man. Don’t think these guys weren't good at what they do. They were. Right.

It helped me get, you know, quite a lot of contracts and all that stuff. And it can work for you too. And hopefully will get you a few big breaks to get you started in your business.

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