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Beginners: How To fund your future business without spending.

Today, I want to teach you how you can fund your future business without spending any of your own money. There is an option available for most of us and more often than not, we are not aware of it.

The biggest advantage is that hardly anybody “knows” about it and that means that there is a bigger slice of the pie for you.

All the answers are in this episode

I want to tell you about financing, you know, so financing your current business. OK. So, you know, many of you are relatively new to this thing. So some people are actually brand new. So you're looking for some inspiration or some ideas to start your business or something.

And you're basically testing the waters to understand what's required, which is very good. And I encourage you to do this. OK. So, yeah, I always try to be realistic. OK. So if you're in that situation right now where you have your job but you aspire for something more. You want something else.

Right. So, you know, some people will tell you, the hell with it. Just quit everything. And unless you quit everything and you put yourself in a situation where you're back’s against the wall, nothing's going to happen. Then you have to force yourself to do stuff. So that's one school of thought.

You know what I think? Something that happens very often and something that I actually recommend you do. Learning on somebody else's money.  So if you are working for a company right now, this is what you're doing, right. The company is paying you a salary and they're teaching you stuff.

So they're teaching you their processes. They're teaching you, you know, what's required to do whatever job it is that you're doing, they're actually training you. It's being financed by the companies and it’s not coming out of your own pocket. OK, so this is something you do every day.

They're giving you all the tools. They're giving you everything you need and you get paid for it. OK. So now this is established, you can use this to your advantage. OK. And you know, again, I always try to be very realistic and take every situation. There's no situation where there is only one answer.

Yeah. Quit everything. To hell with corporate. Go on your own and forget about everything. Leave everything behind. Yes. Well you can do that. But there are other alternatives.

Another alternative would be this. And this is something I have done, for example. Not necessarily because I wanted to but I just did it because I wanted to move up and evolve as a person. All right.

So just as I said that you're learning on somebody else's money, you're learning the tasks that are assigned to you when you first start your job. And you need to learn the skills. Not everything's already planned for you. But here's the thing. If you want to acquire more skills, so some other skill that will be necessary for that business you want to create.

Beginners: How To fund your future business without spending

So what you can do in your company right now is to be able instead of quitting everything and, you know, learn on you on the spot, which, you know, it's possible. Instead you can be financed by your company to learn sales. So you just have to go to your company and tell them that you want to learn sales for something that will benefit the company.

So who are they to say no? You're like, dude, here's the thing. I think that if I were better at selling, I could retain more clients. We're close more clients for the business and stuff. It will benefit everybody if I could have training in sales. And what's going to happen? They're going to give you the training in sales. So basically, all these skills that you will need afterwards for your future, you can acquire now.

You know, we and I think I told you that several times that we under we overestimate the number of things we can do in a week and we underestimate the number of things we can do in a year. OK. So let's say you want to start your business. Well, you can give yourself six months of intensive sales training.

You think that you'll be ready in a year? It’s not too far right? You know, it will come if you're busy acquiring the skills necessary to help you, to propel you to where you want to go. Then six months or a year is a good investment. All right.

So there are lots of trainings that you can get like this from your company on somebody else's money. All right. You just have to go to your to your boss or whatever and, you know, tell them, OK, this is where I want to go.

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