FBC – 232 – How I became Fluent In Portuguese overnight

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How I became Fluent In Portuguese overnight.

Today I am going to show you a cool trick that allowed me to “learn” Portuguese just like that in an instant. It's pretty cool and I just discovered it. The beauty of it is that, it works with other languages too so in case you don't want to learn portuguese, you still have other options.

So I was talking to this Brazilian guy on Facebook and he said, dude, my English is really not good. So let's move on to Skype. And I was like, well, what is Skype is actually going to do for your English if your English is not good here?

But actually Skype you can simultaneously translate the language. So basically, when he typed something in Brazilian, it will actually translate it to a language of my choice. And this is the coolest thing I have seen.

I had no idea that this was on Skype. So he's typing in the Brazilian Portuguese, because it's a little bit different from the Portuguese they're using in Portugal and translating into French. It’s really, really cool and really awesome. It can solve a lot of problems.

Today I was looking at a program. Someone told me about this program, a multilevel marketing thingy and, you know, multilevel marketing. I mean, some of you guys may be in that space and it’s like everything, there is good there's bad depends on what you want to do and stuff.

So, for example, multi-level marketing is not necessarily for me because you have to spend so much time talking to people and stuff like that, which I really don't want to do. I don't have time for it. You know, I like something fully automated. That's just me.

But anyway, I was looking at this thing today to understand how that works. And Jesus Christ, can they make it more complicated? It's absolutely insane. I don't understand why it's so complicated. I started watching some videos. You recruit members to your teams and these are ten minute videos, but after two minutes I had a headache, I was like, Jesus Christ, why is it that complicated?

I'm very, very surprised when I meet people who do understand that stuff. I mean, just thinking about it now is giving me a headache. Now I want something really simple. And these things appear so complicated to me. Apparently you can make great money with this because you're like compounding different ways of making money.

How I became Fluent In Portuguese overnight

So I do understand the compounding effect, but there are actually six or seven different ways and only maybe two make sense for me. The rest is so complicated. And I don't I don't understand why they have like a right team and the left team, which if you ask me, the only purpose of this thing is to make sure you don't make money.

There is no logical explanation as to why you need to put Bob on the left and Susan on the right. Because at the end of the day, they're both under you. Right. And I mean, technically, there is no difference.

I asked the dude, what's the difference between left team and right team? So are they doing different days? No, they're just doing the same thing. I'm like, why? Why do you put them on left and right? …..That's how it is.

So basically, the reason is that it's designed to limit the commissions so that they have to compete and you’re not paying out commissions unnecessarily.

So, you know, the complexity of this thing is just off the charts. I'm actually quite tired now after watching this.

But anyway, it's not the point of podcast. The point is go and try that skype translator. It's absolutely awesome. I mean, it blew my mind. So I can have a chat with this Brazilian guy without any problems.

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