FBC – 245 – Exploit this BIG FAT LOOPHOLE to crush your competitors

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Exploit this BIG FAT LOOPHOLE to crush your competitors.

Today, I am going to give you a super effective trick to boost your sales and crush your competitors. This is a super ninja technique that only a few people know about. I could be wrong but I haven't heard anybody talking about this stuff.

If you want to find out what this super ninja trick is, tune in to today's episode

In yesterday's podcast, we're talking about how to become a leader in your market. So I told you that in order to become a leader, one thing you can do is that you can actually create your own market. You can branch out. OK. And I got a lot of feedback saying that. Well, it's easier said than done. How do you branch out?

So there are examples where it will be easier for you to branch out and create your own little eco system where you'll be the kingpin. But in other circumstances, it might not be that easy. Or it won't come to mind that easy. And for this, I’ll give you a little trick. So it's a very, very useful trick and you'll see that it will solve all your problems.

Because here's the thing. We think that if you want to be different, you have to do something completely different, which is something I told you that you can do, obviously. Be unique. OK. But that said, they might not be very easy. But sometimes you can change just a like a small portion or just one tiny little detail and it’s enough. You don't need to go and change the whole thing.

Perception is just as important as the facts. OK. Doesn't matter what the facts are. Sometimes perception is actually more powerful than reality. So you have to use that ethically of course!

Up until now, when you're thinking about being different and stuff, you're looking for facts. Right? But there is a sneaky technique that you can use where you're going to use the perception of uniqueness to your advantage. You’re not trying to be dishonest here. Let me explain how that works.

Sometimes if people are convinced of something, it really doesn't matter what the facts are. There are some facts and there is what the other person believes. And whatever that person believes, becomes the truth. Right. How do you use that to your advantage?

Let's say you're selling sports shoes. Like, let's say take an example like Nike or something. So you’re selling sports shoes and your slogan has always been “My shoes are the most comfortable shoes on the planet”. And everybody's saying, well, my shoes are the most comfortable shoes on the planet.

So it could be true, it could be wrong. Anybody's guess. Right.  So everybody will fight about the exact same arguments. Oh, they're so comfortable. They're this or that. So how do you differentiate yourself in the market that competitive where you feel like every possible branch has been taken?

Exploit this BIG FAT LOOPHOLE to crush your competitors

What I recommend you use is this. You will take a sheet of paper and you will write down every single step that's involved in creating that shoe. Okay. So I don't know. You take the rubber and then you glue that together. You put some foam. And then you put the shoe laces and then blah, blah.

Now here's where the magic happens. OK. So let's say, for example, the rubber. OK. So the rubber in question, you can basically say, well, you know what? Our rubber comes from a very rare species of gum tree. I think the gum tree that gives rubber is in Amazonia or something like that. OK. And it could be.

And this is the magic here. So this is what's really important here. It could be that every single one of your competitors is getting their rubber from the exact same place. The only difference is that they're not telling people about it. So if you are saying our rubber comes from this very rare a gum tree in Amazonia, you didn't say that we are the only ones using that.

You are not lying to anybody. But in the client's perspective, what happens? You're the only one saying this. So in the in the client's perspective, they will think that you’re the only ones using that, even though everybody is using it. You know, that's the beauty of it. So you're not lying. You're not misleading people and stuff. It's part of your process.

You will create in the customer's mind the fact that you are unique. And this is what matters. Remember what I told you? What you think about your brand and what your plans are doesn't matter. What matters are the markets, the clients. So regardless of the facts, what you want is for the client to be convinced of those facts without lying.

It's how you can use perception to your advantage ethically. You're just giving some insight into what you're doing and then you're one step ahead of your competitors because you're talking about something they’re not talking about because they think its trivial area or something.

And that leaves the door open for you.

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