FBC – 249 – Should you create your own product? The answer might surprise you

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Should you create your own product? The answer might surprise you.

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Today we are going to talk about your first product? Should you create one?

If yes then why?

If no then why not?

All the answers are contained in this episode

You might be in a situation right now where you want to create your own product, but here is the problem. To a certain extent when you want to create your product, there is a requirement for you to have a particular skill, regardless if you realize that you have this skill or not, because a lot of us have a skill and don't think it's a skill that's worth anything, when in actual fact it is.

You need to have some expertise in a field. OK. But you don't need to have a doctorate or something. You know, just to remember that we've already talked about this. You just need to be able to solve a problem. OK, but very often the main problem people have is that they think they can't solve any problem for anybody, which is not true.

You need some sort of expertise in solving a problem that people will be happy to pay money for. OK. So creating products is pretty good. I would advise that to everybody, but not in the beginning. OK. You know, there are easier ways than creating your own product from the get go, because there are a lot of moving parts in this. But having your own product is very lucrative, especially if it's a digital product. Right.

So I'm talking about digital products here. When I say product, I'm talking about digital product, because the good thing about digital product is that you create it once and then afterwards. Well, it's all profit. You know, you can multiply it into infinity. You don't have to produce it. It's not like you're manufacturing shoes where you need to create these shoes and stuff.

And you have a cost of creating it.  You may have some money invested into the platform, but once you've done it once, then that's it. Everything that comes in is pretty much a bonus.

So creating your own product is really, really awesome. So anybody can get into that space, but they should wait. Right. So number one reason is this expertise and this mental barrier that people have. You will encounter roadblocks which are not impossible to tackle, but, you know, they’re a pain. OK.

So when you want to create your own product you'll have to create a website. You will have to have at least a page like a landing page. There are tools that actually allow you to create landing pages. This stuff is not like back in the days where it was complicated. Then you'll have some content. So you need to write some content that makes people want to buy your stuff.

Then you need funnels. You know, click funnels and stuff. Oh, you need files in this and that. But you will have to create a funnel. You need to write those emails. Once they're written, they’ll be delivered automatically, but you still have to write those. Then you have to worry about conversions as well on that page, you know. You'll have to do some split testing and stuff to improve your conversions.

Then you'll have to deal with up sales if you want to create up sales and maximize your income. You'll have to deal with support. Because, you know, if people are not happy, they want a refund. You have to deal with that kind of stuff because it's your product. So there are a lot of elements that go into creating your own product that once you're experienced enough, you can easily tackle.

So, you know, it is very, very lucrative. But it requires a whole infrastructure and strategy.

So if you're just starting out, it's best to start with something else. For a beginner, a complete beginner to be able to earn money on the Internet without having to go through all these steps of creating pages, worrying about conversions, worrying about funnels and an email sequence, it’s a great idea to gather, experience and understand how all these things work and see different examples of copywriting and stuff on somebody else's money. OK.

Because that's one thing that I told you. You need to learn on somebody else's money. Don't invest your money straight away. If you can, learn and grow on somebody else's money.

And there are ways of doing this. The best way, if you ask me, is being an affiliate. You have access to all the copywriting of the product creator. They will show you what funnels and stuff look like. So basically, you get to understand your strategy. You see how they create their emails and all that stuff while being paid for it.

Because if you bring sales, then they will give you like 50, 75 percent of the whole thing. And guess what? You don't have to create landing pages, funnels. You don’t have to worry about creating all these e-mails and stuff. It's already done for you. OK.

So my objective is being able to empower people just like you. For example, if you're just starting out, you don't know what to start with and stuff. You don't think you have it in you right now to create a product. You still want to make money online. Here is what I will have for you.

Should you create your own product? The answer might surprise you

Is this system that I've created that allows you to start any business of your choice without being an expert in it and not having to worry about all these roadblocks. Basically, what you will do is that you will send people to an offer. That's not your offer. It will be somebody else's offer. And they will worry about all these annoying things like conversions and funnels and up sales and all that stuff.

What you do is you collect the money. Just get your share. All right. And all this stuff is being done automatically for you. OK. This is why this system is so beautiful. OK. So, again, I am not saying don't create your product. So that needs to be one of your objectives at some point in your career, you will need to create your own product because you can make big bucks with it.

But you can make as much money as having your own product if you're promoting, I don't know, like dozens or like hundreds of different affiliate programs. Which is what my system allows me to do.

You can be promoting a hundred different offers at the same time. And you don't have to build the page or worry about conversions or anything. So just imagine if you're promoting a hundred offers and each of these offers makes one sale per day, for example, or even one sale per month, you're gold. You're making money. OK.

And that leaves you time. Once you have that money, it leaves you all the free time, in the world, to be able to study what people are doing and then create your own product. And then from there, you can use this tool, this system, and this automated system to promote your own stuff. And then instead of earning 50 percent or whatever, then you'll earn 100 percent. And this is how you make the big, big, big bucks. Right.

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