FBC – 251 – The Type of Attitude that gets you noticed

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The Type of Attitude that gets you noticed.

Today, we are going to talk about the little extra steps and the intangible details that actually make a difference. Some of your actions can take you a long way… The key is to understand what these actions are and to apply them.

All the details and more inside this episode.

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I'm looking for someone to work with me on a specific project. It's a service where I can get someone to perform a task for me, which is web design.

I realize that when I was younger, maybe I could have done some things better. I know there were circumstances which instead of moaning, maybe there is stuff that I could have done better instead of just complaining.

After I graduated, I did a postmaster's degree. So basically after your masters, you could do one year of something you wanted to specialize in. And then afterwards, you could look for a job, which means that you had the five year degree. OK. Because I felt that after my four year degree, I think my studies were a little bit too general, too broad. And I needed to specialize.

I actually wanted to specialize in purchasing and I needed an internship. It took a hundred and fifty applications before I actually got an internship, which was an internship that I had to do in another country because my brother actually helped me. So it's it was pretty bad.

But anyway, a year and a half I kind of struggled. You know, I had this five year degree, which should have given me a pretty good job normally. But I was jobless, so I tried everything. I tried whatever job I was supposed to apply for. Then I realized that, well, it wasn't working.

So I decided to go for the assistant of the job that I was normally looking to get. Then I started looking for the assistant of the assistant. And eventually I just left the country and I went somewhere else where people actually wanted me. And look how it turned out.

But anyway, what I wanted to say was that during that time when I was looking for a job, I was way younger and I think I complained and blamed the industry. I blamed the economy. I blamed racism and stuff which I think did have a certain impact, especially racism did have an impact and stuff.

But instead of complaining about it, I should have done something about it. All right. And when I'm interacting with the people that I'm interacting with, especially this young woman I spoke to today, regarding my new web design project, I realised that, you know what? If people were as diligent as her, good things can happen, actually. So I contacted her because I really liked her profile. I'm looking for a specific skill.

Her profile was very, very interesting. And I really liked her approach. When I emailed her to explain what I was trying to get from this project, she sent me a reply, and her reply said a lot about her. Not because she was boasting or something, but just what she told me.

So I said, well, here's what I'm looking for. If that's of interest to you, please liaise with me and we can have a chat. She came back saying, well, thank you very much for the interest. I'm very sorry but I already have two things that I'm working on right now which are going to take another 35 days or something. So if you still need someone I'll be very happy to check back with you in 30 days or something. Let me know if I should do it.

The Type of Attitude that gets you noticed

So from what I read from this is first of all, she already has two things running. So it's a special platform where people can get some training on stuff. So she's she already has two of them running. But she's so diligent that she has two. So that means that this is a very dedicated person who doesn't shy away from work. Second thing is she seems to be in demand. I really like that.

I really like the fact that she basically instead of saying no, she's still opened the door for future collaborations. You never know. She's like, well, you know what? It looks interesting. I just I can't for now. Then she sent me a LinkedIn invite. Invite. Straight away. And the fact that she did this suggests that she is someone who's trying to put every single chance in place.

And this is something that maybe the younger me could have done better when I was looking for a job and stuff instead of moaning and complaining. And I wish at the time I had been as diligent as this girl who I don't think was even trying to impress or anything like that. And I think that's admirable.

So basically, after talking to this young lady, I realized that, you know what? Whatever you are doing, regardless if you're working in a company right now, you have a boss or something or you're working by yourself.

Please understand something. Sometimes it's going to take maybe six months or a year or two years. You never know what it can happen. But build a relationship. You know, you build a relationship because here's the thing day when you when you send an answer like that to someone, even if that doesn't happen today, you are in that person's mind now. You're first on the line.

If I need someone, I will I will try to call this girl and figure out if she's available for whatever I need to do. Right.

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