FBC – 252 – How I am able to come up with one new subject every day

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How I am able to come up with one new subject every day.

Today, I want to reveal my secret and blueprint to create a new podcast every day without having guests. There is a simple method behind that anybody can follow regardless their level of expertise or qualification.

All the answers are inside this podcast

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So the one thing I was telling my friends was that I have this podcast and stuff and I record one every single day. And they were asking me, dude, how the hell do you do it? Do you interview people or is it just you?

And well, as you know, it's just me on the spot. The next question was how the hell can you find a subject or something to say every single day? All right. So a lot of people have asked me the question and they asked me if I do training or something on how you study to do podcasts.

Of course I can create training on how I did it. But I'm not going to create a training as of yet because it might end up being a train wreck. But how do I come up with subjects every single day?

The main problem that people have is that they don't know what to talk about, first of all. And when they do, they will know what to talk about for maybe the first two, three episodes. And then what happens is that they don't know what to talk about next. Then you miss this episode and then you miss the next one.

And next thing you know, that's it. Your podcast stopped after three episodes. OK. So I don't want that to happen to you. And there is an easy way that allows me to be able to create subjects all the time, you know? So I've been able to come up with 251 so far. So seems to be working for me. So maybe it's going to work for you.

So I have this this Web site called mindmeister.com. This allows me create mind maps. I have a bunch of friends who were trying to convert me and convince me to adopt this approach for ages. I was always writing stuff on paper, and it wasn't bad, right? Until one day, for whatever reason, I decided to use mind maps.

And since then, dude, I'm using mine maps for everything. Even when I need to build a website, when I need to do something. I am going to use a mind map, my friend.

All right. So if you're not using my maps, it gives you a like a comprehensive view of whatever you're trying to do. It makes everything so, so easy. It helps you save so much time, gives you a lot of clarity and shows you the flaws in whatever you're trying to do.

So if you want to create your own podcast, create a mind map by putting like a bunch of big subjects. Like big steps of the podcast. So me, I'm talking about my experience as an entrepreneur. All right. What happened before? You know, when things started for me, how I started, you know, the first doubts that I had first.

Like, you know successes and all our stuff. It let me look back at what I did. And then I created a branch for every big step, you know, every big major like milestone. And then under that milestone, I broke it down into smaller pieces.

So, for example, let's say we're talking about weight loss. You want to lose some weight. So before losing weight and stuff, what was your life before? Did something bad happen to you or something? So what was your mind-set there? What were the physical consequences? What were the financial consequences and stuff?

So you branch out there. And then after that, well, I decided to change. So what did I change? I changed my mind-set. Then you branch out to that. So I changed my diet. What did you change? Then I changed my habits. What did you change? I changed the kind of products that I use. I started reading labels. And then you branch out from there.

And then once you said you started this new diet, the step after that is…. Well, it was hard. You know, I didn't see any results in the beginning. And it was hard. Right. So you branch out. OK, well, I was super hungry then. I was depressed because I felt like I never would get there. Friends started telling me, oh, man, you should start eating pizza and stuff.

How I am able to come up with one new subject every day

Then I started the next step is I started losing my first pounds. So, you know, my motivation went up. You know, you branch out. And I started feeling better. Right. I could do the sports and stuff. Bam!

And then, you know stuff like that. So basically, you don't have to be like super smart. You just have to look at how things happen for you. And you just create milestones for each and every one of them. And then you look at each and every one of them.

And then you branch them out. You break them down into smaller pieces and then into smaller pieces and stuff. And what I suggest you do is maybe talk about it with a friend or someone you trust. And you can work on that together because there are a bunch of things that you won't think about, that this person will think about because they have a different sensitivity than you have where you are not necessarily going to talk about your how you felt emotion.

I wouldn't talk about it, but someone could suggest. Yeah, but emotionally, how did you feel? You should add this, you should add that and stuff.

So this is how easy it is to actually create a podcast and find a whole multitude of subjects to cover. And it’s all there in the mind map for you to refer to or add to however you want.

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