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My takeaway from watching Queen. Today, I want to tell you about the important lessons I learned from the group Queen. I just watched Bohemian Rhapsody at the movies and there are tons of life lessons to gather from it.

Here are mine…

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So this movie is Bohemian Rhapsody. So if you've heard about the movie, it's the story of Queen, well more about Freddie Mercury's life. And it was fascinating.

So it's not a movie that I would have normally watched and that's what makes it really interesting because sometimes you can discover really good stuff by getting out of your comfort zone.

I knew he died of AIDS and that's pretty much what I knew about Guy. So when you see someone at the top of the charts and stuff, very often you have absolutely no idea what they went through to get there. I'm always fascinated by what people have to go through. So in this case, I mean, the dude was going against the grain. Like people were like, no, you can't do that.

Well, you know, you can't have songs that are more than three minutes on the radio like, well, you know what? I am going to do it. His record label said we don't like this song. We don't even want it on the album. And he was like dude, I want that as the single right here.

And it is really fascinating to me to see all the background story of all these people, because, you know, they get criticized a lot, like, oh, man, look at him. He has all this money. Look at her. She has all these money and stuff. But, you know, hardly anybody wonders the kind of choices and the kind of sacrifices and stuff that they had to make.

But, you know, the point of the movie for me was not necessarily learning the actions of this dude, like the way he lived. His life was lavish. He was doing this. I really didn't care about that. For me, when I was watching the movie, I was actually you looking at an artist. Someone who was driven and was willing to take risks and bet everything on what he believed was his goal.

The movie was about him, but it was also about the group. Right. I mean, these people were driven. If you ask me, it's the only way you're actually going to get anywhere. You don't get to the number one spot or the global recognition of filling stadiums and stuff like that by accident.

My takeaway from watching Queen

People sometimes assume that, you know what, this guy is there because he won American Idol and stuff, you know, like, dude. Well, these people went to American Idol because they sang for a billion hours to be able to know how to sing.

They went to crappy auditions and stuff to be there, you know, and you don't get to that level, to that stage without making sacrifices, choices, without creating your own style and everything. And this is precisely what this this movie highlighted for me.

There were certain moments where they had to make a choice and they just made the right choices, you know? So they’re showing us the right choices. I'm pretty sure they chose some stuff that didn't work, but they persevered and eventually they got there.

And if you ask me, you can't get on top of the mountain if you haven’t put in the effort, if you haven't made the hard choices. And if you don't stick to your passion. And I have I actually have a lot of respect for the dude.

Just don’t judge people that you see on television and all that stuff too much too quickly. Because if there is a reason why they're right there, the spots on the global stage are limited. And the people who get there. They get there for a reason. And for several reasons. They made some changes, some sacrifices, some choices and some hard work.

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