FBC – 265 – How To Build A Side Hustle The Right Way…

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Today, we are going to discuss How To Build A Side Hustle The Right Way, without falling into the usual pitfalls that limit your chances.

I will tell you the story of my friends who are just starting out and who want to build a side hustle that will give them time, financial and location independence…

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Some friends of mine are actually starting out in the Internet marketing thing. And it's Hard man. It's hard. So the hardest thing is not necessarily the data, the information and stuff. The problem is that there is too much data, and not only information, but opportunities. And this is a problem.

You will think that having a lot of opportunities is not a problem. Well, it is a problem depending on which stage you are at in your journey. So if you are at a stage where I am right now. I already built a like a bunch of businesses. They just run. OK. So I don't have to work on them. I know I'm getting, you know, X amount a month and stuff. I don't need to worry about how I'm going to pay my bills and all that stuff. And so I can take the time to worry about something else. OK. So in that case, yes, having opportunities could be good, right?

So it's hard enough to resist that kind of temptation when you're already experienced, when you already have your stuff running and you have to worry about stuff. But for someone who, who just started and they don't know, they see all these people who are actually making money, having fun here in Bali and all that stuff. And it's very tempting because when you ask people, oh, dude, how do you do it? The answer is usually are, you know, it's easy and stuff. The concept is simple and then it's not that easy to go actually and do it right.

So it's, it's really hard for them to, you know, to figure out what to do. So and that's the case. Even if you have a mentor say so depending on the type of mentorship you have. So you may have a, you know, a mentor who basically stays on course. You know, they just they don't waiver.  But if you actually see that your mentor was like, oh, let me go here, let me go there. This is called the squirrel stuff. It becomes really, really complicated for you to be able to focus on something.

So you find one thing, one program that you want to focus on. So you're going to focus on that. And trust me, I mean this it's absolutely insane how much easier your life becomes when all your efforts are directed to one single thing.

So, for example, you could think that someone is that wishy washy and going left and right because they're looking to Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and all that stuff at the same time. But here's the thing. If Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, for example, are all used to send traffic to that one program, then it makes sense. All right. So it's just when you're delivering your efforts left and right, that it can become a big problem.

How To Build A Side Hustle The Right Way.

But in this case, here's the thing. You need to find that one thing out of all the programs, the stuff that you want to do, the opportunities and you need to find that you want to focus on. And then there are some tasks that can be run in parallel. Okay.

So, for example, networks like Click Bank, for example, where you could actually run traffic there, you can send e-mail traffic and you can just set those emails for the next week, two weeks or something. And then come back later. What I suggest is quick action, bro. So you basically just send emails. Sending those e-mails is better than not. Sending them in parallel is better than you taking your attention away from what you're doing right now, which should matter.

So what you can do is devote maybe half a day every week or you can schedule maybe like one day a month, something like that. One day a month. You're like, dude, I'm going to schedule these e-mails for the next 60 days. Because the good thing about, you know, stuff like Click Bank, for example, is that these offers don't expire. So you can actually schedule something for like the next six months or whatever. And then afterwards, it's money that comes in the background. You don't even think about it. Maybe one day you look at your report and then you can use this money to do something else to finance stuff in your business.

So some people will tell, you know, you need to focus on just one simple thing, and that's it. You don't do anything else and blah, blah, blah. Well, yes, I do understand where it comes from. But still, I apply this concept of tasks that can be done in parallel. If it's simple and you don't need to reinvent the wheel. If you can do that super quickly and it just runs for the next year, then it hasn’t distracted you.

So right now, I am trying to help my friends with what to do to start their business, to get some traction. And not to get too distracted and spread it out like that, so as not to affect their focus.

You have that one hour a week. Monday between ten and eleven. I do this. Then it just runs in the background. That's what I'm saying, because, you know, as much as you know, as much as it's good to focus on one thing, you never want to have only one income source. Never. OK. You want to have something else that's running. Just in case everything goes to hell. You've already started something. It allows you to build something in the background without having to think about it too hard. And it may give you another income source that you can use to fuel your main business.

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