FBC – 270 – I just arrived in paradise

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Quick episode of the dream islands I was fortunate to spend some time on during my trip in the Philippines. I just arrived in paradise.

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Just a little bit of news. We're here in this beautiful, beautiful, deserted island. I’m in the Philippines right now. And this is a trip that I like to do every year, every time I can. I do this and I bring more people. I bring friends and stuff. So I'm here with a friend of mine whose birthday is in two days.

So there are a lot of people here on the boat and, you know, there's people with really interesting lives and stuff. And, you know, this trip is reconnecting. So it's something I like to do is to come here and reconnect with nature.

So right now, I'm talking to you from this deserted island. There is no Wi-Fi here. No phone service. We actually don't have electricity on this particular island. We do have electricity in some of the camps, but not on this one. Everybody's laughing and they're people from everywhere, you know, every possible nationality and background and stuff. And you just forget about people's differences and stuff.

As I said, it's a trip where you get rid of all your stereotypes and stuff, you know, about what people should be like, what life should be like, because you meet so many people who have, you know, amazing lives.

It doesn't have to be your life to be a millionaire or something. You know, as we said several times on this podcast, there is more than one perfect life. Everybody has their own version of their perfect life.

I just arrived in paradise

You can hear the ocean behind. And they're calling us for dinner. I have no idea what, because that's one of those things on this island. You have absolutely no idea what time it is. We've been on the boat, so we were sailing the whole day. And then afterwards we got on the island for a base camp and we just sleep here.

Right now, it's beautiful. There is no light pollution. Absolutely beautiful.

In the next couple of days. I might not do like the long podcasts and stuff because I'm on this adventure. I like this adventure, man. I come here, allows me to relax and reconnect with nature. Maybe you can hear the whistle over there. You know, it's pretty cool stuff. They're giving a free massage. I didn't get mine. I'm going to get mine tomorrow.

There are some people who do a lot of good with building schools and shelters and stuff. And, you know, educating women, hurricane relief and stuff like that. It’s a very good cause it's really beautiful. So, dude, I'm going back there to check it out.

So my message is more about how, you know, I discovered, you know, there's more than one way to do things. OK, some people here are amazing. Like really, like really cool. They're really happy. Might not be something that you would have done, but they made it work for them. Right. It's a cool bunch. And we learn a lot.

Okay. Also, I guess for the next episode I will come up with something, but right now I just have to go and eat something because they’re calling and they're giving a briefing. So I will see you guys in the next episode tomorrow. I'm sorry this episode wasn't that long and you might actually not get this episode. Well, today, obviously not, because there is no Wi-Fi.

There's no nothing on these islands because they’re so remote. So you’ll have to get it in a few days. Maybe I'll be back in like Manila or something or somewhere where I do have Internet.

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