FBC – 271 – Starting A business without A product? No Problem

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Starting A business without A product? No Problem. Today we are going to explore how you can EASILY and QUICKLY create a business without having a single product. This step is blocking so many people because they believe that it's a mandatory step…Think again.

More importantly, I have created a super fast method that allows you to get started without a product and start racking up cash without spending a dime upfront…

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I am still on my deserted island. I am sitting in these chairs. They’re absolutely awesome. They look like rocking chairs or something, like wheelchairs that don't move. Pretty awesome to have the stars and the moon in front of me.

The party is rocking here. People are having a lot of fun on this journey. A lot of people, as I told you in the previous podcast and today I wanted to talk to you about products. All right. Now, the product is something that a lot of people dread because they're like, well, dude, I can't start anything because I don't have a product.

It sounds true, but it's actually not true. So the misconception is that you can actually start a business without having your own product, you just have to find the finished product that matches the interest of whoever you're trying to sell stuff to, for your interests because you're passionate about something. And then you can make sure you make a business out of it. OK, so having your own product requires some sort of, like, expertise.

You need to know everything. You need to be good enough to go and create a product. So we've already discussed this where the product has to be something that solves a problem. Doesn't have to be the most complicated stuff on the planet. It doesn't have to be rocket science. It needs to solve a problem.

And the ways of creating products and the structure of the videos or the book or something that you're doing, that's what takes a little bit of time. And people don’t have experience with it. So a lot of people ask me, can you help me get a product and stuff like that? Do I have, like, a guide on how to create a product?

Starting A business without A product? No Problem.

But here's the thing. The best thing about what we're doing right now and what's available on the Internet is that you can actually create a business where you don't have your own product.

You just use other people's products. And you can make a hefty commission out of it because you're basically helping someone who has a product, spread the message about those products and help them make money. Right. Then it will give you a good commission.

But you need to structure it the right way so that people are happy about the whole thing. So creating a product, even though it's not rocket science, doesn't require as much expertise as people think. They're seeing a little bit that goes into formatting the whole thing to make it presentable.

But here today, I have an opportunity for you guys to basically learn that you could do without a product. Right. I think this is the best opportunity for anyone now to start making money without actually being experts. So you'll be able to refer people to something that converts really well and gives the commission for life.

So sounds really good, right? So maybe you want to hear more about it. I am going to put a link under the podcast description. Yeah. I'll also do it because I'm on my phone, but I don't know when you're going to get this one, but you're going to have a link where you click on this link in the podcast and we want to take you to the whole system that I created where I'm doing the heavy lifting for you, products already created and more importantly, it’s going to make commissions for life.

When I say life is life, there's not just one time. And then you have to figure out what you want to do next and stuff. My aim is to create the best finished product out there. And I think that what I put in place is absolutely mind blowing.

I'm going to teach you how you can start the whole business for free and naturally get laser targeted traffic for free, you’re landing business stuff for free. Everything, especially traffic. Because traffic is where people spend a lot of money. Its traffic and it's hard to get super targeted traffic for a decent price.

The more targeted the more expensive. Whereas here in this case, I'm going to show you how you can get the whole thing for freaking free. This is a huge opportunity for you to build an ever growing business where you can make hefty commissions for life by referring a person one time, just once, and then that's it. You make money out of it.

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