FBC – 274 – Do this…It will save you money…..a ton of it!!

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Today I want to tell you about a very simple trick to time, money and sanity in a few seconds. Do this…It will save you money…..a ton of it!!

This is something I failed to do last time I had the chance and it cost me a great lot.

This time I applied it and it saved me hundreds of not thousands of dollars with just a few seconds of work. Tune in to learn more

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I wanted to tell you something about split testing. So, as you know, there is something called traffic. And traffic comes in many different forms. So it could be, I don't know, Google. Facebook, I don't know. Instagram, Snapchat. It can come from your e-mail or organic traffic or something like that. And these graphics or like these forms of traffic will have different conversion rates and stuff. OK.

So if you have a business or something, you might actually want to have multiple sources of traffic, just in case one falls short. So one thing that I was doing back when I started and I’m actually going to be very honest, I've been guilty of not doing what I'm going to tell you now, consistently. OK. And this is something you need to do consistently. This is the reason why I'm telling you about this, because I'm doing that right now.

And it can save you, you know. It can save you a lot of time and a lot of money. Just if you take the milliseconds necessary to implement this. OK.

So what is this? So there are different traffic sources. And as I said, these traffic sources will bring in different people and they will have different conversion rates and behaviours. It is funny, but it is true.

So the traffic coming from a Facebook ad is going to be very different than the traffic coming from Google ad or something. You'll find some differences there or it's going to be very different from, you know, traffic coming from, like organic.

Because these people, for example, organic traffic. Well, they've been looking for you. It's not like you just magically popped up in front of their faces. And so for that reason, you need to be able to track that differently.

OK, so there are different ways of tracking stuff. You have all these pixels and all these blah, blah, blah and stuff, which is good. Right. You should go and install the pixels and everything. Definitely.

Do this…It will save you money…..a ton of it!!

But one thing that you need to do and I've been guilty of not doing that consistently in the last few months, is you have a specific landing page per traffic source. OK. So if you're running Facebook and then send them to one version of your landing page, like an opt in page or something that's only dedicated to Facebook. OK. You do the same for Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

It can sound like a lot of work. And actually I don't know why I wasn't doing that, because it's actually really easy to clone the page and just rename it. You know, it's super simple stuff that gives you a new URL and then you send people there. All right.

So why am I advising you to do this? Because the behaviours and the conversions are actually going to be very different. And you need to be able to track it.

If you have one page where you send everybody and then every traffic source is mingling there, it's going to be hard for you to see what was working well and what's not working well.

It is possible, if you have all these pixels and stuff, you can. But the easy way to see that kind of stuff like super, super quickly is having a dedicated page for each traffic source.

So for example, there was a traffic source that I assumed was going to work like gangbusters. I was like, oh, man, this this one's going to work and stuff like that. And maybe the last couple of times when I was testing that stuff, I wasn't creating a dedicated page for it and it was drawing traffic coming from pretty much everywhere, because I do have traffic coming from left and right and stuff.

And for that reason, I was just making assumptions that, you know what? Yeah, it's kind of working. And I was just leaving that there and I was actually losing money on it. Whereas this time I said, you know what? Let me create a dedicated page for it. It took me like three or five seconds. I just cloned an existing page, just renamed it. That’s all you have to do.

It's not complicated, but it will save you a lot of money. So in my case, what happened? So I cloned this page and I launched a campaign. So I launched a campaign for ten bucks for a day. And at the end of the day, I knew that this traffic source is really not working for me. So I just stopped the campaign. And I'm just going to go and find maybe better sources, a better targeting or something.

But my point is that it was probably the case on previous things that I've done. But since I didn't have an easy way to see it, where I didn't take the time to actually, you know, put everything in place, I have spent a lot of money on a losing campaign. I just wasted money. And that could have been going on for like six months or something because, you know, everything was mixed up in a big giant sack of, like, traffic. All right.

So whatever you're using, whether its click funnels or lead pages where I don't know what people use to build, like, you know, landing pages and stuff. what you want to do is go on the page, clone it and rename it Facebook.

You know, Facebook traffic and then you sent Facebook traffic there and you very, very see quickly at a glance how it's working for you. And if you need to change something, if you need to scale, if you need to do something, you can do it quickly, to save your money.

And I really suggest you do it. It sounds like a pain but it's just like its two clicks clone renamed Bam. That's it's done. OK. So please do that when you're testing landing pages and you're doing like a new offer something. Create one landing page per traffic source. It's really not a lot of work. And it will save you so much money you can't even imagine. OK.

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