FBC – 275 – What do you do when nothing is going your way

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Today we are going to talk about one of those days: What do you do when nothing is going your way? You know these days when nothing seems to go according to plan and you have to put out fires left and right?

What do you do when that happens? Good question right? Well let me tell you how I deal with these situations in this new episode.

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And, you know, back on my podcasting, I so came back here and life here is very funny because you can't plan anything here. You're beautiful. You're planning on doing something and adding something breaks. So yesterday was the water.

So there are a few things that I can’t do because I was planning on doing a few campaigns on Facebook and stuff, but as you know, there's always something that comes up and especially with Facebook ads. So I don't know if you guys have experience with Facebook ads, but it's oh, Jesus Christ.

You know, that one thing I hate the most is when, you know, some people are dictating what I can and can't do. So obviously it’s their platform. They can do what they want. But, you know, that's why I don't like to deal with Facebook too much because you have to obey the rules and it’s so blurry, you don't know why they're doing stuff.

So I was like, you know, well, let me run some ads. And it was supposed to take ten minutes. And next thing you know, it took hours because the ads are not being accepted. They don't tell you why. They don't send you a notification and then you have to modify them, rewrite everything. You send them again and it doesn't work.

It's one of those things where you have a plan and the execution is just not there. Right. So you have a few choices.

You can decide to give up which, you know, to be honest with Facebook, that's the attitude that you have if you ever had to deal with these people. So now I can’t be bothered in this case.

But after a few minutes, I was like, you know what? It'll be a waste to just give up here without trying something else. So I did try something else. Revamped the whole thing and changed the landing page and resubmitted the ad.

So I did that before going to bed and I woke up in the morning and bam it had been refused, you know, without actually knowing why. And at that point, I was like, you have a choice. Again, I can try something else, or I can just give up.

Well, the thing is, you know, as much as you want to try again and again, at some point, these people, if they refuse too many of your ads, they're going to shut you down and then it will take you like a year, a year and a half to be able to get it back online.

What do you do when nothing is going your way?

So I said, you know what? Let me try something else. I rewrote the longest copy writing you have ever seen with a little story and everything. I made the post, tried to boost the post and bang, not accepted. So at that point I was like, oh, you know what? If I try too hard, they're going to block me. Right?

So I was trying to get hold of someone to be able to talk to them and figure out what I can do. How can I get an account manager or something, you know, stuff like that. But I just can't get to the chat. So that's the frustration that I that I have working with Facebook. So just for my sanity, I try to avoid working with them too much.

But yeah. You know, so these are the things that happen when people think it's just a walk in the park but trust me, there is always something that will go bad. And you just need the right attitude, you know, in this case. While I did try, I said, you know what?

Before I give up on this thing, let me try some different angles. I'm not going to give up on it. I'm just going to wait a little bit just in case, you know, Facebook will decide to go and shut down my accounts.

But anyway, so that was the, you know, the thing for the day. The reason why some people keep being so successful and stay at the top is not because they never had any problems or anything. It's just because they had problems and they just kept the right attitude to go and fix them.

Because trust me, regardless if you're a beginner. If you're an expert. If you’re intermediate or something, you are going to run into problems. And, the fortitude and your mind-set is what's going to make the difference.

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