FBC – 278 – One Hour Of Work CAN Make Your Business Highly Profitable

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Today I want to tell you about one of the most productive and meaningful hours I had recently. One Hour Of Work CAN Make Your Business Highly Profitable. I am going to talk to you about something that I am guilty of skipping more often than I would like to admit…

Sadly, a lot of people are like me and don't take the time to do this quick and yet crucial exercise. You don't want to skip this guys trust me.

Do this exercise and you will thank me later.

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I am trying to build a team of people who are going to generate my traffic and stuff. So I'm actually making some progress here.

So I am doing something right now. I have to crunch some numbers and stuff. But who likes to crunch numbers? I don't like it, but I realize that this is super, super crucial because once you have numbers that you can work with, then afterwards everything becomes a whole lot easier and you have a lot of clarity.

So I've been doing that for the last hour or something. And I'm so happy I did this because now I know exactly how much I'm going to spend, what the ROI is going to be and stuff like that. So I'm going to basically walk you through the table that I just created here and maybe that will give you some ideas on your own business. And you're like, oh, you know what? Let me go and try to track this. Okay.

So first thing is, when you are collecting e-mails and leads and stuff, there is a conversion rate that you have on the opt in page. OK. So the first thing I did was I wanted to understand what my numbers are. If my page converts at 40 percent, at 50 percent and 60 percent. All right. This is actually very, very important because here's the thing.

One of the best ways of actually increasing your revenue is to increase your conversions. OK. So let's say you're sending 100 people to your opt in page. If you have a 40 percent conversion rate, then you have 40 people were landing on that. So let's say you're paying one dollar per click.

For one hundred dollars you would have 40 people. But what if for those same hundred dollars, you increase your conversion rate to 50 people? That's 10 more people. 25 percent more with the same money.

So basically that means that automatically, you're going to make more money. OK, so the first thing I did in here was I created a tab for a 40 percent conversion rate, 50 percent conversion rate and 60 percent conversion rate.

One Hour Of Work CAN Make Your Business Highly Profitable

Before you crunch these numbers and stuff, what I recommend is that you run some traffic to test. OK. So you run some traffic and you test your opt in. And then you look at the other metrics. And then from there, you can make some projections. And this is what I'm doing right now.

So I wanted to know the average revenue per click, OK? So I want to know. Well, if I get a click, how much is this click going to be worth to me. OK. Because that will dictate how much money I can spend. So let's say, for example, if I paid a dollar per click. But this click is actually generating something like three dollars for me.

Then, dude, I'm good, right? So I can spend more money. I so you want to know how much each and every click is going to generate for you.

So the way I did it, it was very simple. I took the total revenue that I'm expecting and I divided by the number of clicks. I'm running some scenarios.

If someone clicks, how much are they worth to me? OK. On average. Then what I wanted to do here in this case actually is and this is what I actually wanted to talk to you guys about. Setting goals is very, very important. It sounds very silly but it's good to write it down.

So here in this case, I put an income goal. So like a monthly income goal for this project here. Then the second thing I want to know is if this is my income goal for the month. So how much do I need per day? So per day I just divided by 30.

And then how do I use this number afterwards?  Well how many clicks per month do I need to get to this goal? OK. So again, this is based on, you know, running the numbers. And then from there, you can run your numbers in terms of sales and stuff.

So then I want to be able to forecast my budget, because that's one thing when people ask you, oh, man, what will be your budget?

In this case here, I can basically calculate my budget based on a cost per click, for example. So I know exactly how much I'm going to spend. OK. So then afterwards I can calculate the number of sales that I'm going to need every month and every day to be able to achieve this goal.

What you want to do also is to be able to calculate the average order. That's one other way of increasing your revenue with the same amount of clients. If you get them to spend more than you make more. So that's something you want to calculate as well.

So I know how many sales I will need per month, then I can easily calculate how many sales I need per day. No, it's just divided by 30. And then afterwards I have my yearly revenue. So basically, that's just the goal that I set up earlier.

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