FBC – 28 – Choose Your Entourage Wisely…Here’s Why

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Choose Your Entourage Wisely.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. We are going to explore how you can improve the quality of your entourage quickly and easily..

So today I wanted to talk about something very important that you might have heard about before and that a lot of people underestimate. I will start with a quote.

This is a quote from Jim Roh. So if you don't know, Jim Roh was Tony Robinson's mentor and he’s one of the best. Like he's a legend. So he said something that you might have heard already.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

And this is what I want to cover today because it's something very important and you know again a lot of people underestimate it and it's very hard actually to make changes once you realize you good or bad situation you might be in.

How do you make the changes? So this this law that he came up with this based on the law of averages. OK.

“The result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes”. OK.

But in terms of relationship what it means is that the people who are closest to you have the highest impact on you whether you realize it or not, because you know obviously everybody is their own person. Right? You're your own man or your own woman and you have your own opinions and stuff.

But you know whether you realize it or not, or whether you want it or not, you're influenced by the people surrounding you. OK. And you know the law states that the five closest people to you are the ones that have the highest impact on you. So these people will have a big influence on the way you think and what you think about, your self-esteem which is very important as well and the decisions that you make.

So if all your friends think positively and they're always like super cheerful and stuff like that then you might end up in the parade or dressed up as a clown and stuff! And you'll always be smiling and stuff because your friends are positive.

On the opposite end of the spectrum. If your friends are always depressed, then your view will end up getting like that as well, whether you want it or not. Their influence is going to be like super strong on the way you think.

Same thing for your self-esteem. Right. If the closest people to you, right, so it doesn't have to be friends. It's the closest people to you. Right. If all these people are telling you that you suck and that you won't equate to anything and all you're good for is working in a factory or something like that.

Then at some point you will start believing it. Right? Then it has a negative impact on your self-esteem. And on the contrary if you have people encouraging you all the time, all that stuff will boost your self-esteem. If they’re cheering for you and providing a positive environment for you then your self-esteem is going to be way better.

And also it will affect your decisions.

Choose Your Entourage Wisely…Here's Why

I mean if you've seen these wackos on YouTube, jumping from bridges to stuff and doing crazy stuff like that. Well just because if all your buddies are like that, then maybe you will think you have to do something crazy like these people you hang out with. Then you would make stupid decisions like this. Right?

And on the contrary, if you have the closest people to you who have a very structured decision making process and they will weigh the pros and cons and come to a like a logic decision and stuff. Then you will end up being like this. OK. So these were just examples.

So I'm pretty sure you have people like this in your life that you know. You've spent so much time with them that they influence who you are and you need some other people outside to tell you that, to realize it.

But as I said you know the best chance for you to achieve your goals and everything is to have positive people around you that will give you the best chances of success. So this is what you want ideally right?

So does it mean that you need to ditch all your friends?

So let's say for example you want to become an entrepreneur and your friends say that's the last thing that could care about. Like honestly they really don't care about it. They just want to get drunk every night right? So does it mean that you need to ditch your friends and talk to them anymore?

That's a really hard question actually. Yes and no. So some people around you will accompany you for a journey. One of the journeys in your life, right? You know life is like a journey and has different parts.

So there is a part when you're a kid. There is a part when you're a little crazy and teenager and stuff and then you have fun and blah blah blah and it doesn't mean that if someone's starting started that journey with you it doesn't mean that they have to finish it with you.

It means that you needed these people and they were good for you at that specific time frame of your life. But you know at some point when you get to the next stage they might not be the best people to help you get to where you're going.

So it doesn't mean that these people are bad there. They've always been bad and they have never done anything for me. No they've done a lot for you. They were your friends at that moment in your life when you needed them. But you know if you want to move forward and you want to start building your future and something more serious, then these might not be the best people to help you get there. All right.

So it doesn't mean that you need to ditch them. I just mean these are not the people you need to spend the most time with. OK. So don't go and start hanging out with people you hate just because you have to hang out with entrepreneurs or people who are smart or something like this. OK. It's the last thing I'll say.

Some of the time you spent with your mates, meeting up all the time, you just need to replace that with something else. But how do you do that. It's very easy. So you have a lot of a lot of things that you can do. You don't have to spend time with that particular individual in person. Right.

So you have training courses. You can have a training course. Where the person doesn't need to be there physically. They recorded the training course and you go to a training course and that way you spend more time with that person than I'd like anybody else because you'll spend I don't know let's say you spend like two hours a day working on a training course. Then you just spend two hours with that person who's a like an entrepreneur who's pretty good at what they do.

Choose Your Entourage Wisely…Here's Why

It's just the mentality of people being there. Their positive attitude and their level of motivation that they will give you will help you move forward you know. And again proximity is power OK. Proximity is power. If you're close to people who made it. I mean they made it big and they made it big for a reason. And the closer you are to them and the more you can see their habits, then you’ll know what makes them different. And maybe there is one golden nugget that you can get from them.

So in essence as I said you don't need to go and ditch all your friends and be like “Oh dude I hate you now you’re a loser” or something.  No you don't need to do that. You know if you have people who are toxic in your life, putting you down all the time and stuff yeah. Get rid of these people. So get rid of them. Stay away from them because again they have a way more influence on your self-esteem than you think. So these people are toxic for you.

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