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Today, I want to tell you about how I joined the new rich and what trigger was for me. Something gave me the biggest ah ha moment of my life and allowed me to completely change my life (for the better).

I have never looked back ever since that day. Today I will give you a chance to do the same thing that I did. If you want to join the new rich and the people who have a kickass life, then click on the link below.

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So one good thing about affiliation, that I mentioned yesterday is that you can promote anything. You know, it's all in regular life.

The thing is that if you are specialized in something. So if you're an accountant or a salesperson, you have to be in in a branch to earn a living or something. Whereas with affiliate stuff, you don't need to be a specialist.  You just need to find an offer that converts. So when I say converts, I mean people buy it when you put it in front of them. That’s pretty much it.

In 2010, my buddy gave me book called The Four Hour Workweek. And this completely rocked my world because I had no idea how that stuff worked. You know, and it opened my eyes to the fact that there was this whole new world that was actually unfolding in front of me.

And this was a shock for me when I read this book and I realized, you know what I mean, you can live like this. So if you've read the four hour workweek, it's not that hard if you have a methodology, right. It's doable, right? It's doable for you to be able to leave the office and have a business without requiring any, employees and stuff like that.

It is perfectly possible if you use the affiliate networks. You're going to work more than four hours a week in the beginning. Yet you may be able to do it if you optimize everything. Yeah. You might be able to do it. So the objective right now is not to work only four hours. The objective is being able to have the time, the money and the freedom, you know, independence where you can do that from anywhere on the planet.

You just need your laptop or something to start with. And then afterwards, once you get super evolved, you just need your phone. And then afterwards, you don't need anything, you know, because everything is just done for you.

Your chance to join the new rich.

So the first step for you will be starting an affiliate business. Okay. Even if it takes, 10 hours a day or something like that, you know, if it brings you enough money to be able to pay all your bills, for example, if you can pay your bills or car payments, your mortgage, your blah, blah, blah. I mean, that's a huge, huge, huge relief. OK. So that needs to be your objective, to get something started.

Then afterwards, the long term objective is to be able to, you know, work like four hours a week or even less. OK. But that's down the road. You don't need to aim for that in the very beginning.

So I see a lot of people who have the wrong expectations and these expectations are actually going to kill their efforts. Right.

I see people that want to work three hours a week something. And that's their objective. You know, they think that, you know what? It's that easy. You're going to start working three hours a week from day one. No, it's not the case. You'll have to put in some work and then realize that there's some work involved.

So I want you to have the right expectations and to set the right goals. So the first goal for you is get it started. And once it's rolling, then get it to a point where you can work out an hour, two hours, one hour, like half an hour a week or something like that. But the first objective is to get something started, to get a business started.

And the quickest way to get your business started is to use the affiliate channel. Because you don't need to go in and spend years researching the product and stuff like that because the product's already there.

So anyway, if you want to get started on that. I've actually prepared a like a methodology that teaches you everything. So I'm going to give you something that I spent years and years to create and which basically helps you set up everything and you can actually start earning money, like for free.

So I teach you how you can have your landing pages and stuff created for free. I actually give you the funnel. And so the funnel is just like the series of pages and how you can get traffic.

There is nothing better than this. So there is a link inside this podcast. So you click on link and it’s going to take you to a page. Then you enter your email and I will send you the information and then afterwards you can have a look at the actual thing. And it’s a thing of beauty.

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