FBC – 3 – Escape your life of sacrifice! Don’t settle for less than your dream lifestyle.

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What does it mean to live a life of sacrifice? 
It could very well be that you are trapped in it without even realising it… we go through the definition of the infamous life of sacrifice as well as it's origins. 
To escape your life of sacrifice, don't settle for less than your dream lifestyle!
Turn your dream lifestyle into a reality and escape your life of sacrifice.

OK guys how are you. Welcome to episode number three. In this episode we are going to Decipher why I decided to call the podcast freedom by choice. So the subtitle says “escape the life of sacrifice”. So I wanted to give you more insight as to why I decided to name it that way because it's not by accident.

There is actually a good reason. So what do I mean by a life of sacrifice?  It's something that you're probably in but you don't realize it. I was there. But I came to the realization that I had to get out of it. So now how do I define the life of sacrifice? So it's not something I picked up here and there.

So the life of sacrifice for me is making some really bad deals that I will never do in other circumstances, but for whatever reason I would just do it in everyday life. So here's the thing. You are doing that, right now or I mean maybe not but most of us are. Spending five days of our week working really hard, for two days off. How good a deal is that? You give five, Get two right? It's really bad. So you work five days, then during the weekend….. You’re too exhausted man!

You have to clean the house and you have to do the groceries and stuff. So basically, next thing you know, the weekend is over and you haven't even rested. Then you have to go back to work.

So that's the first bad deal which you do on a regular basis. And then afterwards if you step it up a notch you were sacrificing eleven and a half months of your year for two weeks off in the US. In France we have a lot of holiday events so in France we have like five weeks depending on who you are and if you work for the government, so in France they had like 50 days off.

And then afterwards the ultimate level is that you feel you sacrificed your whole life working for a pension that you might have for like ten years or something. I think before the pensions you could label it or it was like 30 years or something but now. So this is what I mean by life of sacrifice. We're making these horrible deals like let's say, someone told you to give me 50 and I give you two.

So that's what you're doing that’s the number of weeks you have in a year. Would you actually go for that deal? “Oh here's 50. You get 2”.

So that's the reason why I was like, “dude that life of sacrifice is not for me. I need to get out of it”. I actually wanted to have a choice. So that's why I decided to go into the entrepreneurship journey and that has been the driving force to create all these businesses and to be able to live the life that I have now. I like doing this stuff because I have all the time in the world to study new things and that's interesting. Have a look at what people are doing, reverse engineer what they do and learn new stuff and every day I learn something. My life is awesome!

So the question is, why do we all fall into this life of sacrifice trap?  I call it a trap because that's my opinion. Alot of people do. Well why is everybody doing this?

That's everything they know?  That's the only thing you've been shown?  And you have no idea that there's something else out there.  That’s it! The only thing you've seen is this. You just assume that it's the only system right.

It's one system. It's just one system. There are a lot of different systems. You go to school, and then you need to go to university or attend prestigious college or whatever. From there you will graduate you will get an internship and then you get a job and then you'll be promoted to manager, manage a team and then, maybe you will start your own company. So you go borrow money from the banker and then you hire 350 people and you have these big offices and then you can drive around in your nice car.

And that's success. So that's basically the road that we're being shown, through the media and stuff like that. And that's the reason why everybody falls in that trap and in order to achieve this you need to make those sacrifices of giving up your weeks or years in your life. That's the system that's been designed for us all.

For me, there was something missing in corporate. I'm grateful for what corporate gave me. I wasn't complaining about it. I'm not bashing corporate. I'm just trying to build the life that that I wanted and that's good for me. So hopefully that makes sense. Right now, maybe you feel a realization that “gee I might be living this life of sacrifice”.

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