FBC – 30 – A Simple Trick To Find A Brand Name

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Today I want to give you an easy yet very effective trick to create your brand name.

Today I want to talk to you about branding. Because I'm right in the middle of creating a brand.

So I've created a few brands in the past but as I said I've never created personal branding. So in my case my personal branding is not going to be very complicated. I'm just going to stick with my name. You know it's going to be easy. So the research that I'm doing right now is not for my own personal brand but for another brand. And there's one thing that you basically need to find and that’s the brand name, right?

And you can't even imagine how hard it is to find the right brand name for whatever you want to do, because once you have a brand name, that's it, man. You can't change it or if you change it will come with massive consequences. So you have to think this through and you have to find the right name for your brand. And you know it's hard. So how do you find the perfect name for your brand?

So I'm going to give you one suggestion for today and it's something that I'm applying right now. There are different ways of finding a brand name and I've actually written a book about it. But how long ago? Maybe like a year ago I wrote a book about it and it's going to be available on my Web site and I'm going to give it to you guys for free on the Web site. OK. For anybody who wants to create a brand then you know you can use that.

A Simple Trick To Find A Brand Name

All right. Disclaimer!  I've used that to create some of the brands that I needed for my other businesses and stuff. And I'm in no way the biggest expert in branding. But what I'm trying to do and what I always do is tried to identify the four of five essential steps that you need to go through to create your brand. Boom just like that so that you can create it today. OK.

Then if you want the full blown course and immerse yourself in branding for like six months and stuff then you can find courses on it. But me on the fast action guy right. Now you'll be able to create your brand in three simple steps.

And it will give you the 80 percent you need to get the brand started. And the reason you need to create one is that once you have a brand, you can take the same exact item and you can sell it for 10 times more than your competitor. It's just as simple as that. So is there a reason why you will buy a Mac like five times the price of another computer, not knowing what's inside.

So maybe the other computer is more powerful. But you're buying the brand. Sometimes the other product is better and sometimes it's the exact same product or sometimes the other product is even better but you're just paying for the brand.

So how do you find the brand name?

Well, how do you want people to feel once they experience your product? So you write down that emotion that you want people to feel once they experience your product. OK. So there may be a bunch of experiences. So you have the product and then you can create an arm of your mind map that says the emotion you want people to feel and then afterwards you attach all these different emotions.

And then what you can do is you can try to do to find a domain name that contains that word. OK it's not very complicated. But sometimes the domain name you want will have already been taken. So you have keywords also. So the most commonly used keywords like the top end like the one everybody knows right. But you have stuff that's called long tail keywords. OK.

So these are keywords that relate to the first choice you just entered and they're less used but people know what they are. And some people would use it. So it can work just as well, by association. Anyway what I'm trying to say is you're going to try and find synonyms of that word, that emotion you found. And then you can start looking for a domain name with these particular words as well.

So this gives you a little bit of boost in the perception of your brand. OK. So yeah it’s a little trick that we're actually applying right now. And because we're stuck with the brand name we're like Jesus Christ what are we going to name this brand. And yet just by applying this very simple method we've been able to make a lot of progress just in like five minutes. Giving you so many different options and so many different combinations to help you then find the right name for you.

And then you have the name for your brand!

This is a methodology that will be lightning quick. You apply this and it will give you everything you need to start. And then afterwards I mean you can like fine tune and add stuff, but what you want is to start OK. Because one of the biggest enemies of success is never starting, right? You can have the best product in your in your basement the best product on the planet but the thing is in the basement. You haven't launched it, right?

You need to launch your stuff. And this is what I want to give you. My unique selling point. You know the difference between what I do and what other people may do is that I am not going to give you something that'll take six weeks, eight weeks or six months to apply.

I'm going to give you everything that can be applied in the next 48 hours, so that you can start a business every week. If you apply it, then every week you can have something done. And every week you have a feeling of achievement and you can build different income sources every week and then the next thing you know is you have financial independence!

So these trainings and business models and everything, you can have access to them very quickly. So my priority is to work my ass off to be able to provide you with all that stuff to help you guys move forward. OK.

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