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What 300 Podcast episodes taught me!

Today we are celebrating (OK I am celebrating) the 300th episode of your favorite podcast. For this episode I want to reflect a bit on the whole journey and on everything I learned down the road.

It has been a fun ride and it's not over yet. If you want to know what these 300 episodes taught me then tune in to today's episode.

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So we've reached the 300th episode and this is a milestone. Well my next milestone will be five hundred. But still, you need to celebrate the small victories. And this one is a small victory in the grand scheme of things, because I want to get at least 500 before celebrating properly.

But still, it's a huge accomplishment for me. I know people who started a podcast and they're very happy because they have like 50 episodes or something. And yeah, it's not a race of how many episodes you have, right. So if you have 50 quality episodes, it's better than three hundred episodes where there is nothing interesting. So it's not about how many episodes it is. It's about the consistency.

So recently, I've been running some questions and answers and I got a lot of people telling me that one of the main problems that they have is not being able to focus. But one that actually caught my attention was a lot of people said they need to learn patience. And this is something we already talked about. And it's so, so true. So, you know, as I as I said in a few podcasts before, we overestimate the number of things we can do in the week and we underestimate the number of things we can do in a year.

OK, so this sentence just summarizes everything. We want everything now. So that's why you're trying to ramp up everything within the same week when you should actually take a little bit of time and start planning stuff. And it might take a year. A year is not super long in the grand scheme of things. I mean, how many years did you have to spend in school?

Just think about it. You've started school and you're like, what, like five or I don't know, you go to kindergarten and all that stuff and then you finish when you are like twenty five or something. So many years, that is it's crazy, right.

But if you have a year that, that can change your existence, that can change your life. It's not much but you know, somehow for whatever reason that I think is because of the hype. Hype is based on the society that we live in now where, you know, everything is super quick. Everything needs to be fast. Everything needs to be immediate.

So years ago, the most common form of communication was letter writing. You had to write the letter, and then you had to post it. And depending on where you were sending it, it could take like three weeks or something to get there. You have to wait for that person to have the time to answer stuff. So it was like, oh, dude, how's it going? And then six months later, you might get. Yeah, not too bad. What about you? It was crazy.

So was it good? Was it bad? I don't know. But at the time we had more patience. Now I mean, you send an email and the result is instantaneous. So email wasn't necessarily instant, like the person doesn't get it immediately. Now, email has become so sophisticated that, yes, indeed, if you send an email like a two or three seconds later, the person will get it.

And now we are actually in the era of instant messaging. When you send a message to some friends. I mean, some of them are pretty extreme, but they send a message and if you haven't replied in the next ten seconds, they're like, oh, why don't you reply? And I'm like, Dude, slow down, my friend, you know, slow down.

So it's the thing we live in this society where everything has to be fast. And regardless whether you realize it or not, it has an impact on me. I'm telling you, be patient, be patient, and be patient. Well, sometimes I mean impatient as well. I mean, don't get me wrong. I know I need to be more patient. This is why I'm talking about this with you guys.

But the one thing where I have zero patience is the Internet. The most stressful thing and frustrating thing for me is a slow Internet. I think an absence of Internet is better than a slow Internet.

When the Internet came out, I remember AOL America Online, you had this horrible modem that was making a lot of noise. You had to load the page, go through whatever it is that you want to do, get a coffee, get a drink, and then you come back. And even we actually could type the email.

So you basically type your emails before. And then once you get on there, then you actually paste and send, because the thing is you were paying by the minute. But at the time, do you were patient, a lot more patient than now.

So technology's good, right? It's good because things are faster and stuff, but it has its side effects of being people being really, really impatient. And, you know, I realized that more and more. But I'm lucky for one reason. And the reason is that I don't have to commute.

What 300 Podcast episodes taught me!

So if you got to college. You know, you have to go to college. How many years was that? It was like four years. A lot of things that you had to do took a lot more time. OK, so be patient and keep moving in that direction and you'll see results. This is the difference between, you know, the mind-set and the grit. The perseverance is actually what makes the difference between people who will succeed and people won't succeed.

And I mean, for me, it means a lot. You know, you're giving me a little bit of your time, which is a rare commodity, right? Attention is a rare commodity. And thank you very much, guys, for listening to this.

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