FBC – 32 – Dealing With Trolls And Negativity

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Dealing With Trolls And Negativity.

Today I am going on a rant against trolls and discuss how you need to handle them. Also as mentioned in the episode, if you want to be truly amazed, please have a look at this little girl's site:


It will make your day and inspire you like never before.

I'm mad about something. It's just very sad and I really don't understand it. So my friends Brian and Rhonda are amazing people. They've been travelling for the last 12 years or something and they have an online business. And their daughter is I don't know how to describe the kid. She is simply amazing.

So the kid is 11 now. But for the last two years even when she was nine she was designing clothes. And now she has her own brand. So she's a public speaker. She she's been travelling for the last six months or something going to London Australia, the West and stuff. She designs her own clothes. They're amazing.

I mean when I saw them I was like dude like is it really her that did this. And she's just an amazing kid. And I will be honest with you she has read more marketing books and more motivational books than I have. Her name is Hanalei Swan. I'm going to put a link to like her site and everything in the description. You have to check this kid out.

Right now she's launching her new line and everything right. So she has this Instagram that's making a killing. And so I was checking out her Instagram because I follow her, and I saw a comment on one of her pictures. From some dude who was like “Oh well stop showing off you kid. We didn't have the same chances when we're eleven” and blah blah blah blah blah. Something crazy and I was like why would you do that? I really don't understand.

Dealing With Trolls And Negativity

I mean what's the mechanism that goes through your brain of like trolling people for no reason? So I mean first of all, I wouldn't do that with an adult you know and let alone a kid. She's Eleven!! And it's not like she posted something where she had dollar bills and she was in a Mercedes or something. It was just a picture of her with an inspiring post.

OK well you know sometimes maybe you can you can try to look at things from the dude's perspective right even though it's hard because I wouldn’t to do that to a kid anyway. I wouldn't do that to anyone. Maybe the guy had the harsh life. He was homeless or something or you know his parents had trouble to make ends meet and stuff like that. And you know that this is where it's coming from. You know it's out of frustration saying when I was 11 maybe he had to work in a factory and blah blah.

So, she replied to the comment. So she asked what do you mean? So he went on another rant! “Oh yeah you know you're lucky and you're privileged” and blah blah blah blah blah blah. So it's still in the same dynamic. But then at that point she answered.

And she was very nice to the guy. He was like spitting his venom on that comment. And she was super nice to the guy. And she said “well you know what. I'm very passionate about what I do and I work 10 to 12 hours a day on my passion and this is how I managed to get my results”

So at that point. What should go through your brain is that the kid just told you I work for what I have. So at that point you should understand. Oh yeah. Maybe it's not luck. She's working 10 to 12 hours a day which is probably more than you're working at your job. And at that point what do you what do you do? You have to respect that. Right? But the dude kept going.

I just don't understand this. Why people are so bitter and why they would do that. I really want you guys to understand that this kid is eleven right now. How many hours does she have in a day?

She has 24 hours. So how many hours did this guy have when he was eleven? He had 24 hours right. The same amount of hours. How many hours does Bill Gates or Zuckerberg have in the day? Twenty four hours. The same amount of hours as you do. OK. And the main problem that I see here is not the amount of time you have but it's how you use it.

Because what was he doing with these 24 hours instead of like taking five minutes to read an article or to read a new or inspiring quotes or training or something.  He was on Instagram trolling people. OK. So if he doesn't understand where the problem is, the problem is in the way you use your time. We all have the same amount of hours during the day.

And what you do with that time will make the difference. So this kid is using ten to twelve hours of her time to you know to make her dream happen. And you're using those hours to troll people. So then if things don't work out for you then you start blaming other people who you call privileged. No she's not privileged. She's just making the most out of her time right. And you're not!

So stop doing this. It's that simple!!

So you have to prepare for things like this to happen, like trolls. You have to prepare for it because it's going to happen. You know when you're going to start your business and then you’re going to have more visibility and being more public, you'll always have haters. These people will hate you for absolutely no reason. And the best thing to do is just to ignore them. OK.

You just ignore them. There is no there no point starting an argument with these people. They're just going to bring you down don't go down to their level you know. Just stay focused and just disregard them.

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